Sanibonani zi Queens and Kings of the High Most ngibingelela ngelihle lona igama loMfeli novukeli wethu uJesu ngivuka e kuseni nginenjabulo engazenzisi ngibonga uNkulunkulu ukungihlanganisa nale family, yala ekhaya (ÙWJ IKHAYA LEMPILO) Kuningi engikufundile la ekhaya futhi ngisezofunda okuningi. .mna ngumntu ophila noShukela ne Highblood since 1984 ngisidla am a piliso ngizijova insulin 2010 bcz of ushukela omni give in my body I lost de sight of my left eye permanently . Yonke leminyaka I could not leave with out my medication. .uma ngingaphuzi or inject myself nģiyagula end up in hospital andngayamukela leyompilo Last year the Dr told me I must go for an operation bcz my right eye is affected by de left eye ..so after sometime I will be become blind.So I refused and told him I won’t do the operation he said it is my choice bt I must know my diabetic is uncontrollable and it will kill me. .bt in my heart I have this believe with God everything is possible I believe in my heart what is in possible in the eyes of men it is possible with God. .I used to chat with Oscar abt this juice I even tried to use it years ago bt I got little faith dat juice can help a person and thinking it is de way Kim make money for himself. And the diet was very hard for me to diet bcz fanele niyeke le lokhu ngikuthandayo. .I will read all de testimonies on fb pages of Kim what poeple says abt this juice bt thot lab abantu they been scamming us for making themselves rich out of our pockets. BUT deceiver as I was sitting thinking of my days r numbered I have to make choice do I want to die or live. .I choice to live it is where I Google the nearest place where I can get the juice. .I contact a lady from port Elizabeth and went to buy Umlingo juice from her I promised myself I won’t stop until I see the result s.i will ďiet ngiyekele konke ukudla okusetv even all those food make me sick. .I start using de juice I ask Oscar angihlanganise nabantu a bazondinika kwizinto ekufanele ngizidle wangihlanganisa no Queen Lungile .ngithe ningena edition nebhodlela elilodwa I see changes I used to drink more Dan 2 grandpa and painkiller s a day. BT since I use de juice I stopped drinking tablets even stopped drinking my medication de headache vanished after so many years been a slave of medications. My sugar level used to be 26 up to 29 end up in hospital bt since I stopped medication using juice and diet it is below17 .
I just want to thank God and group of UWJ for all the support they give me and de love a asinine za lona when we ask something bangakhathali ukuphendula. I pray that God could bless each of u with what ur heart desires and I believe He will do dat for His name sake. .Thank u my Queens and my Prince for helping us and give us a second change to live. .Kim what u did helping God’s people God has something good in stored for u keep doing good in a due time u will be rewarded. .I salute u all m Pastor Thandi Booysen from (EC) love u all❤😍🙏

From my Whatsapp inbox:
Hey Kim this child doing grade 3.. three months back she was having a severe headache as a result doctors said its a meningitis so they treated her but that could not help i have decided to get Umlingo juice for her and igave her only one bottle and the headache is no more so she is back to school thank u very much Kim
With this.photo she was participanting to cultural activities yesterday 21, 09,2018

From CT voluntee

r Pelisa:
A young fresh UWJ member came to my house today to buy Umlingo. She said she was bedridden in her death bed as the Dr’s said they had nothing to give her to save her from stage 4 cancer.

She bumped into Umlingo post on FB started Umlingo while she was in hospital hiding it of course and hide their pills between blankets. When she got strength she discharged herself. Continue with Umlingo changed her diet.

With 6 months she was back in her feet again and she never look back.

Did I say she is cute healthy , beautiful and full of life. Her story melted my heart.🤸🏾‍♀🏃🏾‍♀💃🏾💃🏾🥝🍇🍉🍋🍓🍅🍑🥦🥑🌈🌻

From Abangoni Abangoni:

mother was dying of diabetes and had high blood pressure.

She was suppose to visit the doctor and start her new medication, so after drinkin umlingo wamaNgcolosi juice her sugar level stablelized and her bp droped too. She would like to thank minister mbhele for recommending  umlingo juice.

Ngiyabonga kuzwa ngomlingo wamangcolosi..umsizile umama wami.

Ubehlushwa ushukela ne high blood pressure.obekumele bamqalise phansi amaphilisi ebp emva kokuphuza mlingo bathe mebemuxilonga bangathola lutho bathi usesimeni esihle

Noshukela wakhe wakhe wehlile..manje ngidlulisa kubonga kubaba minister mbhele ngokungazisa ngomlingo mina ngihlala eskhawini

AbaNgoni offices, 2nd floor, West End Bldng, 349 Pine Street. Entrance at Cells on Pine.


From my inbox;

Hi Kim,

This arthritis has been bothering me since 2005. I was still in my thirties. It started with the knees. Now it was everywhere.

Am sooo greatful. Since yesterday my body has been pain free. I have been suffering from pain wherever there was a joint including bones on my legs and thighs. This is like a dream feel as if I took a pain killer and the pain is gonna return later. I went to the gym today after 2weeks. I still very great no muscle pain  at all. I am really greatful. Thank you. May the Almighty continues to to give you Devine wisdom to continue being a blessing to mankind. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼


From Hillcrest Health Nuts shop:

On Tuesday the 12th February I happened to stand in for Janice the owner of Hillcrest Health Nuts.

I noticed an African gentleman walk past the shop, drinking a smoothie. He looked very sick, and I was determined to find out his challenge, so when this gentleman came back heading towards the shop where he bought his smoothie, I knew I had to talk with him. I rushed outside and greeted him and plucked up the courage to ask him why he was he looking so ill, is explanation was he had an ulcer, clearly there was something more serious than an ulcer.  I asked him had he been to the doctor etc and what else was wrong.  He told me he tested positive for HIV and he was on ARV’s, and that he finds it difficult to eat and is always sick.  I recommended that he stop his ARV’s, as clearly they where  causing his Body to “malfunction” I suggested he try eating more healthily and also took him into the shop and showed him and advised him to use umlingo juice.  He was obviously reluctant to believe all my mambo jumbo health pitch.  I then gave him a card and wrote the contact details for Kim Cools my go to guy for all cases of HIV etc.

He left the shop and later contacted Kim, the following Monday he came back to the shop and on the advise of Kim he bought his first bottle of Umlingo juice.

A week later this gentleman came into the Hillcrest Health Nuts again, the transformation was amazing, his appearance was so incredible, his attitude was positive and all he could do was keep hugging Janice and thanking her, he also was lucky enough to meet Kim who happened to be in the shop when he came in to get his second bottle of Umlingo juice.

We give thanks

From Andile in Capetown: Not long ago I visited one of my umlingo clients to deliver some bottles.in our convo she reminded me about one of her friend who we both visited on her request last year december to drop two bottles of umlingo wamangcolosi juice.the man was lying on a coach, fatigue,unable or having difficulty moving around because of diabetes which he was suspended from his workplace as a result.today the man is back his work again driving as normal after using that two bottles of umlingo juice.him and his family would like to than yoy for your endless efforts towards humanity.keep up the good work.

From my whatsapp i nbox:

A 65 yr old who’s womb was gona be removed because of cancer she was  only left with one week to go to st dominics to be removed she couldn’t even walk she used 2 bottles of umlingo n when she went for operation she can back same  day when we asked why she said the doctors cant see anything so her  womb wont be removed anymore bcoz of umlingo juice cancer can be healed thnku so much Millicentt

From my inbox:
a bby girl who was born positive i advised her mother to use umlingo juice she bought only 4 bottles and the baby is now 14 years old she gained a lot of weight she then went to test and the doctors didn’t believe the results they did several tests but they came back negetive.

Its most important to know that to date no one has isolated HIV from an AIDS patient



From a UWJ friends whatsapp group:

Good morning my loving,supportive and caring family🙏 I joined this family after 3 months of discovering I was pregnant and HIV positive ,my husband tested negative and even today he is HIV negative, we’ve been together for 3 years and I’ve always tested negative before I got pregnant but I never cheated on him.it was hard to believe and to tell my partner after getting the same results from 2 different govrnmt clinics.I lost more wait out of stress and even before knowing my status I was stressed because we had fights everyday I think it was the baby. I was afraid he wud leave me when I told him abt my status but he never leave me,he treated me the same way and we never used condoms.I joined this group full of doubts becos my mind was full of the teachings we get abt HIV. I only took 3 litres of Umlingo and started the diet then I became too much skinny, everyone told me I was sick ,I kept on asking from the group what I could do bcos now I had a fear that I won’t be able to deliver the baby.and would personaly ask Kim on abt this but he kept on saying I was on the right track and I will deliver the baby I should not worry.some of my family members here like Queen Qhawekazi, Kosi mosi a few to mention has been very supportive and I’m greatful for that.i then stopped Umlingo and carried on wth garlic ,ginger and lemon because I felt like it was too much for me and Kim introduced me to mabele pap , beans and dressing all my food wth extra virgin olive oil. I did that and gained some weight,eating toomuch bananas as well. I delivered my healthy looking baby girl so easy and I was able to push him during birth I had so much energy guys and the confidence I got from you family it helped me a lot because I knew I was not alone.keep it up family we are one💚💚one loveone family we shall live long👌🏼👌🏼green eaters I’m proud of u

From the gates to paradise:
Hi brother Kim, this week I was met with an inspiring story – there was a lady that came from far away (traveled for 2 days) in search for Umlingo wamaNgcolosi juice. She arrived by foot to Kwangcolosi, and exhausted but happy that she had found the right place. So when she came inside she started elaborating on a story about her sister who was as she says ‘rotting from the inside’, but healed using only just 2 bottles of Umlingo juice. She then went on to tell another story about her brother who healed himself of prostate cancer which also he only used 3-4 bottles of Umlingo juice for.
She asked for as many bottles as she can get and was asking in excitement how she can sign up to be a volunteer 🙏
May the power of Umlingo juice reach all those who have been poisoned by this pharmaceutical and food industry co-op.
1love www.umlingojuice.co.za

From Andile, Cape Town volunteer:
When I started taking umlingo wamangcolosi juice,I was told by my doctor that I have a problem of tumor cells on my liver.In order for them to rid it off,I was subjected to undergo surgical operation.luckily I came across umlingo wamangcolosi juice,I gave it a try not knowing that it will work wonders.These tumor cells then went on to grow on my private part.my date was due on august the previous year were as I was to undergo surgical operation but I told myself that im gonna carry on with umlingo wamangcolosi juice and god given lifestyle,and that im never gonna have them perfom that surgical operation on me.as im writting this to you,yesterday I went to my regular doctor,he performed a scan and X-ray,and to his suprise he found none.even on my private part there’s zero trace of one,I am clean.They then asked me what did I do?I told them that I drank Umlingo wamangcolosi juice,I got it from the street and they were all puzzled.they checked my privste part and found nothing they couldn’t believe it.

From Hillcrest Health Nuts shop:
On Tuesday the 12th February I happened to stand in for Janice the owner of Hillcrest Health Nuts.
I noticed an African gentleman walk past the shop, drinking a smoothie. He looked very sick, and I was determined to find out his challenge, so when this gentleman came back heading towards the shop where he bought his smoothie, I knew I had to talk with him. I rushed outside and greeted him and plucked up the courage to ask him why he was he looking so ill, is explanation was he had an ulcer, clearly there was something more serious than an ulcer. I asked him had he been to the doctor etc and what else was wrong. He told me he tested positive for HIV and he was on ARV’s, and that he finds it difficult to eat and is always sick. I recommended that he stop his ARV’s, as clearly they where causing his Body to “malfunction” I suggested he try eating more healthily and also took him into the shop and showed him and advised him to use umlingo juice. He was obviously reluctant to believe all my mambo jumbo health pitch. I then gave him a card and wrote the contact details for Kim Cools my go to guy for all cases of HIV etc.

He left the shop and later contacted Kim, the following Monday he came back to the shop and on the advise of Kim he bought his first bottle of Umlingo juice.

A week later this gentleman came into the Hillcrest Health Nuts again, the transformation was amazing, his appearance was so incredible, his attitude was positive and all he could do was keep hugging Janice and thanking her, he also was lucky enough to meet Kim who happened to be in the shop when he came in to get his second bottle of Umlingo juice.
We give thanks

saved by Leelo AngelFrom volunteer Leelo in uwj friends whatsapp group:
Last year in December whilst doing my groceries, I overheard 2 ladies standing in a que talking about one of their colleagues who they thought her position will soon become available becos her time is up, she is bed ridden, at a crucial stage.to them she was dying . Basically they were happy her position would be up for grabs.I asked for her numbers from them it took me close to 30 min to get it cos they thought I am gonna tell their behavior. But at last they gave me.
When I visited her at her home, all her doors were open for the mere fact that she couldn’t get out of her bed but I just entered since I have an angelic soul not a criminal, the house was smelling hospital, medication everything to do with hospital, when I entered her bedroom she was lying there helplessly, she couldnt move at all.just as she saw me, not even knowing me, she asked me to dose her the medication, I said big No, you know when people are terribly ill they beleive everything, so me Leelo I told her I am an angel, she believed me right away.i told her to just give me 15 min chance I will be back, I went to fetch one of my juice bottle and garlic concoction. When I came back I gave her 1st water but water ran out clean out of her anus…just like that. I took dry ginger, garlic and lemon…added some cinnamon and gave her…it was hard but she beleived me cos to her I am an angel.i took her to another room, cleaned up the entire 5 roomed mine house cos it was filthy, she told me her sister once came and partied all night with some dudes.i slept over next to her, holding her hand.the following day I instituted the juice…like half a glass…this uwj process I kept on feeding her that, always tried to cook fresh food but her throat was total damaged, in a weeks time she started to eat even if it was slightly painful. I myself was suprised after 3 weeks when I came back from the market I found her sitting back at the room I moved her to cos she said that bed reminded her of death…she was given 8 months to go and recuperate by her employers but in 3 months time they were surprised to see her reporting for duty.
When I found her she was a size 26, she couldnt move.
When she reported for duty she was a size 36 as you can see.
Like they say the rest is history.
We were able to eliminate tb, diabetes and pneumonia.
The fight is still on.
She was pitch black when I found her.
Her complexion now tells you all the languages.
She is my product and we are marching on.
Only when she came back from work on her 1st day she asked me my name.
I told her my name and since then she calls me angel Leelo.

negative again umlingo juice umlingo wamangcolosi wholesomedepartment wholesome departmentAnother testimonial from HIV positive to HIV negative

Good morning Sir.

As you know that you gave me a volatile 2nd lease of life.
I still want 2 tank you for giving another life.
As you know that I am a nurse.
I have access to testing each and everytime I want to.

After I told you about my results.
Our doctor decided for me to go for 3 more tests.
After all those tests blood was taken from me and send to blood transfusion lab.

The results came still disappointing to them cos I still came back negative.
When I related to them how it happend they still could not beleive.
They ask me to talk to you so that you can give detail info.
I told them that you are one person who hates the medical industry like hell on earth.
I told them if they want to talk to you I will ask for your numbers.
So that the do the appointment thing with you.
But I warned them that they should know that mpumi burns like fire.
I told them you are very optimistic when it comes to the medics industry.
Anyway I am so happy I just want to kiss you day and night.
I am free, I am happy, I am new born.
Thank you mpume.
I don’t care who believes and who don’t.
I beleive I am a survivor now.

Kisses kisses kisses kisses multiply by a million.

World Health Day umlingo juice

Does an HIV test exist?
The answer is no.

Here are ten facts every person diagnosed as HIV-positive has a right to know.

FACT #1:
There is strong evidence that the HIV test you took is very often wrong. We have found over fifty different scientific studies listing seventy non-HIV conditions that can make the test produce false positive results. Depending on which test you took, they have been proven to be wrong as much as 90% of the time. So you might not be HIV-positive at all.

FACT #2:
The HIV test you took was not a test for AIDS, or even a test for HIV. Despite what we’ve all been told, it was a simple test to find certain antibodies in your blood — an “HIV-antibody” test. But viral antibodies alone do not indicate a current infection. In fact, in virtually every other antibody test, to be positive for the antibodies means that you had exposure to or a prior virus infection and are now immune from the disease that virus could cause. Antibody protection is the basis for the practice of vaccinations, like gaining immunity against the flu with a flu shot. There are no studies that show why we should think any differently about antibodies to HIV. A growing number of experts now believe that testing HIV-antibody-positive actually means that you have successfully created what your body needs to defeat any HIV infection, not to make you sick!

FACT #3:
No HIV test, whether it uses blood, urine or saliva, has ever been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the specific intended purpose of diagnosing infection with HIV.

baby neg World Health Day DurbanFACT #4:
The HIV test you took has never been “validated,” as was normally done in the past. That means that there has never been a group of people who tested HIV-positive who were then proven to have active HIV (not just the antibodies) in their blood. Conversely, there has also never been a group who tested HIV-negative and were proven not to have active HIV in their blood. This lack of test validation raises serious questions about the validity of your positive diagnosis.

FACT #5:
The proteins used in the HIV test kits have never been proven to be unique or specific for HIV. In fact, every one of the proteins used in the test has been found to be associated with conditions that have nothing to do with HIV — and many of these proteins have nothing to do with illness of any kind. In other words, scientific evidence cannot prove that a positive HIV test means that you have HIV or AIDS or any other health problem, and it says so right on every test package. Most doctors giving the test and most people taking the test never see this disclaimer.

FACT #6:
Nineteen samples of the same blood were sent to nineteen different laboratories for a Western Blot test, and they all came back with different results. 525 samples of the same blood of an ELISA-Positive test were sent to 525 different laboratories for a Western Blot confirmation, and came back with very different results. One blood sample was sent to the same lab 44 times and came back with different results. This means that your test results could have been different if they had been done in a different laboratory.

FACT #7:
There is no established standard for determining the results of your test. In fact, there are at least ten different ways to interpret your HIV test, and each one of those can give a different result. It often depends on where you live in the world, whose standards are used to interpret your test, and what information you give about your life and health history. You might be positive according to one set of standards, but negative using another. Some people have gone from being HIV-positive to being HIV-negative just by moving to a different location, or by changing laboratories or testing sites, or giving different information about their potential “risk factors.”

umlingo juice World Health Day World AIDS DayFACT #8:
Many people believe that HIV viral load tests do what antibody tests cannot, by detecting the actual virus. But this is a false belief. According to the disclaimer statements on viral load tests, they are “not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV or to confirm HIV infection.” This is because the viral load tests have some of the same problems as the HIV blood tests: they have never been validated, the “probes” and “primers” they use have never been proven to be unique or specific to HIV, they are not standardized from laboratory to laboratory, they produce a high rate of false positives, and more. In fact, most laboratories will not allow you to take an HIV viral load test unless you have already tested HIV-positive, because people who are HIV-negative have had high HIV viral load results. In addition, the most recent scientific study shows that viral load measurements failed in 90% of the cases in predicting the loss of CD4 cells, which HIV is supposed to destroy. In fact, viral load tests were only able to predict “progression to disease” in 4% to 6% of the HIV-Positives studied. This study proves that there must be “nonvirological mechanisms as the predominant cause of CD4 cell loss.” In other words, HIV cannot be the cause of immune deficiency and therefore a viral load test is a totally useless indicator of whether someone will get AIDS. An analysis of this study in the same issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that viral load results alone should not be used to begin antiretroviral therapy (HAART).

FACT #9:
A lot of emphasis is also placed on CD4 (or T-cell) counts to diagnose someone with AIDS. However, T-cell counts can fluctuate widely from day to day and hour to hour even in normal healthy people. We’ve known since 1991 that “variance in CD4 from …non-HIV related longitudinal fluctuations needs to be accounted for in analysis of the prognostic power of CD4 in HIV infection.” (reference deleted from the Internet by the National Institutes of Health) And other studies have found perfectly healthy HIV-negative individuals with very low T-cell counts. And as recently as May 2007, from the Imperial College of London: “Our new interdisciplinary research has thrown serious doubt on one popular theory of how HIV affects these [CD4] cells.”

FACT #10:
Despite what you hear from the mass media, there is no scientific study that proves that HIV is transmitted through heterosexual intercourse. In fact, the opposite is true. The longest and largest study of its kind (called the Padian study) found no transmission of HIV in any of the study couples, regardless of whether they were using condoms or not; and the most recent study from the British Medical Journal found no evidence that abstinence education would prevent HIV infection.

World Health Day umlingo juiceDurban information clinic,
Abangoni Abangoni

In 2016 I was pregnant and I was diagnosed HIV+ at the clinic. I started using Umlingo after I was given arvs. I stopped taking arvs and continued with Umlingo until I gave birth. My son and I both tested negative and he is now 18 months old and we are both alive and well. Thank you Mr Mbhele for showing me the way.

Ngangikhulelwe ngo 2016 ngaya eclinic bathi ngi HIV+. Ngaqala uMlingo sebenginikile ama arvs. Ngawayeka ama arvs ngaqhubeka noMlingo ngaze ngabeletha. Umntwana wami waba – nami ngaba -. Umtwana wami unonyaka no 6 months uyaphila nami ngiyaphila. Ngiyabonga Mr Mbhele ngokungicacisela.

Come and bring your personal natural medicine testomonial on to the World Health Day stage in Gugu Dlamini park on 01.12.2017.
Reggae music
Cultural display
Made in SA products
Truth presentations
Healthy foods snacks
Wholesome Department signatures count and letter of incorporation hand over to presidents office.
Facebook group:

umlingo wholesome deparment breast cancerFrom my inbox:
I was diagnosed from breast cancer in 2009 Jan when I was 46 years,after I discovered the was a lump inside my left breast.
It was removed and investigated at the lab where histology results revealed it was stage 2 cancer. My breast was removed and I went through chemotherapy and radiation treatment. In 2010 a persistent pain developed on my upper right rib which doctor suspected it was caused by imbalance caused by the removed left breast.
Reduction and reconstruction was done.
The pain continued but tests showed no cancer cells.
2011 I developed lump in right breast and it was removed and results were benign again.
I was cut 9 times including removing 2nd breast.
In 2016 cancer spread to both lungs where tumors developed.
I started taking the umlingo juice for 1 and half months and tumors disapeard. www.infoclinic.co.za

Wholesome Umlingo DepartmenttTestimonial from my inbox:
Mohamed Sandile Twala 0835809498

A month ago I met Sheikhs A. Smith through a friend and he asked me to keep him in prayer since he was due to go for a 2nd bypass surgery. I decide to give him a bottle of umlingo and I asked him to abstain from bad foods especially tap water.
To my amazement 2weeks ago I met him at the mosque and he was amazed and said to me “thanks for saving my life,I could not sleep for months since I was loosing breath but since I started drinking umlingo my health has restored even my doctor said I don’t need the bypass since my heart is back to normal”.

#Long live Umlingo juice

aaaavcxwFrom umlingo wamaNgcolosi friends whatsapp group:
Guys my dad is suffering with diabetic since 1996 and now she had a problem with his feet and a heart burn. She started taking umlingo Juice last week Wednesday. For the 1st time he told us sat that he doesn’t feel the heart burn and the pain tht he usually feels on feet is gone.😃

Refined sugar is a drug that is similar to opiates in its power to become addicted to it. The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs stated in a study published in 2010 that sugar releases euphoric endorphins in some people’s brains in a manner very similar to that of certain drugs which are commonly abused. “Sugar addiction” follows the same pathways in the brain that a habit-forming drug does. Fortunately, sugar cravings can be stopped within a week of withdrawing from the white crystals. FB group: Sugar is a drug

umlingo juiceIf you are an African,
you better stay away from the medical industry.
Once you are in, you will be exploited to the maximum and die young.

HIV proteins in normal human placentae.

This study is quite bluntly saying the HIV antibody test can cross react with our own retroviruses and that women throughout pregnancy can have antigens that cross react with the test.

“Expression of intact endogenous retroviruses by normal placental villous trophoblast and immuno-crossreactivity of villous trophoblast with anti-retroviral antisera have been documented. The nature and/or potential function of these particles/proteins has not yet been fully defined. We previously reported that monoclonal antibodies directed against HIV-1 envelope and gag proteins react with normal human villous trophoblast. In this study, we report that extravillous trophoblast (EVT) from second- and third-trimester tissue are also cross-reactive with anti-HIV-1 gp120/160 and p17/18 antibodies.”

umlingo wamaNgcolosi juice

After 9 years in  HIV hell, reality strikes

AIDS: CD4 T-Cell Test is a Measure of Fat

So Umlingo actually has almost all the ingredients to make a thing called Methylation happen to your DNA and it helps to fix many diseases that also have our own retroviruses appearing for whatever reason that is.
Scientists really can’t claim they know what is happening yet in the world of retroviruses.

One thing Umlingo may not have enough of is vitamin B12 which tends to come from animal products or from natural soil.
So here a few more things to know that may be of use.
B12 is very important for methylation of DNA.


umlingo truth juiceTestimonial from Mandla
Keiskammahoek 2016 I was called for a sister that was almost finished. The challenge was that she was in hospital and she was HIV, the blood was coming out of her mouth and nose. She was very thin and i went to the sister to ask permission to take over from them. There was argument but when I asked them if there something that they can do they said no. Then i ask them for permission telling them that i hv hope that she can still leave. They gave me the permission and i prayed and gave them six bottles. After three days i was phoned and told she is discharged. She phoned me about the diet and i guided her. I was with 21Dec 2016 and she told me she went back to work after taking 4 bottles. But she finished the other two. She was afraid to go for a test but the friends pushed her. She went nd tested negative and she is very much fresh i was happy to meet her Dec

umlingo circle of revelationsTestimonial from Mandla.
In 2012 i gave a two months treatment of umlingo juice to a patient that was sent to me by a brother who met me in Pretoria. This was her mother who was in Zimbabwe and i gave her some few boosters so to be able to bring her to S.A. since she was vomiting and with diarrhoea. When she came i was in Cape Town. So for two weeks she had no treatment. When i came back she was deadly sick. I put her on a scan so that i can be able to prescribe the spot on diet. The diet was set nd 8 bottles of umlingo juice nd the check up was after two weeks. I prayed and went. After two weeks found the whole family smiling. She was up the diarrhoea nd vomiting gone. She was the one explaining everything to me. To cut things short, in two months the lady was completely healed nd tested negative. 14Nov 2015 they sent me a massage to tell me that their mother is strong nd in good health she has done a test to make sure nd she is negative.  www.infoclinic.co.za

cdc has no natural umlingoFrom my inbox:
Hi Kim am over the moon today there was a lady frm durban who saw my comment in Facebook early this year and was interested in this mlingo so encouraged and promised her that she will get her health back as she is hiv positive

Today she tested negative after 6 bottles
Oh God is good keep doing the good work for God’s people and be blessed

Thank you very much

bone cancer umlingoFrom my inbox:
Hi Kim, Wonderful thing happened to my client with bone caner and bedridden hopeless is now healed. She is able go alone from East London to Umtata. I thank Almighty God who gave you wisdom to make juice to help people. I thank you too for loving of people may God Almighty always be with you. 1 love.

umlingo Testimony from my inbox::
Kim it worked thank you very much now iam fine had white fluid coming out my penis for couple of months went to the doctor and their gave me pills which i drank for months bt did not work or the was no improvement bt after buyng uMlingo juice drinkng it for 3 days iam fine now thanx .

umlingo From my inbox:
Good Morning Family (Anyone who has been in the same situation as Me struggling with any disease)
Last night I finally drank my Umlingo Juice and after drinking it my whole body was itchy I had sores in the past that had healed but left marks on my skin they looked like mosquito bites that had healed but to my surprise after drinking the precious juice my whole body had an itching sensation more especially on the marks of sores that had healed and later I went to bed I slept like a baby after have been struggling with a problem of sleepless nights caused by the ARV treatments that I had been on for over a year now as the ARVs have a lot of different side effects on our bodies they react in a number of different ways so finally after a year of also suffering from sleepless nights that has also been causing a drastic weight loss I finally slept peacefully like a baby and I believe I will have more beautiful peaceful resting nights as well and hope my weight will improve and be the way it was before I took these ARVs because I took them before time hoping to have curvisious hips and bums .
I also had another problem my menstrual period had disappeared for over 2months now and I have been devastated I did countless pregnancy tests which all came out negative and I went to doctors to find out what was going on with my condition of not seeing my periods because I was not on any contraceptives as they are also known for making menstrual periods vanish and I always practice safe sex but none of the doctors could come up with any conclusive nor tangible reason as to what was going on with me I but as I had drank my Umlingo Wamangcolosi Juice for the first time I then had my period the next morning with no period pains or what- so-ever and I feel rejuvenated I have energy I’m feeling amazingly great now I can take on the world with this miracle juice
#celebrating my freedom
#celebrating eternal healthy life

umlingo lifestyle changeFrom Volunteer Xolani Madlala

Look what true resurrection is family …
This Beloved brother soldier of mine came to me about 3 yrs ago diagnosed with a HEART disease, Chronic Sinusitis.

For his heart he had an appointment to operate it, but God willing he didn’t and instead took uMlingo for a while changed his diet to a vegan diet, began to do running which to date he still does and even enters marathons now.

He doesn’t take much of the juice anymore but his main focus is a clean diet and exercising frequently.

One major aspect of him I appreciate is his spirituality.
This is to me what the start of true resurrection signifies as the scriptures recommend.

Purification of the community is automated by self purification. www.umlingojuice.co.za

Umlingo Nonku

She was with us at the age of 11 participating in the Ngcolosi Awareness Centre childerns gardens to take home that what was grown. So recently when our path crossed again, she was blessed with some down to earth GOD given information and of course Umlingo juice.  After 3 weeks of umlingo juice and a change in diet, everything was looking and feeling much better.  (fb group: animal eaters are ignorant)

umlingo wamangcolosi reality

Testimonial from my inbox:

I heard about umlingo juice from a friend, then she gave me Bongi’s cell number. I bought a bottle for my mother whose right arm and leg could not work properly because of stroke since 2011. She felt the difference after using just one bottle.

She is now using the 5th bottle and she can cook her porridge and wash herself. Thanks to Bongi and Smonds.This is so wonderful www.infoclinic.co.za

umlingo wamaNgcolosiTestimonial from Camerons inbox:  This man was experiencing bowel problems from taking antibiotics for a long period of time without using Probiotics. He now eats healthy and has no more problems! I commend soldiers like this who have the strength to change their lifestyle inorder to gain their life and health back!

“In 2016 around March I had shingles which raised a red flag about my health. I had been diagnosed with HIV so I had to begin the journey of taking Umlingo juice.
I started to experience what I though was a detox side effect of lose stool, this tild me that my problem was in the stomach. I went onto the Internet tryna see whats cud help me out but still nothing even after spending alots of money on these methods suggested by the internet cudnt help me out.
I was loosing weight super fast I couldn’t proceed taking Juice, ma folks was like u give us no option but to give u an ultimatum to have me to go to Hospital so begin taking ma ARV’S.It was a tough choice to make coz I had no other choice coz I wasn’t taking the juice like am supposed.than I had to find comfort in going to doctocts so I told him about my status than he said in ma case am still gonna expirance alots of this problem and was given medication.unfortunately the moment I wud run out my problem wud begin again.unfortunately this went on for almost a year.finally I met Camron on Face book little did i know he was a God Sent.I saw whatd he was about ao I inboxed him also gave him my whatsapp digits.he than suggested dietary changes to try out I did but still sick, he suggested Naicin suppliments and thats ma end of my problems.so I only felt better this month on Wednesday I decided to start the Juice again.oh another thing I never went to hospital as my folks wished coz o knew whats ARV’S do to a human body.I had to defy that coz I wasn’t bedridden I as only get thinner due to loose stool.so I thank God every day to the knowledge I have all thanxs to Camron himself.I always longed for this day to share my testimony coz I knew that DIFFICULTIES OF LIFE ARE NOT INTENDED TO MAKE US BITTER BUT BETTER.

THANK U: Camron ”

umlingo juice mlingo wamangcolosiFrom volunteer Xolani Madlala 0722727298
To wake up on a call with a strong voice from someone you don’t recognize but knows you enough because you had a good conversation for days over his condition when he couldn’t even speak clearly.
Suddenly the brother tells me who he is and I’m like Ohh man the voice is bold and full of life now.
He asks for six uMlingo liters again, he says it restored his energy, he’s happier and has even returned to work.
The greatest thing about uMlingo is that our ambition is LIFE restoration before money.
People pride themselves for making money, God made us choose to pride ourselves for restoring a LIFE by His will.
RIP Zekhethelo Sibiya  RIP Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini
You represented and still represent God willing.

umlingo-workes-for-all-great-soulsfrom my inbox: Am giving you update about my condition. I told you on the 11th of December that i was sick because i lost my taste buds and smell,of which it was 5 Months with that condition and couldn’t get better even though i was taking meds from Doctors.I was stressed because everything was tasteless and sometimes even forgot to eat,of which that results on my weightloss and me getting more weak.You gave me contacts of Sis Mmabatho and she responded very quick,i took three bottles of Umlingo and now i can smell and taste anything…Thank you is not enough just wish God grant you more years

umlingo juice effects
So here is this lady who was very concerned about her mama needing a kidney operation at age of 62… It never happened and she is well now 🙂 www.infoclinic.co.za
Risks for any surgery are:
    • Blood clots in the legs that may travel to the lungs.
    • Breathing problems.
    • Infection, including in the surgical wound, lungs (pneumonia), bladder, or kidney.
    • Blood loss.
    • Heart attack or stroke during surgery.
  • Reactions to medications.

One in seven of the patients experienced complications that required hospitalization or emergency care within 30 days of treatment the study found. The average cost of treating complications was $30,000 per patient.

The study looked at three methods of treatment, including shock-wave lithotripsy, ureteroscopy and percutaneous nephrolithotomy.

In shock-wave lithotripsy, a machine known as a lithotripter is used to crush the kidney stone, according to the U.S. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). Ureteroscopy involves using a long, tube-like instrument to find or break up the stone. Percutaneous nephrolithotomy uses a wire-thin viewing instrument to locate and remove the stone.

All three procedures require anesthesia, according to the NIDDK.

In the new study, rates of complications were 12 percent for patients who had shock-wave lithotripsy and 15 percent for those who underwent ureteroscopy. The average cost of treating complications after nephrolithotomy was $47,000, compared with $32,000 for complications after shock-wave lithotripsy.

umlingoTestimonial from volunteer Puleng:
Yesterday i met one of my umlingo juice users, a 70years old man, he gave me this Testimony:
After i used umlingo juice i dont have short breath anymore and i can stand for a Long period of time.
I had a painful stomach, and it affected my private parts for 39 years. Umlingo juice really makes miracles for notrhwest ppl…. The pain is now gone…..
Testimony from an old man who was always sleeping at da clinic because of high blood pressure. After drinking one bottle of umlingo juice, he is now 2months healthy and he never sleep in da clinic again. There is no high blood pressure for him anymore…..


from volunteer Kim Mvuselelo Cools inbox: Hi my name is blessing(not the real name)my brother was tested hiv positive 20years ago then since last year he was starting to loose weight this year it was worse we thought he is dying cause at the clinic they told him that he is dying he is left with 2months to live.eish what a miracle of God when we google on internet we find people taking about umlingo juice and how they testify about it then we said let us try it maybe it will work ehh i dont know how to thank kim for ijuice if it was not of it my brother should have dead at this time but because of ijuice just for 3weeks a person that they said he was dying believe me he is now alive😀😀😀thank you GOD www.virusmyth.com

sun-caught with umlingo

From volunteer Andile Mbebe  0767307857 or 0797330510  Yesterday I met with one of my umlingo user and gave me this testimony:after I’ve been using umlingo juice I decided to go for a test.my blood suger was higher before but now that I’m on umlingo juice,my doctor confirmed my blood suger to be normal,way way lower Than it was before and I’m happy with the results.im still using the juice thou because of I see it does wonders”.umlingo juice does wonders in cape town truth is to be told

stress test marketed as AIDS testFrom my inbox: I would like to take this opportunity to first of all thank God for making me come across the (info clinic website) while busy on google trying to find an alternative besides arvs. I was told 15 yrs ago that I was HIV positive when I was pregnant with my 1st child. I went about with my life. I still gave birth to 3 more kids. I was still healthy but ignorant thinking I had HIV & I was going to die one day. This is until recently I started coughing in August & was admitted with pneumonia on the 1st September 2016 for 2 weeks in hospital. I was then tested again for HIV yes the results where positive, I was then told my CD 4 count is low the ordered arvs for me, I did not take them till today. I was then discharged. That’s when I came across the info clinic and started communicating With This Amazing Man “Kim Cools”. My life has changed drastically, I have learnt so much from him and still learning. He taught me about diet, initially I wanted the juice & he explained everything ” people the juice detoxes all the toxins in our bodies that have built up for years & it’s not an over night thing” Diet plays a very important role in my health let alone the juice….the juice together with my diet I feel like a new born baby my health is great. Immediately when I stopped the, milk, meat sugar, phuthu, bread, sodas etc…guys my health was restored, the coughing stopped, my energy levels is spiking more than before. People there is no Hiv, I’m not even bothered to go & test I know I will be HIV negative and those are just antibodies that they test for, People there is no killer HIV aids that is caused by malnutrition & chemical toxins from GMO foods & drugs. No one is HIV positive we have been lied to & our people have died for Nothing. People let us go back to nature there is life our God given natural green our fruits & veggies. People Kim Cools has really saved our lives. I’ve had a second chance in life through him. Guys health is wealth….you might have all the money in world but when you are in a hospital bed you are poor. Henry who is based in jeppes town johannesburg is one of the volunteers for Umlingo wamangcolosi Is helping me so much what a wonderful soul they have become my Family now I learnt a lot from them wow…… I want to say to my Brothers & sister those who have “eyes” will “see” and those who have “ears” will “hear”…..1 love

FAKE PEOPLE WITH SHORT LIVESTestimonial from my inbox;

Thank you mr Kim for showing me the path to recovery.I was bed ridden for 4 months and also developed bed sores and my hopes for recovery had vanished. Then my sister brought me umlingo juice. Just after 2 days using ijuice i went to the toilet on my own and could sit out side in the sunshine.

Today 1 month afte using i juice i am back at work and every body wants umlingo juice now. My work friends had seen me loose weight and become weeker for 2 years. I stopped my arvs the same day i start umlingo juice. Why is our goverment doing this to us? How can we all receive i juice from goverment?



Testimonial From Capetown, volunteer Andile Mbebe

Umlingo family I’m happy to announce the good news once again.couple of minutes ago I went to other location to deliver umlingo juice to a brother.in our conversation he gave me this testimonial:remember a couple of months ago my wife sent you a photo of a man with pimples that would burst into wounds as time goes on?that was me I was on treatment back then,what it did was nothing in my condition.they put me on many different treatments they couldn’t help me.what they told me at the clinic was thats coz I don’t adhere to my treatmment that’s why.my wife then introduced me to umlingo juice and that was when she sent you that pic of me in that horrible situation.as you cann see now as we speak those pimples are all gone like I never had them before.i feel healthy,,strong and energetic again and I no longer need that treatment anymore.at the clinic they know,I told them that I don’t need the treatment anymore.i told them bout the juice and I gave them the DVDs that you gave to my wife so now they sometimes ask me bout my overall health and the juice and I tell them bout the wonders of umlingo juice.i only eat organic plant based diet.keep it up brother with the good work and your team

aaasdFrom volunteer Tlou his inbox
Yes, i was a victim.myself .The drug efivarenz almost destroyed me.Renal failure was the diagnosis.been in high care and ICU many times in private hospitals kanti the problem were the drugs i was given.When i personally stopped ARVs i recovered so well and tested negative thereafter last year.mlingo n organic food helped me .words cant xplain. The article touches me directly. They are killing the masses man.
Facebook group: i stopped arvs

1 drop of blood 2 different results?From Xolani his inbox:



Hey its Gugu

“I went for my HIV test last week Friday I got my results today I tested negative after I did the raw diet. Ngi ya bonga kakhulu”

Let’s spin on it

This is why I’ll never stop volunteering for God through uMlingo juice.


Thanks for the juices got them but family is so skeptical they don’t want me to stop ARVS so I ddnt use it up until 3days ago when my brother told me about the encounter he had with the guy who came to him for the extra 2 bottles that were in the box and I ddnt know about those two bottles because as soon as my brother fetched them and came I was so excited and told him finally I’m going to stop ARVS for good.

They took the bottles and begged me to keep using ARVS of which I complied and did as they asked cause they fear losing me.So when the guy came to fetch his juices from my brother they had talk and that guy saved me cause my brother told him my family including him don’t want me to stop using the arvs so the guy told my brother that if I would listen to my family and negative thoughts I would lose my life and live them enjoying theirs so I must do what I had faith on.

My brother came to the family house where I’m staying right now because I was sick to tell me about that guy.Last Saturday he came with 1bottle and I started using it on Sunday morning.Before using it I had swollen fingers and toes and had reddish spots on my left arm.I was in pains at night I couldn’t sleep because the pain were sever starting at 8pm.I had muscle pains that kept me awake till 5am everyday.The second day of using it the reddish spots disappeared,I can walk now without crying as my toes have less pains,I can hold a pen now with my fingers only one finger is little bit swollen.I can move my arms and legs,I bathed myself without asking for help and can make up my own bed.

Xolani I don’t have the number of the guy who spoke with my brother.Please thank him for me cause without him knowing he saved my life.Its like he realized me from hell,please thank him for me cause I was stressed for buying something that will go to waste.Tomorrow I’m going to PE to an organic supermarket and buy all I need to buy.Thank you I believe in thismy faith is in God and the juice.Don’t forget to thank the man for me please.A and thank you I’ll keep you posted

Umlingo greenFrom my whatsapp inbox:
My boyfriend started taking umlingo on the 16th of May this year. After exactly 12 bottles he tested negative today. I just want to thank you for your help and saving lives. You have given him his life back. ( name deleted )

green umlingo

Testimonial from volunteer Bongiwe / Thembisa
Thank you Bongiwe sisi for telling me about UMLINGO WAMANGCOLOSI JUICE , as i told you that my gums are always bleeding and i’ve got this smell from my V and always wet like i’m on periods now i am proudly telling you that a i am no longer stinking oh yhaaa yes stinking , i will continue drinking it . Thank you Nana i promise you i will do the same telling people about it . GOD BLESS YOU

Do you want to be free

From volunteer Tlou Pretoria central:
After getting sick in July 2015 I was up n down with doctors but I was not getting better,i was so weak losing weight because I didn’t have appetite, always have flue n runny stomach. When I was about to go to the hospital I remember that there is umlingo,i knew about it but I didn’t took it serious. i went to their website then I decided to take Tlous,number to buy the juice. Amazing in one week I started to eat normally,my weight came back,my skin and my energy is back .I went back to my doctor for check up she was so surprised to see me completely changed she even cancelled my appointment to the hospital. Ever since I started juice balancing by eating healthy I never went to the doctor I even feel I can cancel my medical aid because I wasted a lot of money on things that didn’t help me. Thank you Tlou for always be available when I need a juice, I’m starting my 5th bottle now. Thank you guys for helping us…..


Testimonial from volunteer Thembisa area:
Yhazi ndikuxelele oko ndithe ndasebenzisa le juice nditsho ndabuyelwa yi original colour yam nolusu lwam lwaqala ukusulungeka. Sendiyakwazi ukuzithambisela nje ivaseline kodwa ndingaqapheleki. Enkosi love ngokundazisa ngayo nangona yakhe yandigulisa nje xa ndiyiqala ndandisithi kosa ndifile kodwa emva kwe 2days ndeva umzimba wam ukhaphukhaphu. Ndiyabulela sthandwa sam

Her translation into english:
She said said you know what ,let me tell u since i started using the juice my original skin started to come back , i now put a vaseline at first it was bad , thanx love for telling me about the juice , even though when i started using it i get sick i thought i am going to die but after 2 days i was okay and my body was light was not heavy at all . Thanx again www.infoclinic.co.za

Glycophosphate MONSANTOs ROUNDUP killing us allTomorow its important you all join the march against Monsanto

Testimonial from Zekhethelo her inbox:
Eish! My sister I didn’t have peace in my heart, I was diagnose with HIV+ sins 2006 while I was pregnant with my son, I was that person who was working in life but died inside, 4 years, until 1 day I open a face book, then ur page got me interested, it too me the hole 8mnths b4 I stated the juice, along that time, I got sick, I had an obsess(ithumba)in my under arm then I decided to go the clinic, then I was told to start on ARV’s, I took them 4 few months, but my mind was on this facebook page, but again Denile is the evil side of the. person,I continued with the pill, untill, I decided to stop, then I called u 4 information, that’s when I knew I needed to change my life, right nw the joy I feel in my heart I can’t explain it,
[05/18, 21:53] +27…: You hold my hand because I was clueless about this things, I was always on the phone if I want more info, until I decided to talk abt the juice to people, recommend it, I kept on going, spreeding the word, untill 2day. I’m getting more people, who want to hv this juice, and I’m happy abt it, www.infoclinic.co.za

HIV is a fraudFrom Mvuselelo’s inbox :
This is my testimony of the umlingo juice, this is a result that gave power to one of the umlingo juice users.

The HIV negative result that came from my baby that was carried by a hiv positive female that never took the toxic meds and never even used any meds on the new born but still breast fed her baby and eating healthy.

So my advise to people is stop the toxic meds and follow your correct diet and the use of umlingo juice…power to the people one love.


Umgeni river blocked by wall is Inanda DamFrom volunteer Xolani
Just got a call from a client to whom I sent 4 liters last week …
She says she can’t shut her mouth about what she’s feeling.
The juice has solved her diabetes and swollen feet issues altogether with a mere 1 Liter from the four she bought.

Her feet also had a rough upper skin but now it is dissipating for real it is hardly noticeable.
In her abdomen there seems to be rumbling going on as if to detox the system.
She says she will never be without this juice again.
What Interested me is that she has gained weight so she says, but that I’d associate with her newly embraced emotional state.

GMO / GE is HIV / AIDSTestimonial from HIV positive to HIV negative

(volunteer Florence) it’s Rejoice here,i don’t you wil remebar me because you work with more people but my point is that i jast want to take this moment to say this to you ,you made a good option n God wil always blessing you because you are honest,i state to used Umlingo juice 11 Ferbruay 2016 only 3bottle but nou on 04 May 2016 i test negative,you made my life so eazy i no longer leave with pressure. www.infoclinic.co.za

2014-04-11 09.46.37

Testimonial from volunteer Mesuli Sello Shembe
Facebook group: Umlingo wamaNgcolosi
Good day everybody.Two weeks backs I was visited by this lady,she said she was diabetic and was losing interest on sexual activities and this was somehow damaging her marriage.She took one bottle and left and last week Friday she returned rejuvenated and vibrant and took two more bottles.She said she was very much better and her libido was had returned.Her marriage seems to have regained the usual happiness due to the help of Umlingo WaMaNgcolosi.

Sisters against ARVsTestimonial from my whatsapp inbox:
i was told am HIV positive when i was five months pregnancy i was so stressed that i couldn’t eat couldn’t even sleep
all what was in my mind is to kill myself

i then started talking arvs bt they gave me very bad side effects i just took them for only three weeks then i stopped i felt dizzy ,sleepy nd my head was spinning nd started taking the umlingo juice while eating only vegs nd stopped all kind of TV foods meat sugar all the side effect were gone,i gave birth to a baby girl who is healthy she weighed 2.7kg at birth after six days weighed 3.5kg after a month she weighed 6kg ever since she was born i ve never given her any medicin i only breastfeed her and i dnt take any medicin as well apart frm the umlingo juice we are both fine nd health…..
Thanks to the Almighty God for showing me this juice thanks Kim, Henry nd Mazuba for ur help i will continue taking the juice nd eating healthy

zeki stopped arvsOne of my regular callers called this evening. She was on arvs for several years. These poisons/pharmaceuticals gave her ankle pains, arthritis, terrible headaches and bloating in such a way that she was using panados to stop the pain every day. She had little energy and allways felt lethargic.
Now she is far healthier, she has no more pains and is very energetic . She stopped arvs a month ago, started on Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice and our basic recommendations (sunbath, drink clean water, eat only organic local produce and avoid all Government /TV recommendations). She actually forgot she was once on arvs, suffering from what she once believed was a killer virus. Today she called to tel me that she could hardly source organic fruit and veg at this stage and as a result she is now starting her own organic veg garden; and is very enthusiastic and continues to search for organic food growers to maintain her new lifelong lifestyle and diet changes. She is committed to share her stories with friends, family and colleagues. My days are blessed thank you, as another one has discovered real green pastures. Goodnight from paradise earth family Facebook group: umlingo juice

From Umtata

cccvxvolunteer Lungisile Lusizo Katazile 0826460881
A Person who phoned me as a Truck driver last week had a problem of swollen feet and could not drive properly and send his friend last week to take Umlingo and didn’t even finish the bottle but his feet are free.

He told that he can even drive more distance than before. He is freshened and promised that he will never stop using Umlingo.

He is now really in need and refering other people.

wheel chair not needed

From volunteer Florence
Dear Florence.

I’m very happy I don’t know what to do my mum was on wheel chair she could not walk nd could not strech her right arm nd finger right now my mum can strch both arm nd fingers nd she can walk thanks once again.
She started umlingo juice in November and has used 7 bottles to date.

xolani foodstoday’s testimonial From HIV positive to HIV negative:
Dear Xolani,

as you know my boyfriend and I are on the juice. Last week he went to check his blood and returned home with a HIV negative result. This is out 12th Liter.

Praise be to God.

posted in Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle page

From the Umlingo WamaNgcolosi group on Facebook

tumor under armGood morning life loving people.I normally do not ask people about their sicknesses,they ‘ld divulge voluntarily if feeling comfortable about that.Now two weeks back I sold the juice to this guy,he calls me last night saying no wonder the juice was named Umlingo(magic).He says he had turmors under both his armpits for several weeks and fearing to go to the clinic for they will surely want him to go for an HIV test,he then decided to go for the juice instead and amazingly his turmors have shrinked and his ever present tiredness disappeared leaving him active as normal prior to his sickness.He was afraid that he wouldn’t perform his duties normally since he was due back to his work on the 11th.He even said to thank Kim on his behalf for sharing such a magical juice to us all.So a word of thanks goes to you Kim Cools for deciding upon sharing with the nation such a wonderful and life saving juice.

From the Umlingo WamaNgcolosi group on Facebook

This juice really works wonderz i’ve proved it to my 2year old daughter who had no appetite at all.we always had a fight when its time to eat,she always cried when i feed her.she didnt want anythng to do with veges.i alway gave her 5ml of multivitamin evrymorning but i’ve seen no defference she had a light weigt.i’ve decided to buy umlingo juice now she is eating well,she is gaining weigt,therez no cries,no fights

baby healthy

From my inbox:

Dear sir my name is Dudu the mother of a12 month old son, I would like to thank your for help and all the information you gave me.

My child was loosing his weight but now he is better and active. I will continue breastfeeding and keep on provide him with Umlingo juice, Kafir maas & cooking healthy food for my son.

About vaccination I never go back, I’ll try to follow our ancestors ways who never lived by drugs/ vaccination thanks. https://www.facebook.com/umlingo

Keep Up The Good Works Volunteers;

“Angazi noma uyobuye ungikhumbule nha…I am bongie .around October ngacela I juice to Eastern cape for my sister owayeqeda kubeletha…

Sonke simngenile u 2016 siphilile saka. Mina ke owakhohliswa ngo February anginazi complications ngisaphilile ngi right isango lase clinic loko ngaligcina lapho ngo February. .. u sis wam u right bandla ingane yakhe engumfana inhle I right he is healthy .una 2months nge 15 zika January uyobe ehlanganisa u 3months .he is weighing 6.8Kg akanama complications kwasa yena akasihluphi ngalutho u right nje.

Siyabonga ngokuthI isibane eninaso anisigcinile kini nikhanyisele nina kuphela kodwa nathi ababehlezi ebumnyameni esayamkela I light yenu khona ukuze sibone,ngoba eqinisweni impumputhi ayikhokhelwa ngenye impumputhi futhi ukwenza inhliziyo lukhuni akusizi ngoba uyoswela ulwazi. Abantu bayashona because ukwazi abanako noma beku lethelwa bakhetha uhlala ebumnyameni… yanga u Thixo anganibusisa ngemisebenzi emihle eniyenzayo ngoba eqinisweni laba bantu they create customers than cure.”

“I don’t know if you will remember me … I am Bongie, around October I asked for uMlingo Juice to EC for my sister who had just given birth … All of us entered 2016 well. I who was deceived in February don’t have any complications I am well and right the gate of the clinic I don’t even know it ever since February … My sister is right and her baby son is handsome he’s healthy.
He is 2 months on the 15th January will be making 3 months, he weighs 6.8 kg with no complications and even he is no longer troubling about anything he is just right.

We thank you because the light you shine you did not keep to yourselves only but even we who have been in the dark who embraced your light to see because in fact the blind does not believe by another blind and to harden the heart does not help because you will lack knowledge.

People die because they lack knowledge even when they are given they choose to be in the dark.
May God less you for the good works you do because in fact these people create customers than cure.”

The sister here is responding to our telephonic conversation after addressing her sister’s and her health challenges.
My main objective is to eliminate fear in their hearts and minds and help them strengthen their faith by giving them the truth as is even before they can consider the juice.

Ps: The Juice and diet alone do not save us but our FAITH does most of the work and only the victim can strengthen that. https://www.facebook.com/umlingo

stress test marketed as AIDS testTestimony from Volunteer Tlou Pretoria Central:

Thx u so much for the juice it helps me a lot bcs i was in a darkness of arvs but since I began to use it my life has changed to much.

It’s all my pleasure n a lot of people they still don’t believe that this juice is working because they still hold that mentality of saying that if you leave arvs u will die or the sickness will come by power i thought a lot of people need to be educated about this fraud scheme




google umlingoFrom Mtata volunteer:

Lungisile Lusizo  Katazile 0826460881

I received a call today in the Morning at 06:43am from Nozibele Mandayi a daughter of Lawukazi Mlangu from Link Location Mthatha who took Umlingo Juice from begining of October this year.

She was HIV Positive and had regular Fits. Since she took Umlingo Juice from me she usually says she never get fits at all.

But today in the morning she told, she went to KSD Municipality Clinic in Mthatha on Monday where She Tested her HIV and AIDS and they tested her Negative.

I could not believe it as I was serving her as my first patient to Test.

We are serving true God Kim keep well producing Umlingo. God bless you www.infoclinic.co.za

manto was right

Feeding 2 With One Formula;

An old lady was referred to me by a friend because she had feet pains of years back pain of years plus she could not even sweat, thyroid issues swollen glands round the neck and swollen arms.
My first advice was quitting all sugar meat and all dairies, she listened – bought the juice a few liters.

Upon her return she was so excited to see me in person and relate how well she is now, only one gland remains but you could see from her excitement that it is coming down as well.

“… Xolani I can sweat for the first time in a long long while, I have appetite energy, I’m grateful…”
At the same time I had come down hard yet humbly on her for feeding her two year old grandson soft drinks and white foods. The grandson had thus developed tonsil issues. I told her to share the juice with him, she gave him and he puked the first time but later on the tonsils were normal again.

That handsome 2 year old I saw on Monday of this week with her was energetic as ever.

I felt happy for them both.

Sketch22173224-1Xolani Madlala posted in fb group:

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi
Another Testimony From A Couple All the way from Lusikisiki.
Today: 24/10/2015.

Xolani I will tell you the truth I haven’t told you now. In 1992 I was diagnosed HIV + and I got so worried though I was not sick, I began taking the pills, it was 3 of them at the time until later they have gave one.

I was so true to it never missed a day everyday at 20h00 o’clock I would make sure I took the pill. Then one night I got tired of being a slave of the pill and began looking around for herbalist who would get me off this stress of having to live by the pill.

I looked and looked and one night in my sleep I had a song in my dreams that went like …. ” LInqotshiwe ithuna linqotshiwe … (“The grave has been conquered has been conquered”).
I woke up feeling relieved and kept seeking and I found this juice Tyo!! I got so relieved when I read those testimonies and could not believe it. And the strange thing Xolani that my husband is negative.

Ever since then I have never touched a pill since March of this year and I am healthy as ever. I beelieeve in this juice Xolani.

And all I could say is all praise be to God, the Greatest!!     Revelations 18:23 For by sorceries all nations where deceived

umlingo WillnerTestimony from my inbox:
We had a problem with a prayer partner who had a cd4 count of 29 who was very sick. I was told about the Umlingo Wamangcolosi website by a friend.

I purchased 1litre from Maria in Pietermaritzburg, she used for 3 days and she was up and walking. www.infoclinic.co.za

Umlingo Well

Posted by Xolani Madlala: Drinking From The Same Well – UMlingo!

A lady friend of mine whom we helped through the juice and the rest of the recommendations to help restore the life of her younger sister I wrote a testimony of some time ago, called me yet again to help her relative brother who suffers from severe Malaria resulting in loss of weight, appetite and energy – bedridden.

His company across the boarder returned him home and advised him not to return to work due to his condition. The hospital spitted him back home also as they could not help him though in the name of recovering home.

She asked for my advise and I recommended uMlingo, the Probiotic, Good Dietary Standards and the last but not least born in the family – YesKim Cools you said it right I can hear you …. The WEED TEA!!!

A week later the feedback was that he is so energetic and he eats sooo much suddenly and off his bed now.
But then taking Life for granted he stopped our treatment and as you may expect relapsed to his former condition.

He went back to the doctor and they gave him those Anti-Life tablets, he got sick from them and the sister phoned me and related the story – We suggested he return to our recommendations, he did.

As a result his energy is now back and we are happy he now understands better what has been taking his health and what is restoring it and so do we.

UMlingo: That’s the well making you weller than a well water well!

Posted by Claus in fb page: Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle:
Umlingo RecommendationsHi bro’s & sis’s I have to share my friends experience with the Umlingo Juice. He has been drinking it for only 10 days today. He has a heart condition(surgery 20 years ago), and he stopped all his conventional medicine 2 weeks ago. I found out he didn’t need it anymore, if he started the Juice and chew some leafs. He has been living a very unhealthy life, totally over weight(135kg), when he met me, now 112kg – heheeeeh, and losing kg’s every month, he is tall though, a great Dane Before he started the Umlingo his skin was full of tiny pimpels, ofcourse from cleaning up all the crappy food he used to eat, but today I saw him, in an extremely good mood and I almost didn’t belive how good his skin looked, his foot had open wounds and cracked skin between the toes, not even 2 weeks on my homegrown (organic of course)Aloe Vera, and now 10 days on UJ, the wounds are dried out and almost gone. The cracked areas healed already and his skin, wauw, the pimpels was just gone. I couldn’t find any left? I admit, I was a bit surprised, that he looked THAT good already. He stopped cow & Pig eating 4-5 month ago, still he eat Fish n Chicks but its a good start at least. I got him to stop soft drinks and 7-11 crap “food”…He is fighting hard with his sugar addiction, I got him to switch from white sugar to Coconut palm sugar, and he says, he “only” eat half the candy/sweets/cakes n disgusting plastic stuff as before. I’m working on it, he would have been dead now, if he had not listened, i’m pretty sure, and he is sure as well..I started UJ also Heheeeeh I have to share this with you…When we made the Juice today, everything was finished, to be bottled in a concentrated form, I had to press the plastcontainer with around 3 ltr’s of Juice, to not spill anything, and the friggin’ plastic container broke, and now I tried to take a bath in Umlingo as well haaaaaarh fuuuuuuuu.. but we didn’t lose as much as it looked on my body.. I was covered in my face/glasses, yeah, kinda all, over as it ran down over my rockhard breast thihiiiiih!!!! I can tell the Ants do not like the mixture , my kitchen was free of Ants, which NEVER happens, I’m too fragile to spray any poison to avoid the Ants, so I learned to just live with them, in the thousands Sometimes I must admit, I shout at them, but my Dogs think t’s them I shout at, so it’s not often. Mostly when cooking of course, a bit boring to have them running all over. This was really meant for brother Kims chatline, but I thought it was so fast result for my friend, that I had to share it here, wauw, it got long. Wish you all a great night/day 1LOVE hhC

umlingo wamangcolosi glassPosted by Xolani Madlala 07227272798: Testimony from early hours of this morning – The sister bought 10 Liters from me last month and because she keeps downloading my WhatsApp Food Profile Pics and makes them her own I asked her for an immediate testimony and it went like this;

“Hi dear mna eyonanto eyanditsala kule juice yile ithi from + to – cz of ndi HIV + ndaqalisa I ARVs ngo 2010 july till 26 May 2015 aftr ndisele 2 bottles zo UW juice ndaye ndayiyeka I treatment ndajongana ne juice qha, bfr le juice bendithanda ukugula ndine piles, ulcer, skin problem, shapeless,but 2dy andina piles andina ulcer ndiziva ndifresh all the time…ndandihlala ndine suppliments for ukuba ndibene strength cz ndandihlala ndi weak ingase ndilale ngalo lonke ixesha…but 2dy andisebenzisi any Tablets or supplements, ndisebenzisa le juice qha, nditya healthy food…ndi lose ne weight from size 38 to size 32, ndiyabonga ngale juice cz ndibuye ndakwaz ukuhlala without Tablets…andikayi ukuyo test(a) but I feel it that m no longer HIV +. Ndizokhe ndiziphe I chance ndiyo tester ndikwi bottle ye 23 now vivaaaaaaaa…ngoMlingo wamangcolosi juice, asimanga siyaqhuba rhulumente.”

Hi dear the main thing that took me with this juice is the from + to – because of being HIV +, I began ARVs in 2010 July till 26 May 2015 after taking 2 bottles of UW I stopped the treatment and faced the juice only. Before this juice I had piles ulcers skin problem shapeless but today I have no piles no ulcers I feel fresh all the time … I always had supplements to gain strength because I was always weak feeling sleepy all the time … but today I don’t use any tablet or supplements I only use this juice. I eat healthy food and have lost weight from 38 to 32, I thank you for this juice because I have been able to live without tablets … I have not gone to test but I feel that I am no longer HIV +. I will give myself time to test I’m on 23rd bottle now Vivaaaaaaaa …. with uMlingo WamaNgcolosi juice, it’s no lie, we’re moving government.

Testimony From HIV positive to HIV negative from Tlou 072 158 7904Pretoria central: Mr Tlou i really appreciate your help i finaly tested negative.Thank you so much may god bless u.umlingo juice is so amazing. I will continue to help other people around me.

manto knows umlingo

Mvuselelo of the Cools Family, from my inbox:

thank you for the mllingo juice, saved my life to much.

I could not eat or go to toilet and became weak and very sick.

Then some one bring me juice and I drink it and put it in my back side 2 times now i am new THANK YOU.

Yes you can use Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice as an enema, it works wonders especially when it is also used drinking it 3 times per day with 500ml of water every time.


arv's no thank you. Umlingo juice yes pleaseTestimony : I tested hiv positive and was so stressed that i lost weight and i couldnt eat for day ,ithen met a cetain lady who told me about umlingo wama ngcolosi juice,

iwas supposed to take my arvs but iwaited and wanted to tried umlingo first ihad nothing to loose after all if umlingo didnt work was going to start my treatment,

i contacted uLucky Mathunjwa got 2bottles from him icould feel change in body bought another 6 more,

my husband had tested negative after taking about 10 bottles went for my cd4 count test and guess what it was above 650,

i went to 3 different clinics and tested again for hiv my results all came back negative ,its been 2 yrs since i started umlingo and my hubby and i are very healthy,

thank you Kim and Lucky

From the FB group: Umlingo WamaNgcolosi

monde faku umlingo

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

The exact causes of high blood pressure are not known, but several factors and conditions may play a role in its development, including:

What Is “Normal” Blood Pressure?

A blood pressure reading has a top number (systolic) and bottom number (diastolic). The ranges are:

umlingo for all diseasesFrom HIV positive to HIV negative:

From Henry, Johannesburg Jeppestown HG Health, Jozi mall, 321 Marshal street, Shop No J4. Tel/Fax: 011 6146768 cell 0734694094 cell 0785259166
A short testimony to encourage the victims of HIV sham.
Few days ago this lady sends us a whatsapp message saying thank you for helping me. When I tried to identify her, I noticed she was pregnant at the time she started the juice last year October. I remember she shared with me her challenges, as her boyfriend kept acquiescing her of haven been cheating which resulted to her being HIV positive, to an extend he abandoned her with the pregnancy, stopped all financial support and left her very miserable. I remember even pledging to send her some little support and encouraging her to stick to proper diet and abstain from taking medications whatsoever. She was determine and did same.
A friend accepted her in her one bedroom house where she squeezed up until gave birth 9 week ago. Just as she gave birth, the nurses did the test on her and the babe and all were NEGATIVE. Now the father of her babe is back and they are all living happily. When she disclosed to the nurses that all along she hasn’t been taking any of the medications given her, they were all amaze. Here she even sends me the result. You can’t even imagine how this child looks; very healthy and full of life. That is what nature can do when we cooperate. www.infoclinic.co.za

x1From the facebook group: Umlingo WamaNgcolosi

You probably remember how, for some time, South Africa was resisting the distribution of the highly toxic anti retroviral treatment for Aids patients also called HAART. That was when South African president Thabo Mbeki had looked into the background of the Aids epidemic that the ‘experts’ said was about to devastate Africa and found the science wanting. Mbeki had hosted a conference where – God forbid – scientists were allowed to question medical orthodoxy, but in the end, the pharma-inspired experts prevailed. Mbeki had to go, and HAART is now being delivered to the poor. Mind you, they do not get clean water or proper nutritional support, but they do get the medication. Big Pharma won. Hail scientific orthodoxy.

Perhaps that was a rather pyrhic victory however, because even though everything was done to discredit any budding alternatives in Aids care, especially if they involved nutrition, those things that work have a habit of refusing to die. They keep passing from person to person. They just can’t be wiped out.

X2The then South African health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang was attacked and ridiculed for advocating “lemon, garlic and olive-oil” and her recommendation was “given a firm thumbs-down by the South African Medical Journal” (without having done any studies, by the way). But those natural, good health promoting things that grow in our gardens are not going to go away so easily, especially since more and more people are finding that the mixture, called UMLINGO WAMANGCOLOSI, is helping them get healthy where the toxic medications have miserably failed.

Our friend Cal Crilly in Australia, a musician who spends much of his free time reading up on the latest biochemical research, has looked into this and has written up an interesting story. It is about endogenous (meaning natural to all humans) retroviruses that help cells grow and that are present when there are illnesses to heal. The story is also about nutrients that help do the same thing, and where those nutrients can be found in our foods. Umlingo Scientific


Testimony from Akondi Henry Tankeh jhb jeppestown: A few testimonies that has made my day.. 3 weeks ago a man called and ask for direction to our shop where we are volunteering to distribute Umlingo Juice. He successfully got here and with a very sad countenance he narrated to me the story of his dying brother. Basically he told me his brother was diagnose with the so-called HIV and again TB, He was put on TB treatment combine with ARV’s and his condition became so critical that he could not even wake up from bed for over a month. When he asked me if the juice could help, I simply replied yes, if you could help stop your brother from taking all the toxic drugs and food which are helping to suppressing his immune system. He was very willing to do anything I told him to help his brother recover and so he got a bottle. After a week he came back for the 2nd bottle and I quickly asked how he is faring? He answered; he is still there on the bed. And as he went away with his 2nd bottle I encourage him to be patient and stick to eating unadulterated food with clean water, no meat, no dairy, and no sugar.
It was today morning that a couple who also contacted me came for juice and when I ask as usually how they came to know about the juice and what information they have so far, they told me a their Doctor ask them to come and try this product. I was so amaze because I have always heard but of nurses not doctor refereeing patients to come here. When I finished serving this couple, It quickly came to mind that I should contact this my friend to know how his brother was doing but unfortunately I could not find his contact on my phone. As I was getting worried and thinking how to reach him, suddenly toward the evening I got a call from him telling me he is coming. As he came in I saw a smile on his face, and I asked how is he doing? He said to me, brother; I have started seeing the miracle. He is off from bed and has even gone to town today… …It was a blissful day for me actually.
Let’s trust in The Healing Power of Nature.

peace and lovefb group Umlingo WamaqNgcolosi posted by Xolani Madlala

A phone call testimony from a customer:
He says:
“After finding out about my positive status I started looking into this juice.

I took no more than 4L and when I checked again the results came back negative.

I still cannot believe. But why are people dying so much yet you have a simple effective solution?” ………Speechless me

see the umlingo of life

see the umlingo of life

i see the juice really works wonders.

when i started use the juice my diabetic level was always up that makes my left eye permanent damaged the doctors told me i wil never see wit it anymore the only thing that they wil do is 2protect the other eye so that they dnt infect by the other eye..they give me laser treatment every 2months..guess what happenend!

Aftr few bottles of umlingo juice my eye begin 2see again.. And my sugar level was dropped up 2 8.2 … Umlingo juice reali works wonders..thank cu Kim and Oscar u r really a blessing from above..iam determine 2help those are reali dying and be told that they wil never be cured …and the DVD really helps and make it easy 4me 2preach the gosopel of umlingo wamangcolosi..

Thanx very much..2day iam sending all the necesary documents 2become a volunteer

knowledge is power to the people is umlingoFrom HIV positive to HIV negative testimony,

from my sms inbox:

Mr Kim I had good news for you,,,last tym when I call you I had just bought ma firts two bottle of Umlingo juice at Sasol from the guy called Qiniso,,,,

I’ve been on treatment for some years ago,,,good news is that today I was teasted HIV negative,,,I didn’t believe what I’ve saw..

just a week on Umlingo juice,,,,,.

people please just follow the instruction that is given by Umlingo juice,,,,I


Testimony from my inbox:
Kim it worked thank you very much

now iam fine had white fluid coming out my penis for couple of months went to the doctor and their gave me pills which i drank for months bt did not work or the was no improvement

bt after buyng uMlingo juice drinkng it for 3 days iam fine now thanx

proof of no HIV transmissionFrom Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini page:

“Hi Lucky i just wanna say thank you for helping me get UWJ before i start using the juice my life was miserable i almost lost my marriage bcs i was no longer that active in bed, I had cramps on my Stomach, i was always tired i did’nt have appetite and since i started ARV’s 2013 everytime i drink them i feel so sick having heartburn sometimes end up vomiting, Then one day my Friend on Facebook invited me to join umlingo wamangcolosi group thats where my life change , I bought one bottle with in a week all those things that i have mentioned were all history to me thanks to you Lucky for saving my life, i will never stop using umlingo wamangcolosi juice”

Wouldn’t have posted this as we get so many similar messages, but this is slightly different. She has a little Angel that looks between 2 and 3 years, is in a discordant couple. She’s hiv+ (whatever that really means) and her hubby is hiv-. This has been causing some strain in their marriage, allegations of cheating on her part, yet she claims to have only slept with him in her life, they started going out in

the same school they both attended.

This discordant couple issue helped quite a bit as it clearly illustrates the bullshitness of the hiv=aids=death LIE, the MANY ways hiv=aids doesn’t just make sense.

WAKE UP Afrika! http://infoclinic.co.za/volunteers-and-shops/

From HIV positive to HIV negativeMesuli Sello Shembe

posted in facebook group: Umlingo WamaNgcolosi

On the 14th Emihle Mihlee wrote on my timeline:

”HBD.brother and thank u for saving our lives,may u continue and God bless u.”

She went on saying that she was always having fatigue, sore body, always dizzy and persistent headaches, always sleeping but through Umlingo all that is history.

She has recovered 100 percent now. She can now perform house chores without any trouble, bathing her children,feeding them and accompanying them to school,things she couldn’t do ’cause she was bedridden.

Now this was more than a birthday gift to me, music to my ears indeed. Umlingo has performed its miracles again!

Our people should stop living in denial and try this Umlingo for different ailments: the results are incredible no matter how critical your condition may be.

Umlingo pageTestimony from my whatsapp inbox:

Hi Kim,

two weeks back i told u that i was developing shingles and asked for help, infact it was my second attack i had them 2yrs back and i know the pain the thing comes with so when i saw that its coming again i panicked and the only thing i could think of was umlingo juice, because during my first attack i used doctors medication and it took a month to heal outside and almost 4 months to heal inside, and this time when my hubby recommended that i consult the doctor quickly i refused i told him that i was going to use umlingo juice and the cream u said i should mix only and guess what, after 10 days i was healed inside and out i couldn’t blive it myself, the cream was so sore when i was applying it but hey it made wonders.

Thank u so so much Kim for saving me from the pain and for saving my money i was going to use for doctors consultation and prescriped medication.

Umlingo juice now is gonna be part of my everyday life. Thanks again man.

GOD given umlingo foodsTestimony from my inbox Volunteer Tlou 072 158 7904

from N khoza in pretoria…

i had pneumonia on 2014 admitted in ICU twice until a friend introduced me to umlingo.

i then stopped the prescribed meds and started with the juice.

within a few days my energy levels were back to normal and i could eat again.

i still take the juice even though im fine, oh and my skin looks youthfull, thanks to Tlou in Pretoria Central 072 158 7904

umlingo juice works like a bombVolunteer(Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini 082 760 0548 from my inbox )

“Dear Lucky Mathunjwa ths is one of the people u have helped thank you so much for Umlimgo juice as u know before I was affected with TB n HIV n my partner was negative after taking few bottles of Umlimgo juice I went back to my doctor coz my CD4 was only 80 n taking those pills was just 2 much for me n I became disabled I couldn’t wear my hills anymore, but Umlimgo juice change it all after 3 months I went back to the doctor again n I was no longer positive I trow the pills after starting my juice m now m back to my normal life, oh one more thing I got married to the same partner I was with

thank you Lucky Mathunjwa, Kim Cools I know his also behind ths praise to the Lord.”As an activist, u just can’t NOT go on, always so inspiring…..

Last Night From My WhatsApp (Xolani Madlala 0722727298)

”Tjo I can’t blv ths my bf tested hiv – 2day, he was using umlingo juice can that be possible?

who can see this”Yoh yoh yoh I really can’t blv this … This year he was sick but know he is no more wow u guys rock really, y dnt u tell all the pplz who r hiv + that they can b cured?”…………

This is what we contribute to, helping everyone willing to live live.

UMlingo never stops!

From the fb page: Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle posted by: Snethemba Fortunate

25 November at 08:42
I was in hospital nd i was vry sick,cnt eat,cnt d anythng.than ma mom bought me these juice wthin an hour i started graving food,i cal ma mom to bring me food she was happy to c me better.than the doctors discharge me the other other day.if u had deases that u cnt treat use umlingo wamagcolisi it wil help u.i am a judge to dat.

TESTIMONY (Xolani 072 2727 298) Today from my whatsApp … Yes brother, hey I fear [respect] uMlingo, it brought the life of my son back who was about to die. He woke up QINGQO!! – [STRAIGHT UP]. He promises plenty orders, I thank God because he always screamed for me even in the middle of the night and I had thought he was going. But I kept on the juice all the way … Today he is so well, he wishes to stand and shout from a mountain to all people. ………………. These are not made up stories, these are real life stories told by people like me who had once given up until they came to know the simple formularWorld Health Day

of the Sun of GOD

messenger of the Sun of GOD

Testimony volunteer Zekhethelo 0734345786

TESTIMONY from my inbox

Skhumbuzo Mzobe

I knew UWJ through you Mandy you invited me through face book.
umlingo it amazing even to myself I had short of breath (iphika) I drunk 3 times a day ,I got healed complete after in 3 day ,already I’m have 5 people in the program using umlingo
Mandy , I was dying for full 3 weeks in the bed ,

I don’t mind you can mention my name , and I want to work hard to promote umlingo juice ,

umlingo everywhere From the fb group: Umlingo WamaNgcolosi:

i dont think i WILL live without my juice just opend my 6th bottle this morning and from the 1st bottle my body feels so good, and my eye sight is beter,

i use to stragle with it sins im the welder were i work.

BIG UP TO UMLINGO.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/131538470211777/885927938106156/?notif_t=group_comment

Testimony from FB group Umlingo Wamangcolosi Swaziland

posted by Lucky Mathunjwa 0827600548.

IMG_668570132511Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini.
Just now via whatsapp:

“morning brada , dont forget to update me about 2morrow , that umlingo juice works, my swallon foot is better and my rush on my face is gone, i need the youghat and Dvd please my brada thanx, this is very good juice ,umlingo.”

After just 6 days…

WAKE UP Afrika!

umlingo juiceXolani Madlala TESTIMONY WhatsApp …

Hi Xolani ,sesiside iskhathi ,it nokuthula frm illovu,i like to thnks u for ur juice,Mlingo juice ngingakayisebenzisi i juice my CD4 count was 237 ,than i bought 4 bottles and i used it ,last months i went to da clinic again to check my CD4 count anyuke ngalendlela angikholwanga abuya enza 509 ,

thnk u so much.

All is well, Saturday I will need another 2L

Thank you.

umlingofrom the fb group: Umlingo wamaNgcolosi – Swaziland

Wamkelwe Motsa I introduced a diabetic lady to umlingo juice n her sugar level dropped from 12 to 5 after 1 bottle.

watch the space I’m coming too


umlingoVolunteer Tlou – Pretoria Central 072 158 7904

I have been suffering from stomach ulcers for years which also caused some dizzy spells.,

i started the juice and yogurt on the 01/10/14 bought 4 bottles of juice and 2 kefir yogurts.

Now ulcers and headaches are gone…

Thanks for the great help

does it begin and end?

does it begin and end?

From my cell inbox 0837464536: Hello my name is A. Reddy and was diagnosed with chronic myloid leukemia on 27.05.2014. I was suffering with extreme fatigue, bone and joint pain and loss of appetite. I would sleep most of the time and just feel so nauseous and sick. I heard abt Umlingo Juice from a friend who’s aunt has leukemia and told me how much better and well she is after taking this juice. I decided I had nothing to lose and decided to phone Kim and arranged to meet asap. He explained the products to me and also how to change my eating and cooking habits. How true… I bought my first bottle of probiotics from Kim on 08.09.14 and by the third day I noticed when I got up that morning I was not so exhausted. I was able to get up and do a bit of house work which I could not do prior to this and needed help. I also managed to finish my food and didn’t sleep as much as I did before during the day. I then started taking Umlingo Juice as well 3 times a day and even my family noticed the change in me and how well I looked and felt. I was doing my daily house hold chores with ease and even cooking. I started taking Umlingo juice from 01.10.14 and it has totally revitalised me. I am totally amazed at how well I feel. I had a test done on 08.09.14 called a pcr which was 11 and had another done on 08.10.14 which was right down to 0.4. My doctor was amazed at my results and told me I’m going into remission. I am totally over the moon. God knows how happy I am to year this news. I have told other patients I met at the clinic about Umlingo and they are trying it. Its a small price to pay for such great rewards. I have changed my diet which has helped very much and also educate my family about how important it is to watch what we eat. People who have seen my results want to try for themselves. You have nothing to lose, Kim knows what he is talking about and thank God I decided to help myself and try is juice.

Sms testimony from my cell.

Good after noon kim iwould i would like to thank you for comming with life solution

ihv been in arvs for 7 years ,iwas living a shame full of asthma , heart , cancer tb and i use to sleep in hospitals now and again rt now ican sleep like a child very healthy no pain ever since i started using umlingo alone ,,,

my madical aid will never pay for ukugula iam free THANKS GOD FOR KIM

Facebook page: Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

10665856_747771135258348_6492330212631473851_nClaus Eriksen Umlingo wamaNgcolosi – Swaziland

Hi bro’s and sis’s I had to share my first personal experience with the Umlingo Juice. Finally after long time, I found all the right ingredients about 3-4 weeks ago, and started to drink it every day. Started out on half dose (advice from our dear broda Kim), becoz Im not REALLY sick Now finally gaining weight, for the first time since 2009 I lost 10-12kg after my move to Thailand, which is kinda normal they say, but I still felt skinny Now after these 3-4 weeks, im 5 kg up – yesss!!! I will continue for a couple of month, I know my body needs it, since I made and drink it – heheeeh!!! I have a ton of weird pains n numbness’s n more, I know the Juice will do me good, I already feel some change here and there. Thank You dear one Kim Peace Love & Harmony C

Testimony volunteer Zekhethelo 0734345786 :Nombulelo from Phongola was very ill for 6 months & on medication without any signs of getting better (pneumonia & t.b.) she had pains all over her body. She had alno appetite and was coughing non stop. Within 3 days of drinking U.J. she regained her energy and appetite. Coughing stopped completely. She is very greatful and thankful for the U.W.J. Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini / Soweto 082 760 0548

The 3rd sort of similar message via whatsapp in the past 2 months.

From a nurse (yet another) who 1st contacted me just over a month ago:

10615339_1509546502626113_9147235092823304022_n“Hi Lucky! U know what guyz u r rock! my mother’s sister was suffering 4 a long tym coz of back pain shoulder pain n sort of athritis she used 2 buy painkillers twice a week n drink 3 o 4 pills a day try 2 cools de pain she was struggling even 2 bath herself cleaning de house was a big issue 2 her sm1 told me about umlingo n i bought 1UJ 2mnths ago so now my mothers sister quit pain killers n pain gone within a week now she is fresh n gudlooking no more pain and she is continuing with de juice even now thanx 2 Umlingo Wamangcolosi thanx 2 u Lucky”

WAKE UP Afrika! http://umlingo.wozaonline.co.za/Testimonies

From the Fb group: HIV/AIDS TRUTH & RECONCILIATION COMMISSION. Thuleh Cynthia Gumbi
ladies nd gentleman,umlingo juice is the great help,i was hiv+ since 2008nd i decided to buy it this year.guess what i tested – this week.iwusizo kabi nasezintweni eziningi in our bodies. so nje wena Ayanda u have to get a dvd so that u can learn more nd stop critising asseblief tog https://m.facebook.com/notifications.php?ref=m_notif&notif_t=story_reshare#!/groups/405819856142750?view=permalink&id=746846405373425&notif_t=story_reshare&ref=m_notif

realityXolani Madlala 072 272 7298 Testimony:
Dear Family …
Here’s a message from a friend who bought two liters last month from Shepstone. He bought it for a friend on Stage 4 of Blood Cancer. Today my friend is requesting 5L and he says the tests have come out differently now.
The doctors who declared him Stage 4 now say it is not actually Stage 4 but it is actually a minor case. This is from different doctors about 8 (if I heard right) at the Chief Albert Luthuli Hospital.
What do you think they would say had they known that the patient is taking the juice?
So for me whether the juice is given government recognition or not I don’t mind. Government Recognition does not make a thing effective if it is not.
People’s testimonies give true recognition and that’s what I mind.
I will continue updating you on this story.
May God help us help all of His believers including ourselves.

Testimony from FB group Umlingo Wamangcolosi Swaziland posted by Lucky Mathunjwa 0827600548.
Just now via whatsapp:

“morning brada , dont forget to update me about 2morrow , that umlingo juice works ,my swallon foot is better and my rush on my face is gone , i need the youghat and Dvd please my brada thanx, this is very good juice ,umlingo.”

After just 6 days…

WAKE UP Afrika!

umlingoTestimony from fb group: Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Swaziland: Zoliswa Lovzmore Maloyie
A big THANK YOU to umlingo juice and million thanks are fowarded to Mduduzi Bhembe for his love,care and time. My granpa was having BP and Diabetes he hardly move a 100m distance. With only two bottles his sugar level has dropped from 13ms to 6ms, he is now able to walk 3kms. He is now looking fresher. He never stop to preach the gospel to his friends. Thank you Kim Cools. www.umlingo.wozaonline.co.za/Testimonies

Umlingo Jesus is HorusTestimony posted by Xolani 0722727298 on fb page; Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle: Hi my mother suffered a stressed after my father passed on in 2012 and had lost a lot of weight. Her complexion tarnished and her skin appearing to be like that of an old woman and people saying things like she is going following her husband. After taking the juice her weight is back, her skin is incredibly beautiful. Gossipers are amazed asking how come she has recovered this much looking beautiful like she’s been licked by a cat. So we will never be apart from the juice and we are telling others too about the it. Thanks for knowing you and fb otherwise we’d not know each other.

From my email inbox informationclinic@gmail.com
: Hi i will like to sell your products after the miracle it has perfomed to my hubby he tested hiv positive last year and he started with your juice and yorghurt and today he is testing HIV negative. (Fb group: From HIV positive to HIV negative)

geniusFrom my  0605288625 whatsapp inbox: Hi Kim, my name is …… and I am from….., Kim i bought 4 bottles of UJ frm Maritzburg, i am hiv + n my lung is collapsed – its not working, i,ve been in antibiotics but not responding,, i stopped arvs 5 mnths ago cos my dr told me tht the drug is not responding in my blood, so i took a decision to stop every medication, someone introduced me Umlingo juice, i bought 4 bottles,, last past 2 weeks, Kim i noticed something, um no longer caughing, i used to caugh funny things from lung, my lung used to produce too much pink fluid, but now its no more, i used to sweat at nite i was also suffering from from back pain, lower back n stomach cramps, but today i dont feel any of these pains, today i am a living testimony. Thank you

umlingo for life(Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini 082 760 0548 )
“Hi Lucky, a frnd’s mom was involved in an accident and i told her abt Umlingo. The question is how do we get it in Swaziland and how much will it cost?
Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini
In Swaziland pls contact Mduduzi Bhembe, 76219904. I suggest she gets Cannabis oil too
ok thanks Lucky, it seems she lost her mind too
Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini
Extra hempseed oil will help with that too
Hey thanks Lucky, we got the Umlingo and the improvement has been dire..the catheter was removed and she stood up after over a year..i would love to be an Agent for the Lowveld in SD ngoba MDU is trading in town..still amazed as im not one to trust
Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini
Thank u VERY much for this brother. Tell me more please
My frnds mom was involved in a car accident and was at a hospice, after taking uMlingo tjo even the expats at the hospice are baffled on the startling improvement cos she used to talk crazy and now she got her mind back, she will be discharged soon.
she only started taking uMlingo 2 weeks ago. Im a female lol.. How do I become an Agent? ngitibonele wth my own eyes and i would really want to help ppl, for me, its not abt the money but to see ppl get their lives back.

GOD given umlingo oil

GOD given umlingo oil

(From Xolani Madlala 0722727298 / fb group: From HIV positive to HIV negative) TESTIMONY;
My Morning Glory:
Morning Xolani, I feel dehydrated so I want to see a doctor, will a drip be a problem taking the juice?
Xolani: Hey I’m not sure sister. Why?
Sister: It’s just that I have lost some weight.
Later on …


Hi Xolani again, I have just returned from the doctor and guess what? I did another HIV test and it came out negative.
Yooh!! You guys are a blessing, I felt like telling everyone fetching ARVs about you guys.
I cannot believe this with only 7 bottles, thank you guys sooooo much.
And there you have family, the people have spoken.
Amazing what changes just one bottle of Umlingo can do. A young man from Crossroads was full of sores around his mouth and his tongue, couldn’t eat and bed ridden. Drugs he was given at the hospital were finished and no changes and instead he was getting thinner and locked himself in the house, until his Church Mfundisi called me out of a meeting to see him and see if there was anything in my madness I knew that could help. Well I happen to have the juice in my fridge and he tried it. In one week of taking it he got up and went to the shop. Sores are gone. His skin has colour back on his face. Thanks to natural remedies. Our herbs and plants still restore vitality and health. Camagu (copied from https://www.facebook.com/groups/389116627881260/?fref=ts)

sorcery promotersFrom Volunteer Tlou 072 158 7904 Pretoria;

Hi I have a testimony to make; i was suffering from back pain ,sharp pain in my ribs always fatigue, sweating and coughing at night so my cousin told me about Umlingo juice I went on internet I google then I read what Umlingo got for me I take Tlou’s number because he’s not far from where I am then after 2bottles of UJ he gave me I felt like I’m healed no coughing sweating no pains at all

I’m happy now thanks to umlingo juice. http://infoclinic.co.za/

umlingo freedom(Volunteer Zekhethelo 073 4345 786) It was truly Freedom Day yesterday when I paid a visit to an Umlingo sponsored pensioner of 76yrs. When she was introduced to Umlingo WamaNgcolosi 2 weeks ago, she did not know what was in store for her. When I arrived, she was sitting on her couch exhausted with a quiet smile. She explained for a long time she had been on a variety of medications. She shared a list of dis-eases she had experienced namely fatigue; stress; bodily pains- lower back (kidneys); arthritis; constipation; uneven skin tone; scratchy throat; coughing; headaches; anemic; high blood pressure… Yesterday, after only 2 bottles of U.W.J. and Oasis Water (RO3) she looked healed. There was a bounce to her step; a warm and grateful smile on her face, she testified her body had woken up. She bragged how her skin looks even toned; that she feels fresh blood running through her veins and even the builders at her home are saying she is looking fresher. She said she had no more lower back pains; no sore joints; no coughing or scratchy throat. Her loo visit nightmares of the past were replaced with ‘a much quicker and easier relief. Now its only her 1 eye that is not well and admits it has to do with her diet. She has vowed to stop all medications, meat, sugar and to plant her own organic food garden. She said that she will continue to drink Umlingo Juice to keep her rejuvenated and healthy. FB Page: Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

umlingo truthLucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini 082 760 0548

In the few years I been an activist for Wellness via the Nutritional therapy Umlingo WamaNgcolosi the most difficult people to get through, to get to believe, etc, has been family, people who know me – friends, acquintances, colleagues – and people who live in my area(s) of residence.

It came as a surprise when one of my younger half brothers in Swaziland wanted Umlingo juice from me to help one of our aunts (one of my step-father’s) sisters. she was bedridden, very anaemic, had been to hospital millions of times, to no avail. She is currently staying with one of my uncles, her younger brother, who is a traditional healer, who himself has failed to help her.

I asked my brother if it’s not gonna be a waste of precious Umlingo juice, how how family are, them especially. My brother assured me it wouldn’t, he had already spoken to them etc. I asked my DEAR Bbrother Mduduzi Bhembe to help me out and provide my younger brother with 2 bottles, and Mduduzi, being the ANGEL that he is, drove, at his expence, more than an hour to deliver to Piggs Peak (I owe u BIG time brother).

I am told by my younger brother that he took the bottles to Anti. Told her to get off ALL the TV foods, sugar, sodas etc. Wasnt difficult because these are rural people, know and are used to real food, and lots of raw beetroots. the 2 bottles of Umlingo juice are almost finished, and already anti is OFF her bed, can walk about 2 kms (when my brother illustrates, and i know the area thus can make this estimate), and can make a fire and cook soft porridge for herself.

Yes, doesnt sound like much of a testimony, too soon to ululate etc, but like I have said before, its these seemingly small improvents to people lives lives that make all the difference. People that have given up, willing to try anything, and they see these miraculous (for lack of a better word) healings. And others get inspired.

now our cousin, Anti’s daughter, now wants Umlingo for her diabetes. and our uncle, the traditional healer, is pissed off with my younger re: why he hasn’t said anything about this before? forgetting that starting 3 years ago i preached this to quite a number of people in the area, but because its ME, somebody they know very well, etc etc, never took me seriously. But that’s not important though, ALL that is important is my aunt who is on her way to real recovery, and will be the live testimony in that area, and hopefully many will WAKE UP!

WAKE UP Afrika!

Deli Tea Nkhosy @Lucky,its true we’ve been sheeps but gladly we are sheeps no more.I wanted to see aunt before i could comment her.Shes doing exceptionally well and she gave credits to this juice.Already have got a few orders.Will contact Mduduzi though.Once again thank you dear br for everything.

Kim Cools 083 746 4536 From my inbox:
Umlingo Juice testimonial from Gideon
“I got 1 bottle of umlingo somebody brought it from SA to Uganda and I gave to my mother who is hiv/aids she has been taking it 4 a month after she went back and they found her cd4 gone up from 250 to 800”

sbuTestimony from Tlou/ Pretoria Central 072 158 7904 I experienced an acute arthritis attack in March 2011, which affected most of my joints i.e. ankles, wrists, knees and shoulder. After numerous consultations with different doctors I got referred to an Arthritis Specialist, where I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. The prognosis was bleak, to say the least.

The illness caused a lot of discomfort and affected my daily chores, where at times the inflammation and pain was really unbearable. I was put on chronic medicine, which entailed taking tablets every day, and having to inject myself once a week. The doctor informed me that this is a life time decease and that he could only make life more bearable and not take away the Arthritis. With time, using the medicine, it got better, but taking all the different medicines, it started to affect my liver, and caused other problems. This was not the solution for me, as I’m still young, 38 years old, and need to work every day with my hands, and walk quite a few kilometers per day. AND I don’t want to be on medicine for the rest of my life, and
thereby actually affecting my health even more. And then there was light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

I was introduced to umlingo juice. This changed my health and life completely. Since starting with umlingo juice, I’ve stopped all the doctor’s prescribed medicine, for which I was on for almost 3 years.

I feel better than I have in the last 5 years. There’s no more pain, discomfort or inflammation. And I believe 100% that it has all to do with taking umlingo juice. I haven’t taken any kind of medicine in the last 3 months. For me umlingo juice, was the answer to my health problems. I believe by taking umlingo juice in the right, proper and prescribed manner, all could benefit from this.

Thank you Tlou for introducing us to umlingo juice, I (and we as a family) owe you big time, and I really hope that others could adhere to this too, and live the life they want. I must also add that the Arthritis affected our family life too, with the illness, I was constantly tired (the combined effect of the arthritis and the medicine), and for a very long time we would rather stay home instead of going out the visit friends
or family, and I would rest, to try and recover from the never ending tiredness feeling I had. It also later started to affect my mobility, my feet was really painful at the end of a working day. But now we can ‘life’ again, I work every day, and sometimes late into the night, making up for lost time (working hours) I
experienced with the illness.


Dewald Swart

forcefullMduduzi Bhembe (From outside+268) 76219904)

Good morning, Swaziland. I have been delivering juice to quite a few people for quite some time now, and I’ve realised one thing. The best recovery is made when a person really focuses on getting well.

Let us focus on getting well and staying well. If it calls for spending money on good food and other natural remedies, do it for your own sake, and for the sake of those you care about. Sometimes there is only so much that can be done for a person, but it requires willpower. From the person who wants to get well.

Last week, I gave a bottle of juice to a young woman whose toddler boy had sores on the legs that were just not going away. No medications were working – apparently they were also told that the kid might be diabetic. I told her to prepare Umlingo juice for the kid to drink as well as apply to the legs. It was painful for the kid but two days ago, I went back to see the kid… All I can say is that I regret not taking a before picture. The mother deleted hers. One week.

Another thing, if you knew you were eating something that was making you sick, why would you continue taking it into your body? If you took Umlingo wamaNgcolosi because you had TB and it made you sick with other diseases, wouldn’t you stop taking it?

ARVs, Kanamycin, Metformin and mayogel are given to people to try to solve problems, but they all make things worse. Why do we continue taking them? Is is just because there is no alternative? Or is it because the people who tell us about the alternatives are not doctors working for the governments of our countries? Kuyini?

People are rightly afraid of taking things that claim to cure more than one illness. Bozifozonke. That reputation comes from the obvious logic that one substance cannot cure more than one disease, in the Western medical context. Medications are specific.

This is a mixture of different foods and oils that help the body in different ways, and might be one only a few things that can lay legitimate claim to the moniker ZIFOZONKE. We do not focus on disease. We focus on wellness. Positive vibrations! Irie!

There are persons who would like to believe that we are a business, but we are just humans doing the Health departments job

There are persons who would like to believe that we are a business, but we are just humans doing the Health departments job

Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini 082 760 0548
After a day effed up by some sheeple, ending it on a high. One of multitudes of testimonials, but I’ll post this one because it’s one of my special cases.
WAKE UP Afrika! hiv=aids=death is a LIE!!!!!!!!!
About 2 hours ago a friend called me. She had been, on a whim while in downtown Johannesburg, to one of the mobile hiv testing stations she saw. Tested hiv NEGATIVE!
This is a lady,due to certain logistics, I been giving the juice for free. Obviously in a case like that not the full compliment/dosage hence I told her not to rush things. Started in november with the sporadic bottle whenever available. One thing I already knew was that BP had GONE already. She was not on ANY meds, still isnt, NO sickness of any sort. And, (bless u dear) she IS discipled with her diet.
A month ago I told her about the homeopathic “Life Pack’ I had recently come across, she likd and was interested, wouldn’t hurt anyway), so I gave her one months supply, would be complementary to the Umlingo juice.
Now she’s NEGATIVE!!!!!! whatever that really means. Of course hiv is just some bullshit construct, but for those to whom it’s difficult to let go of that illusory belief in the phantom killer retrovirus hiv, PLEASE TAKE NOTE dear bredren, people are reversing their hiv status, all by detoxing, rejuvenating their bodies with Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice (I know there’s many other therapies round the world), and EATING RIGHT! & CLEAN water!!!!!!!!! ALL one needs do Oh yeah, exercise and happiness too.

Sketch23220427-1Nduduzo Gumede OscarI have personally helped close to 30 become HIV -, 16 pregnant mothers gave birth to HIV – children without touching those toxic drugs during pregnancy. The funniest thing is I’ve never tested anyone, its the very same doctors and nurses who tests them and declare them -.
Duduzo Gumede Oscar’s status.
From HIV positive to HIV negative (fb group)
This ‘HIV’+ lady who is a student nurse whom I have been supplying with treatment for 3 months meets me today for more. I then ask her to take a test again just to check and she did it last week and she tested NEGATIVE but did not believe it. My question to her was y do you believe + and not -, she couldnt answer me.From my inbox

(Pretoria volunteer Tlou Monobe 0721587904)
Hi Kim,
63 year old lady was suffering with TB, Arthritics and continues Headaches since last year june. She has been taking TB treatment TB but without a sign of recuperating.
She started to drink umlingo juice around december, and after drinking only 3 bottles of umlingo juice, her TB was reversed, she is feeling strong and full of joy thanks to umlingo juice. lets utilize Gods nature. 1love
From my inbox 0837464536: Hi kim winy speaking pls advertise my testimony i had bp for many years i used umlingo for few monhts and when i went for check up the bp was normal like other people who are not taking treatment and i stopped treatment for good. i also had acid for two yrs i was using a strong drug nexiam but it didnt help me i started to use umlingo and the acid vanished

Xolani Madlala 072 2727 298

TESTIMONY:WhatsApp Text; “Xolani I have a testimony to make:
Ok I know uMlingo juice through my husband who has been buying it from you since last year November. We have a 6 months old child who tested HIV positive at birth. But today my child tested HIV NEGATIVE.
We can only thank God so much for your help.”
While they keep killing them, we’ll keep saving our babies God willing.

Life is God’s gift – preserve it.
I love my divine duty.

 umlingo works Post copied from ( Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Swaziland  https://www.facebook.com/groups/389116627881260/ )

Mngomezulu Londiwe
Its day 5 today, and when I make a call to check on my mom, been told, she has asked for a bush knife and she is cutting trees outside, yesterday they say she was cooking pumpkin for herself. She says she feels better, nd her swollen knees are showing some changes as well. I know and I believe she will be doing her garden not very long. *happiness is written all over my face*

umlingo in paradiseumlingo juice instead of operations, Testimony from Xolani Madlala 072 2727 298

A lady was put on a waiting list for an operation of a tumor inside her mouth in the tongue …
While she waited her turn she began using uMlingo juice and just a few days ago the doctor phoned her for a check up on the tumor – mind you they had not been giving her any medication since she would be operated anyway.

When she got there thinking it was her day, the doctor told her it’s just a check on it, he was overwhelmed when he realized that the tumor has shrunk so much almost to nothing. Amazed he asked her what she has been taking that has made such huge difference on it.

She didn’t want to tell him about the juice but told carrot juice and dietary changes only, though he could not dispute it, he could not believe it’s just that only.

Also the sister being HIV +, she suffered severe burning feet and chest every night of her sleep from too much acid and she would even suffered a loose bladder thus wetting herself at night. But when she stopped the drugs and went with the juice, within a week she was freed and since she’s been so much better from her agony. She is so delighted.

Though her story is not yet over, I share this part of it to strengthen the faith of those of us who may have begun doubting due to negative amount of pressure from skeptics/disbelievers – please be patient and stand against all odds in your belief.

UMlingo juice is not on trial here, it passed that long ago – on trial is one who uses it and if he doubts it, it doubts him/her.

truth is natural(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673) Testimony, from HIV positive to HIV negative….

Another person moves from HIV+ to HIV- today in 2 months of natural treatment. I love my work, what a blessing!

Kim Cools 0837464536 Testimony from a friend: 94 year old lady with high blood pressure and a form of extreme arthritis would take at least an hour every morning to be able to exit from her bed and was in a lot of pain with every movement. The reason is a very painful arthritis in all her joints. My friend who fitted my radiator took a bottle of Umlingo juice for job compensation and gave his mother 2 table spoons in a big glass of water 3 x a day. Just 3 days later she is feeling really good and life is back to normal, actually better then normal as her energy levels also increased a lot. https://www.facebook.com/umlingo

(Volunteer Xolani Madlala 072 2727298) After a nasty divorce and separation for over two years , my ex husband decided to come back again to me. I welcomed him as i had not found any good relationship after him. We agreed on going for hiv testing and I was not even worried or scared I felt safe. I had been to 3 tests before that came out negative so i was relaxed and kind of felt divinely protected somehow.

umlingoThe result came out positive, it was a shock and devastating, i didn’t know what to think and I shared the results with the ex and naturally he left. I remember going to the opportunistic infection clinic when i was so healthy coz I didn’t know what to do now. I saw such sick people some just about to die and this was so traumatic, my mum went with me so i put up a brave face for her yet inside I was in pain.
A friend of mine who had been living with the diagnosis for years advised me to go to a private doctor not these public places,
they only make people worse. So i went to a private doc that was beta, and the cd4 count test came out so low 250 yet i was as healthy as a horse i was put on niverapine and tenolam. I was okay but now i could not sleep drank sleeping tablets and had nightmares that were so bad.
After 2 weeks my skin had a breakout, I had the nastiest , itchiest most painful rash all over my body and pain all over. I had to hide indoors until it was finished, the new meds now, and this was oh gosh I forget the name but these would burn inside me so much I felt my tummy was on fire, i was in pain and I lost a lot of weight. Told friends I was on a diet. I would go for a party and remember I forgot my meds time and rush out of that party to go home and burn off. One night I felt a strong voice tell me to wake up, my body was shivering and having goosebumps, i got up and i went on the internet. I had googled hiv aids cures before and done it all but this time it seemed
like I had something pushing me, I came across uMlingo again, I had seen it before but this time something told me to read more.
Immediately I started texting the numbers of the juice distributors that was after midnight. I felt peace after that and slept, the next morning Xolani Madlala replied me, he encouraged me to make the juice myself but i told him i wanted to travel all the way from Zim to Durban to see him and Kim cools. He agreed and i went to Durban, when I got there Xolani welcomed me well and he and Kim made time to meet me and answer all my questions. From there I began to understand what hiv really was and aids, and I immediately stopped all drugs. I knew it there and then that I was destroying my body with these meds.
I got a lot of bottles of the uMlingo juice and they froze it for me to travel across the boaders I got home with it fresh. I changed my diet as they advised, cut off meat and stopped sugar, I only ate meat after a month. now I eat more of free range chicken and game meat and no sugar at all, replaced sugar with honey. I started taking the juice and for a few weeks I even lost more weight but i felt so good, and after over 15 bottles, my weight and appetite gained I also took multivitamins and probiotics and rebuild a healthy body.
My whole family was impressed and all began to take the juice. My life changed, I could never be healthier. Now i have met a good loving caring man and we are both healthy I look to a healthy happy life. I thank God for Kim, Xolani and everyone else who opened their eyes against hiv and aids, for I have a new lease of life. I eat healthy and think positive thoughts on my life. God gave us the gift of life no one and nothing can take that from us, we are the drivers in our own lives. We must take control , eat healthy be happy , respect our bodies and think good and healthy thoughts even when we are in pain, we change our situations.

Testimony from my inbox (Kim Cools 0837464536) I was referred to you last year June by my friend, cause i was HIV positive. From there i have been using your product Umlingo! And today i went to clinic because i am pregnant. Its compulsory to go there. They did HIV test again and i was happy, i dont know how but i tested negative. https://www.facebook.com/umlingo

A 29 year young woman was fraudulently diagnosed as being infected with a killer hiv+ (which does not exist) with a cd4 count of 27, her doc told her to take meds or she would die soon, infact she was told she is clinically dead and can not be saved. She used 12 UW juce and 4 kefir yog and tested HIV negative – after 4 months. https://www.facebook.com/umlingo

ljhgpkjlmkhpmkjuA few days ago a certain lady whose sister once bought Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice from me ordered one bottle for herself. Her complaint was sores that doctors haven’t been able to help her with. And she had a genital warts problem too. Even showed me a picture on her cellphone, lol…
I spoke to her at length, explaining the whole disease sheebang. advised her to clean her gen wart with CLEAN water with a bit of sea salt and apply Umlingo juice there.
She says the 1st night she applied the juice on her privates, and the following morning the warts were begining to close/heal/dry (whatever the right word is).
Yes u CAN apply umlingo juice topically, this is not the 1st case i’ve had where topical application of the juice has worked. makes sense, because if u look at the ingredients, quite a number of them individually are good for topical application
(From FB page: Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle posted by Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini)

TESTIMONY (Xolani 072 2727 298)
Thank you my brother Xolani for diligently explaining to me about uMlingo, today I am proud to tell you that the TB I came to you suffering from is all gone without even a single pill but only uMlingo.
I am also grateful to God Almighty for knowing you because if I had not my liver would be gone by now as the appointment to operate it was the next day I met you.

umlingo home(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673)

An HIV positive lady in her early 30s who had been using arv’s for more than a year, was suffering from fatigue and a constant headaches.

She bought 5 bottles of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice and 2 litres of organic kefir probiotic yoghurt to kick start/repair her digestive system, and immidiatly stopped using ARV’s.

Just 4 weeks later all her problems have gone and she is feeling realy good and has vowed to spread the good news. http://umlingo.wozaonline.co.za/Testimonies

(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673) On the last week of September I had a meeting with a young HIV positive couple. When I asked them how they got to know about me, to my suprise they said they were refered to me by a medical doctor from town (Durban) who has seen and tested a lot of people who have used UW juice and tested hiv negative there after! (fb group:  umlingo  wamangcolosi
(Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini 082 760 0548 ) A certain brother got to hear about me, and contacetd me, when his better half was pregnant. I advised them that the lady should NOT take ARVs, and she should NOT give their little angel the post birth ARVs. And educated them on the vaccination LIE! She did not take ARVs, nor did she give her them to her daling newborn little girl. The only vaccine the guy told me the child took was one they couldn’t get away from at the hospital where she delivered, but none since then. Little girl doing super fine. They did take some Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice though not a lot, sporadically bought the odd 2 or 3 bottles, various logistics I suppose.Little girl is 2 months and 1 week now, to quote my friend:”Ola my brada my baby gal has tested negative, da nurses were shocked @ da hospital”A 2 month old baby from hiv+ (whatever that really means) parents is hiv-…… NO drugs and shit, and the nurses are “shocked”. I don’t blame them, they know no better…..WAKE UP Afrika!

(From the Umlingo Volunteers Whatsapp group: Musa 084 079 9271) A lady who had sores all over her legs, and doctors tried everything with her but without success untill they told her she will have to loose her legs inorder for the sores not to spread further. She was very scared and didn’t want her life to get worse, not being able to walk around. Then she heard about Umlingo juice, which changed her life. She asked me a lot of questions and i told her not to fear Umlingo juice is here 🙂 She then started drinking the juice which took care of the problem from the inside and also applied it on the affected area, and in 3 weeks the sores dried up and after the start of the second month exactly 6 weeks later it was only a memory.

(Kim Cools 0837464536 / informationclinic@gmail.com) About 2 months ago i got a phone call from a lady who had been taking ARV’s for nearly one year, before she started suffering from many painfull side effects and loosing her power. She stopped ARV’s and started Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice and managed to get rid of all her pains and symptoms, whilst she could finally sleep well again and have much more energy. She asked me if she could give the Umlingo juice to her wheel chair bound father and if it would help, and i replied that all stroke victims have had a positive experience. Well last week she called me again to praise Umlingo juice as her father was now moving around without a wheel chair and could fully look after him self again.

(From my inbox Kim Cools 0837464536) Hey Kim, remember i told you that i got genital warts? They are no more by just drinking Umlingo juice.They were getting smaller and smaller and now i am left with only one, buts its very small. I realise that it was caused by those drugs i used to treat them every month and they were coming back after 2 weeks of getting rid of them. Woooow Kim i don’t know what i can do for you. Even my skin is so soft. Even my Sister is pregnant after using 2 bottles of Umlingo juice. She has been looking for the fruit of the womb and she failed many things. She is now 2 months pregnant thanks to you and Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini 082 760 0548

From HIV positive to HIV negative testimonie: Thank u for getting me intouch with Kim Cools and for saving my life when I was on thr verge of dying. I remember the debates we had. I am glad I took a risk and stopped using arvs and took ur, Kim and Lucky’s advise. It’s been a hard and long 7 months but I took a chance 2 weeks ago and went to my Dr and tested hiv -. I was not ready to tell u as it was not sinking in. I tested again on Monday and the results came back -. I don’t know how to thank u but I will preach this to everyone I know. Some people will ofcourse not listen and be skeptical but if I can save just 1 life I will be so happy. I had given up ready to die, my cell cd4 count was 14. Thank u for giving so selflessly, when u have never even met me. I thank God for this group and I thank u for coming into my life though we have yet to meet. U are a true friend, a strong spirit. Im hiv – and my CD4 count is 808′

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536 From my inbox) My cousin was diagnosed with hiv and she started to get sick until she was bedridden. Her CD4 count remained so high while she was sick, +-900. I made her 2 bottles of Umlingo and also gave her probiotics as she had been under heavy treatment of antibiotics for her thrush. It was after these two bottles (about 2 weeks) that she was up and even going to the river to fetch water with a 20litre bucket!! Thank you for your wonderful work once again Kim… http://infoclinic.co.za/

(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673) Hi Oscar today I finally tested negative and at the Clinic they were so shocked and they asked me when I started using arvs, I told them in 2006. Thank you Oscar, Kim Cools for not hiding the truth from us and for being so brave to take on the millions who are killing the nations in the whole world when you are so few. Ofcourse this lady changed her diet, and used only 17 bottles of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice to get this desirable HIV negative status 🙂 http://infoclinic.co.za/good-foods/

(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673) A lady in her late 50s was suffering from a bad cough and would always vomit after coughing. Doctors told her she had TB and she went on TB treatment for a year and didnt get well instead her eyes would turn yellow, she was told she had a liver disease and this caused her stress. As a result she also suffered from a severe heartburn so much that she could not even eat oranges anymore. After 1 just 1glass of juice the heartburn stopped. After 4 bottles the coughs was completly gone and she was now feeling extreemly healthy, her skin is glowing, she is now a happy woman.

(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673) Yesterday I received good news that 2 people have tested hiv negative after using Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice, one of them even gave R15 000 to the guy who bought it for him as a token of appreciation since he was even put on chemo(arvs). The truth is slowly but surely coming out. http://infoclinic.co.za/

you can make your own Umlingo WamaNgcolosi home version and even help others better then normal mainstream medical doctors can ever dream of with the tools (pharmaceuticals) they have at hand (toxic ARVs and Antibiotics with side effects that are given names of new diseases pretending its from or in the Genes!) and the way they are brainwashed with the fraudulent ( http://infoclinic.co.za/germ-theory-fraud/ ) Germ Theory. Its important to know that HIV positive is just fear mongering sales inducing propaganda words and does not mean that there is a killer virus  in your body at all(100% fact), thats a corporate lie promoted by thousands of well paid NGO’s( like the TAC Treatment Action Campaign), Catholic and other Governments and corrupted or ignorant humans! The alledged HIV test is in fact a protein test  that turns positive for over 60 common diseases including Flu and even pregnancy! Never go for a protein (HIV) test, just eat and drink from God given sources and if you feel sick, know that the toxins in vaccinations and medications create immunesystem failure for the serving the BUSINESS WITH DISEASE/PHARMACEUTICAL(Sorcery) industry and its representants. Be very aware that eating animal produce and TV temptation foods & drinks will cause suffering and premature Death )(100%Fact). Those responsible for manipulating the general acceptance of the HIV lies have been addressed by us the people of planet Earth.

(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673) Lady in her late 40s was on arvs for 2 years and eventually quit them due to severe side effects. She also developed asthma and as a result, she decided to start using Umlingo juice, by the time she finished her first bottle she never had any asthma attacks and now she is feeling great and energetic.

(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673) 7 year old boy was diagnosed with cancer of the blood last year July, he was losing weight, lost appetite took meds and became worse, last month he started with Umlingo juice and after just 1 bottle, he felt energetic, gained weight and went for a checkup. The doc said he can’t c if he still has cancer anymore, he wants another test monthend (will post results) http://umlingo.wozaonline.co.za/Testimonies

Mduduzi Bhembe Swaziland Manzini and Nhlangano (From outside+268) 76219904One man who took six bottles total has diabetes. In April this year he refused to have his foot amputated. It was blackened at the top and hardened at the bottom. There was an old wound between his toes and his foot had lost feeling and motion. His wife had been using freshly squeezed aloe juice on the foot but it was not making things better on its own. When I told him about the juice he immediately took to it and started in the same minute. After three bottles, his wife said he was getting better because the blackness had gone down to the toes. He took two more bottles and later the wife reported that the wound was then oozing blood instead of yellow pus. He went to the clinic to treat the wound and remove the flesh that had grown inside it. Then he took one more bottle, and a natural green ointment I had heard of around St. Phillip’s, Swaziland. He applied this ointment on the wound and just this week his wife said the man is walking on his own without help. His shoe fits again and he can feel his entire foot. He’s even gone back to the doctors who recommended amputation months ago. They are still shocked. Viva Umlingo WamaNgcolosi!!!

Yesterday one of Umlingo volunteers (Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673) had another HIV positive patient that turned HIV negative after 12 bottles of Umlingo juice during 4 months and a changed diet. (Copied from his status) I received great news that a client of mine who was on arvs more than a year and also sick went for a test and the result was UNDETACTABLE. Well that means one thing since no one can prove the existance of the virus. She is NEGATIVE, wake up Africans HIV IS A SCAM.

from facebook page Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle    Xolani Madlala 072 2727298
Mrs Mdletshe a local teacher came to see me suffering with persistent daily headaches, her brain veins were enlarged.
Having failed in his attempts, her doctor booked her for an operation the next da…y, so having heard about uMlingo, she phoned me very worried as she did not appreciate the doctor’s decision.
After 4 bottles of uMlingo she came to me today to ask for another 2, and told me the doctor no longer finds a problem in her brain but he asked her to keep coming on a monthly basis for her checks.
Since the juice and the Hemp Seed Oil, she has never suffered a single headache.
Her mother now wants to marry me, “No”, marry KIM!

( from my inbox Kim Cools 0837464536 ) Morning Kim, I’m so excited about this product, me and my family have jst bought our first UMlingo wamaNgcolosi. Saddened. I found out about this after I have lost my young sister last year and another family member last month. I’m so angry at me for not looking hard to find this. My husband has a back problem and starting this yesterday has brought a big differents in jst less than 24 hours. I have an eye problem, its blury and the eye specialist suggested I take blood test guess he was trying to tell me I have a certain condition kindly assist with the special eye drop. Where I can get it. Tjank you Kim and may the spirits of ur ancestors and God power keep u for many years and may you finally be fulliled with achieving your goals. I’m going to tell every1 about this and will sing ur song of UMLINGO WAMANGCOLOSI

(Testimony from Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673) A woman in her late 20s was always troubled by reocurring tonsils and high BP, she was taking BP medications for a long time. When she heard about Umlingo juice, she contacted me and immediatly started using the juice. She has used 10 bottles, and needs no more medications and both Tonsils and BP are history.

Xolani Madlala – HAIL UMLINGO
My mother is 76 years old X, she had believed she is ever sick due to her age until my friend whose mother you saved as well from the same health challenges, referred me confidently to you.
Today after 2 bottles, my mother makes her own washing, she tells me she has never felt this light in a long time, She tells me she has never slept this restful and peaceful in a long time. Not to mention the disappearance of back pains and other pains. Today I’m convinced that nature provides no limit for us to live, it is only ourselves who put a stop to our lives by believing the hype. If she can keep to this, she can be as old as Abraham God willing. We thank the Almighty for you all and this juice uMlingo!

(Kim Cools 0837464536) This morning i had a call from an HIV positive patient (What ever that really means) who was on his way to his grave just 2 months ago. He was very thin, had no apetite, his mouth full of ulcers and no energy to continue with his work. Well he is back at work, filled with energy and confidence. He has stopped eating animals, sugar and tv foods and only used organic kefir yoghurt and umlingo juice besides eating fruits, veg and nuts and only drinking water. Yet according to his doctor he would have died without starting the toxic ARVs. We should ban medical drug pushers and western bs education. www.tig.org.za A 26 years young lady, HIV positive (What ever that really means) and on arvs for 4 months (She stopped taking them), was constantly feeling tired and allways getting the flu. Now she feels strong and no signs of flu ever since winter began. She only used 3 bottles of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice during one month. Facebook group: From HIV positive to HIV negative

(Testimony from Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673) A lady 30 who was HIV positive (what ever that really means) and on ARV’s for 2 years and always feeling sickly and weak used 10 bottles of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice, then she went to check her status again, only to find that she has moved from HIV positive to undectactable and feeling very well.
Facebook group: From HIV positive to HIV negative

(Testimony from Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673) A lady who is HIV + (not on arvs) used two bottles of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice, then went to check again, results only showed one line, meaning she has moved away from what can be called HIV positive.                Facebook group: From HIV positive to HIV negative(Testimony from Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673) Hiv + lady 25 not on arvs had pains whenever she inhailed. After 3 bottles of Umlingo juice all the pains are gone and she is enjoying breathing like a baby she says 🙂  Facebook group: From HIV positive to HIV negative

(Kim Cools 0837464536) Testimony from a happy Whatsapp group member: For your information, my mom now walks a kilometer without resting. She says lower back pains are gone, just slightly but she can sleep peacefully now. Her knee and hips feel very diffrent. She looks 50 now and yet she turned 83 in June. I must say when she started, she couldnt even stand, she was wheel chair bound. tough that in her case it was not AIDS, but it proves that Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice can cure many illnesses. This is a progress of less then 6 months. If it wasn’t for meat and sugar she would be running now. Her BP and sugar levels are very normal now. Thanks to you Kim. You have been a life saverHIV positive lady was on ARV’s from 2007 to 2012. When she started suffering from the side effects of those toxic ARV’s she found out about Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice and started using it regularly whilst stopping ARV’s. All pains and complaints stopped, within weeks her energy was fully restored and her bad skin turned smooth like baby skin. Today over a year later she eats and drinks from God only and as a result is in perfect health and spreading the good news where ever she goes. https://www.facebook.com/umlingo

(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673 Whatsapp) A woman in her mid twenties had sinutosis for 5 years. The pain and discomfort was very depressing. No one could help. Last month she received her first bottle of umlingo juice and before it was empty, she had nose bleeding and her Sinutosis was gone! https://www.facebook.com/umlingo

(Kim Cools 0837464536 Whatsapp – From my FB inbox)
Happy Umlingo juice user: This juice has really made wonders to me. I’m taking umlingo juice everyday and my health is quite amazing now.
Kim Cools: Did you make your own?
Happy Umlingo juice user: No, I buy from Hillcrest
Kim Cools: So what where you suffering from?
Happy Umlingo juice user: I was tested in 2000 and tested HIV positive. since I started taking Umlingo last year in March i’m quite amazing and have gained too much weight. My CD4 count moved from 500 to 1600
Kim Cools: Do you understand the HIV/AIDS fraud? Are you or did you use ARVs? I hope you are not eating animal produce and sugar any more, are you?
Happy Umlingo juice user: I understand it now, I got a CD from a friend in Queensburgh, she is the one who introduced me to Umlingo although she didn’t know where to get it herself. I was on ARVs then I stopped when I started to take Umlingo. I also don’t take sugar and i’m now on a vegetable diet since March last year

Nduduzo Gumede Oscar Durban 0781414673. A lady in her early 50s was tormented by a heavy flu for many years, went to the doctors and used lots of medication but it never worked, she bought 6 bottles of juice and she is now healed, no flu for eight months now

Nduduzo Gumede Oscar Durban 0781414673. A mid 20s guy who suffered from fatigue for months, always feeling a heavy weght on his body. Use 1 bottle of juice and he was producing black urine for 3 days and he started feeling healthy and ernegetic again

Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673 WhatsApp. A lady in her mid 20s had torturing pains during her periods for more that two years. She went to many clinics, but nothing helped. She used 3 bottles of U.W. Juice and her periods were back to normal.  www.umlingo.wozaonline.co.za/Testimonies

(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar Durban 0781414673 WhatsApp). An hiv + lady in her early 40s who was on arvs for 3 years, she had developed moles(izinsumpa) in most parts of her body and was also weak as a result of arv consumption. She has used 8 bottles of U.W. Juice and she has no moles anymore and she is stronger and energetic, no more arvs for her.

(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar Durban 0781414673 WhatsApp). A mid 20 lady who is a singer was suffering from chest pains for many weeks and couldn’t breath well and was also struggling to sing. She bought a bottle of U.W. Juice and when she finished that bottle she had no pains in the chest, she could sing and she lost appetite for junk food.
On saturday I went to Westonaria in West Rand, Johannesburg, to visit a middle aged woman who’s been suffering from diabetes for many years. about 2 years ago or so, on her left foot, the Hallux (big toe), Long toe, I think the Third toe too, were amputated. Now it’s the other foot that’s giving her problems, headed for the same fate. A week ago she ordered 2 bottles of Umlingo juice, her husband went to buy Oasis Water for her, and she started taking the juice right away.
It was only on saturday that I went to see her for the 1st time. She cant walk, overweight, has a persistent cough too. We watched POWER TO THE PEOPLE, and thereafter i took them through the whole Wellness Program.
Of interest was whart she had to say after a few days of taking Umlingo juice. on the 3rd morning blood spurted from the other food, which was the terribly swollen, and since then every morning some stuff oozes out of that foot. She couldn’t sleep without painkillers but now does not take pain killers at all, doesn’t need them. The swelling has gone down tremendously. She says she IS getting better, i.e feeling better, there definately IS an improvement since starting the juice. It’s too early to beat drums yet yes, but she says she IS feeling a difference.

(Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini – 082 760 0548 – posted to Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle )When this lady 1st ordered 1 bottle of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice she was:
1. Pregnant (still is)
2. Hiv+ (whatever that really means)
3. Had a terrible case of shingles, in excrutiating pain. I remember giving her a quick hug goodbye, she screamed in pain. I had forgotten.
She ordered another bottle a week later. Her inbox to me today:
“Hi thanx alot with a juice my shingels healed very fast, will call and get another 2 after giving birth. Do u know any hospital where i can gv birth without being tormented coz i didnt attend clinic??
When I asked for more she responded:
“…will give u my testimony after giving birth.
“…they healed quicker than expected and i was told they were severe and scars aswell fading very fast,remember i was not even given any medications to treat them due to my pregnancy, was only given painkillers. They healed within 3weeks.”
Fb page: Umkingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar Durban 0781414673). An hiv + lady in her late 20s had severe chest pains for a few months also struggling to breathe well, she bought 4 bottles of Umlingo juice and after just 1 bottle the pains were all gone and the breathing was back to normal now she is looking forwad to a – hiv status

(Xolani Madlala  072 2727 298

“Yoh! I see uMlingo works, you know my mother’s older sister had TB of the Spine and she is seated on the wheel chair and yesterday she was able to stand up on her own when she had been unable to and she had only drank 3 it times”
By: Sne Mbambo.
“Yoh ngiyawubona nomlingo uyasebenz, yaz umamkhulu une TB spine nd usehleli kwi wheelchair nd izolo ukwaz ukuzisukumela kade engakwaz nd ubesawuphuze kawu 3”
Take it or let it alone – I call it the RENEWAL OF THE MIND resulting to an increased faith and thus healing.

TESTIMONY – (Xolani Madlala 072 2727 298)
Princess Khumalo posted on fb page: Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle
My Facilitator back in GP has a two year old daughter that has been suffering from Epilepsy since birth. Money spent after their Medical Aid funds were exhausted from her going in and out of the hospital, already owing as much as R 25 000+ in cash, and all in vain as her condition eventually exacerbated to such an extent that the doctors could no longer tell what the problem is.
One day after he had returned to work, having missed yet another few days due to her daughter being sick again, he by God’s mercy decided to share with his class of which I happened to be part of what his worries were.
Epilepsy?? I didn’t know much about it until I made my research and realized the plain truth that it is actually the very same medicine that exacerbates it – The cutting off of the brain’s electrical signals, causing a person to faint. What killed me even more was hearing that the daughter has since birth been plugged on a machine monitoring her when she is asleep.
So I approached him in private to offer him my assistance by God’s mercy after my research in which I found out that the recommendations made all formed part of the uMlingo W Juice. So I gave him 7 bottles in total plus Kim’s recommendation of Hemp Seed Oil.
Today it’s been appr. 3 months since and the child has not suffered a single attack according to his testimony. This is to him a breakthrough because the attacks had now escalated to become a weekly thing.
And not only has it done/doing wonders for the child but also it has helped him get relieved from an internal lung pain he has had for a long time now, I thought was due to stress.
So, all praise is due to God for His creation of the Juice and its founders…. One Love!

From my inbox

Hi everyone ,it was this tym of the year when my friend started to use arv after a week he couldnt eat anything always sleeping after a month he had bed sore they were so big everyone lost hope ,fortunalty i didnt i ordered the juice force him to stop the arv ,now he is cured umlingo is realy magic thank u

Nduduzo Gumede Oscar, 0781414673 WhatsApp, Durban. A late 30s lady who was on Arvs for a year suffering from body aches and nightsweats bougth 15 of UW. Juice from me, she also quit the Arvs, after 6 weeks all the pains and sweating at night went, she said she even finds it hard to imagine the pain anymore

Nduduzo Gumede Oscar Durban, 0781414673. A young lady with depleted digestive system(overdose on antibiotcs) was losing energy and weight rapidly for several months, finally was saved by Kefir yoghurt and Umlingo juice, she was asked to start with Arvs immediately, thank God she refused.Nduduzo Gumede Oscar Durban 0781414673, WhatsApp. Hiv + lady close to taking Arvs was diagnosed with TB when she was introduced to me and started using U.W. Juice and a month later there was no trace of TB, will do a follow up on her cause she may be Hiv – again

Nduduzo Gumede Oscar, (0781414673, WhatsApp) a 45 year old hiv + lady who was struggling to walk from being tormented by Arvs side effect has used 5 bottles of juice, she is now feeling good and healthy, fit and energetic looking forward to being Hiv negative after 6 years of Arvs nightmare

(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar, Durban 078 141 4673). An old lady who who had kidney failure and had one kidney removed and another on dialysis. She was given Umlingo juice by a relative and when she went for her next appointmen the doctor was shocked to see her kidney healing the way it was and from that day onwards she is no dialised cause the doctor does not see the need anymore thats over 2 months ago.

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) Yesterday evening i had Gov. Visitors visiting me in paradise. One of them was HIV positive for 20 years and has been resisting ARV’s although doctors had recommended them several times. The last medical doctor, (jan.2013 )actually gave her max 2 weeks to live unless she immidiatly starts taking/ (toxic) ARV’s. Instead she used umlingo juice 🙂 for a while. Her actual problem only started after an operation last year and since then never realy fully recovered. Conclusion: Allways use good pro biotics after taking pharmaceuticals that kill the digestive bacteria. How come medical doctors do not prescribe pro biotics after anti biotics when it is known that antibiotics causes AIDS/malnutrition in absence of probiotics? Modern yoghurts that are processed do not contain probiotics.

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536 )
yesterday i had a patient visiting me in paradise out of the blue. All he knew was that the umlingo guy stays in KwaNgcolosi, and he found me 🙂 One year ago, he was 37 kgs and dieing, he refused ARV’s as he had seen his girlfriend die within 4 months of taking ARV’s. He was HIV positive since 2002. His friend told him about umlingo juice and his aunt went to buy 4 bottles in Durban. He used one bottle a week and started eating real food (God given foods) and stopped TV foods, snacks & drinks and fully recovered. We went to the info clinic and he went on the scale, 76Kgs 🙂 He wanted a few more bottles of umlingo juice as he had been eating animals again for 3 months and was feeling that he was getting slower. He promissed to stop eating animals and start planting. That made my day 🙂

(Oscar Gumede, Durban, 0781414673).  57 year old lady was suffering from HBP and taking medication, it was 190, she took just three bottles of juice and within 3 weeks it was 130 and she left her medication by Doctor’s order.

(Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini 082 760 0548)
From my inbox just now:
“after 4botles of UM juice my knees are stronger,i walk proparly,no more pain in my feet,abdomen or even my hip,on sunday axactly 28days after my 1st menstroation in 9mnths i had my 2nd periods,which only shows my circle is back,my woman wood is back,i hav nothing 2complain about im happy & greatful 2u all! 1luv”
( From the fb group: From HIV positive to HIV negative ) Thank you, i was not on any meds an when i started umlingo but stopping sugar gave me withdrawal symptoms like no other, i was shaking,fatigued,whole body aching and a headache that felt like i was gonna fall down and die. But i kept at it and now m great, glands on my neck, gone. Candida, gone, herpes, gone. Skin, looking great,energy,full of it. After just 5 bottles

(Xolani Madlala 072 2727 298) INSPIRATION (another HIV negative result)

Here is a testimony that I have just received via my whatsApp;
No names are given to protect the innocent….”Check this pic. it is a NEGATIVE HIV test result…Both me and my partner tested last week Thursday and they were both negative, but he’s always been negative though.” This is a result of less than 15 liters of the juice and of course dietary adjustment.

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) (another from Anita the Nurse) A 46 year young lady, immidiatly grabbed the oppertunity of umlingo juice without hesitating when she heard the others talk about it. Her CD4 count was 68 just 2 months ago and now it is 460. Even the Doctor is amazed with the results and she is very impressed. Please ggud people remember she also switched the diet and is happy & healthy. She tried junk food again, but it no longer tasted good. http://umlingo.wozaonline.co.za/Testimonies

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) (Anita a Nurse) Ever since i started helping patients with Umlingo juice, i have no more resistance from them as they tell one and another. For Diabetic patients its number 1. One patient was fired at work due to his disisease. In Hospital he could only move around with the oxygen mask on. Since i gave him Umlingo after 2 weeks he went back to work and to date he is fine and working. His strong cough stopped, da bad smell from his mouth all gone. Due to patient confidentiality i can’t provide his cell phone unless they allow me. Some patients fully recover but forget what is not good for them. I allways remind them. http://umlingo.wozaonline.co.za/Testimonies

( Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 078 141 4673 ) about an hour ago via Mobile
Today I met this nurse who offers our treatment to HIV patients at her hospital, she gave it to one lady who had a cd4 count of 60 and it went to 400 in two months , the doctor is so overwhelmed and wants to know more about the juice, the nurse has turned out to be a real doctor cause other nurses refer patients to her. Thats what I call a clever nurse and an open minded doctor, wish we had that type here on FB
( Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 078 141 4673 )
3 hours ago via Mobile
Today I met an HIV + lady who has used ARVS since 2006, she says she was at the brink of death. She had back pains(kidneys), stomach cramps, her face looks like a semi skeleton, she had difficulty breathing so she couldnt walk fast(all side effects of arvs), after using our treatment for a month, the pains are gone and she can breath and walk faster and she believes she would be dead by now, and they say we mislead people.

(Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini 082 7600 548 ) LADY,
owk! U wnt bliv dat des a diference in my body, my epitite e gutlile ke ja haholo of which i cudnt eat much,my hip pain is gone, i also had pain in my womb & its gone, my knees r getin stronger & im happy myb da food i eat now add 2da positive energy i hav now! Yooh i thank God 4finding out abt u daily, u jst dnt knw how greatful i am, when i foundout abt my status i wanted 2b an AIDS activist now il defenetly join ur team, when i tel my family abt da progres no1 blivs me*lol*”

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536 From a political discussion group on WHATSUP) Cde i make the juice myself. True it does wonders, my mother could not stand, but she walks with crutches now around the yard. She used to be in so much pain, but its history now. We combined it with a healthy diet. No meat. I also had bouts of haedache. I took it and the headache was gone. So i went back to junk food last week my left side of the body became painfull, eye, ear, shoulders and hip and everywhere, only the left side. The Doctor suggested to book me to see a neurologist. When i came back i decided to take it religiously. Started thursday last week ( 1 week now) today the doctor send me the date of the appointment to see this specialist, but today i am back to normal. All those pains are gone without doctors treatment. You can’t tell my eye was swollen and refusing to open on monday. I decided that i just have to take it as a regime. I also buy the OASIS water, we use it in my house now.

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) Today i was asked to meet some one in Durban and hand over 15 bottles of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi. I met a young lady who was studying to become a nurse. I asked her if she believed in HIV, and she said she used to untill she watched our DVDs, used Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice and fully recovered from being very weak and sickly for many months to being vibrant and strong.
(Xolani Madlala 072 2727 298) Here’s the testimony from the lady…
My aunt is so happy, she’s been taking the juice that I left at home. She had a sore wound that wouldn’t heal for years.
It was due to an attempt made by the hospital to drain her of water when she had TB a few years back.
She’s been wearing and changing bandages for years, but now she said the liquid that used to come out is getting lesser and lesser.

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) Today i received a call from a +/- 50 year old lady Umlingo juice user: She said that she had been using ARVs for several years, her body shape had changed a lot, she could only walk slowly, her bloodpressure was high, she was breathing heavely when ever she had to move around and life in general was a misery. A week ago she started Umlingo juice and within 24 hours all negative symptomes started disapearing in a way that she started cleaning up her garden for the first time in years. (She promissed to write a testimony soon)

(Xolanani Madladla 0722727298) TESTIMONY FROM MY FIANCE

“For the entire history of my periods, I have never been without those excruciating pains that always came with it (periods).

Last night I had them again, but then I thought let me take uMlingo Juice, mind you I had never taken it for this purpose. But since you always said it is a multipurpose concoction, I thought I’d try it on this also. This morning till this very hour, I have not experienced any pain since I took it, and it is a great surprise to me.  This is mighty – uMlingo is indeed Magic, and I bear witness too.”( from: informationclinic@gmail.com ) I started taking Umlingo last year in November. Before that I was stressed by ARVs that I was told to take for d rest of my life. Furthermore, I had this annoying ichy rash on my arms, hands and feet. Flue was recuring as if I was its permanent host. Every afternoon after taking ARVs I would be dizzy and would hardly perform any of the chores. Thank u so much to Nduduzo Gumede for opening my eyes about this global fraud thru his facebook wall posts. Ofcos I wont forget Musa my supplier, Kim Cools for being so patient, Lucky and others. After taking UW, my skin is fine, no more sore pimples that ruined my confidence and no more long qs every month. UW u r d best…1Love

(From my Whatsup 083 746 4536 inbox) Kim i bought 3 bottles last year december, now they are finished. My periods are back to normal, i am eating a lot, gaining a lot of weight. I am happy to tel people about you with confidence. I must say thanks to my relative in Kuruman, for telling me about you 2 years back, because at the time i was in a bad condition, loosing weight, dark skin, rash and dandruff. I don’t believe it when i am looking at my self now. God bless you Kim

(Frpm my facebook wall) Darshan Nombulelo MjeleI’ve been taking uMlingo now for 3 weeks…. wow… amazing. I when I started I have this annoying itchy fungal rash on both my feet and on my back, I had it for 4months and had been applying all kinds of fungal creams… nothing worked… 3weeks on uMlingo and I can now show my feet in public… gosh it was embarrassing…. MORE is still coming from me…watch the space…

From a debate on a (fb) medical doctors wall who posted: “Who is Kim cools?” Mduduzi Bhembe wrote: I’m taking Umlingo too. Still grateful to Kim for saving my cousin with his concoction of foods (Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice). Love it. And hey, Kim, that amputation candidate is healing quickly. He can feel his foot now. It was gangrenous three weeks ago. Three litres later, he’s recovering. Now on bottle number 5…
Lulu Mdibi –  Kim, I had this severe hip pain,I even considered seeing a doctor bt my daughter Fezisa Mdibi advised me 2 take Umlingo Juice. Now the pain is gone after taking the whole bottle.keep up the gud work. Mhm But unfortunately I cant let go of fizzy drinks *sad

(from the fb group: From HIV positive to HIV negative) Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini 0827600548

In a inbox thread I asked a friend how her son is doing on the Umlingo juice she started giving him late last year for his asthma. He’s under 5 years of age. This was her response:
“He hates it! Tltttlltll he’s a kid he takes it in very small quantities but we haven’t had an asthmatic episode since we started late last year! my daughter who had allergies of all sorts and had flu practically every month is SUPER FINE, hasn’t been to the doc either! My helper went to Moz, and came back super sick, ear infection, cold and warm (like she had malaria) I put her on it with pro biotics, she’s fine now! SOo yup!” www.umlingo.wozaonline.co.za/Testimonies
Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini (An inbox from a friend:)

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) Just had a call from a very happy recovered patient. She was suffering from fatigue, rashes and never ending discharge for nearly 2 years. She had tried everything without success. 2 weeks ago she ordered Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice after explaining her problem in detail. Well all her suffering is gone and she is filled with energy and joy 🙂 1love Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini 0827600548 An inbox from a friend:

“Lucky, remember when I took Umlingo for my mother, she couldn’t walk. There is an improvement each day that passes. She started with crutches, she had to be assisted before and now she walks a longer distance. She also tried without crutches and can at least walk 3 meters and back without being assisted. I also took it because of my headache I told you about and that headache disappeared. Guess what, I then enjoyed meat and cakes in the weekend. On monday the headache was back. I have succeeded in taking rooibos tea without sugar now and improving daily on my diet. I will keep you posted about my mom but this does wonders. ”
(From my FB  inbox) Dear Kim. I’d like to thank you for your advice about my mom’s health. I started her on the juice after her gallstones operation. It has been almost 2weeks and we even forget that she’s just had surgery. She’s the biggest advocate of Umlingo and we can all see the difference in her health.

Nduduzo Gumede Oscar ( 078 141 4673 )
I received good news this morning via inbox that somebody who had Hiv and T.B. does not have T.B. anymore, she would also test – in a month or two cause her antibody count will be very low. There is no virus in her body. ( 6 bottles of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice )
About two weeks ago we had a middle aged man who was on ARVs visiting us. He had many complaints about side effects but thought it was the virus that was responsible. He could not hear well, his memory had gone very bad and his vocabulary was limited. He would fall asleep whilst at work and could no longer make love to his Wife. We gave him DVDs and he bought 2 bottles of Umlingo juice. Sunday he came with his wife and a big smile on his face. He had quit ARVs 10 days ago and used the Umlingo juice. ALL his complaints had gone. He was extremely happy, bought another 4 bottles and left filled with optimism and joy.

(This blessing was in my inbox this morning 🙂 My good friend was at the house last week(we love each other with that one) and I told him that, after making my own umlingo(not even religiously so), becoming a raw-foodist vegan, committing to OASIS water, not eating TV food and doing Kkundalini Yoga for months, I took a chance and went back to the clinic that diagnosed me, and tested negative. I don’t know between anger and disbelieve, how should I react…i’m pissed off by these big-pharma who wanted to kill me! I so much wanted you to be wrong, Kim. I mean…who are you to make HIV cure so simplistc when rich and knowledgeable people are on the other side and you stand alone? Thanks God for you!

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) Just had a very happy visitor from far away. She stopped taking ARVs nearly 2 years ago, when her daughter brought her Umlingo WamaNgcolosi (in Capetown) and the truth about HIV/AIDS. She got better and was well untill a few months ago when she went to the Doctor for a check up, only to hear that her Sugar was high and CD4 count to low. They immediately put her on ARVs (which she took for one week) which made her feel very sick, and she stopped taking them. She then came to KwaNgcolosi to buy 5 bottles of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice and last week went back for a check up. Her sugar was gone and her CD4 count had increased dramatically. Today she just came to let us know how grateful she is for the work that we are doing. 1love

During the 4 days of the SMME trade fair a lady came every day for free Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice. On the 4th day she approached Fundani and said that she feels as if she was reborn with no more pains!
Here is a photo of Bongani, who took ARV’s untill he was nearly dead. December 2011 he stopped taking them and from January to August 2012 he took home made Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice and tested HIV negative last week! (Thanks to a Fairy)

(From fb group: Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle by Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673) . Last week I gave 4 bottles of U.W. Juice to an HIV+ lady who was weak and on Arvs. I checked on her 6 days later she was feeling strong and ready to go back to jogging which she stopped for months.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle shared a link.

29 minutes ago

A friend who had fully recovered from disabling Arthritis and could go back to work also recommended Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice to another 50 year old friend who had painful hands and feet, swollen legs, constant tiredness, and as a result had to stay away from work. After just 1 bottle of Umlingo wamaNgcolosi juice all pains had gone and she was back at work!

Xolani Madlala
Big up to uMlingo once more:
This Ramadaan I’ve been taking in the mornings and afternoons uMlingo Juice because I had developed a lump with water internally on the right side of my abdomen a few months ago.
I’ve had about 5 bottles of uMlingo Juice only with EM Probiotic Juice. Today I cannot spot or feel that sack of water anymore.
All praise is due to God for that juice · 17 hours ago


Linda Sibiya (posted in fb group: umlingo wamangcolosi)
Big ups to Umlingo anada positive news tht shows we getting sumwhr. I got ths message frm sum1 I introduced th juice too “When i got home ngeweekend malume was…he told the greatest news eva….he has no Tb end the hiv status is negative..i dnt knw haw 2thank u linda

Facebook group: From HIV positive to HIV negative, Fezisa Mdibi wrote: I was diagnosed with hiv over a decade ago and was well with no ‘opportunistic illnesses’ until I started arvs and took them for a year and a half, they almost killed me. I don’t need no medical expert to confirm that my body was deteriorating, I felt it-i lived with it. Now for you to advocate that people should keep using chemo black box medication as a doctor just proves that you doctors are just puppets who jump when told. Unless you have been hiv positive or have taken arvs, I suggest you take a back seat for a bit from your mission of ‘saving’ people, I talk from experience NOT from written fraudeulent papers so please, do some research first into what Kim is talking about before you come here and expose your one track mind, DR.

Nkemelle Rasta Ntsoane

Last strong-end a young brother of mine told me about he’s girlfriend’s sister who has been diagnosed with cancer and is due for chemo on d 14th,my brother knowing me as a supporting tool for all d sick ones asked me to support d sista with Umlingo,water, and that’s wat I did,I then told d sista wat to eat and wat not 2 eat,this sister had been bed-ridden for almost 3 months now,today I paid ths patient a visit and I found her some 100m away from her house talking to her neighbour,Doctors had failed this sister telling her that her days were numbered and should go for chemo like nw nw,jst after a week even myself am so suprised by her quick recovery,NOW I want us to finish ds cancer off her,this is MAGIC!!!Today Bongi told me that she gave only half a liter of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi to a Middle aged lady friend who had a bad sore on her foot. The Doctor had advised her to amputate her foot!. After just one week and only half a bottle of Umlingo wamaNgcolosi juice the sore was gone and the foot is functioning nicely.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

50 year old domestic worker had been suffering from slowly increasing pain in colon, liver and kidney areas. During the past years see had gone to see many Doctors and even specialists. She had been using all types of pharmaceutical medications to suppress the pains, but eventually the pains became so intensive that she was forced to give up her job as a domestic worker. A friend told her about Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle and soon after i supplied her 4 bottles. This was 3 weeks ago. This morning she phoned to tell me that she feels very good and all pains have gone, she was very exited and was talking for a full 10 minutes! Now she is doing her job again without any problems. She did order more and vowed to finish the 12 week course and to take care of her diet. Another soul empowered.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) 52 year diabetic teacher could hardly walk any more and had very swollen legs/feet. This was 5 months ago. Today we visited the school for a follow up and she is feeling really good and has no more problems. She only took 6 bottles of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi over 4 weeks.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle 12 May  (XOLANI MADLALA  072 2727 298) Ok, Ladies and Gentlemen, please you must allow me to say this to you;

Now I don’t like being kissed by a female whom I do not have any intimate relations with but? I took only 2 bottles of uMlingo WaMangcolosi to one of my old neighbors suffering from DIABETES, and had been in bed for a while now.
About two weeks later I went back to give them two more bottles and just as I entered the house, grandmother about 70 yrs old is hugging and kissing me like I’m her first love. And I tell her; “grandma please stop, grandpa will think you are cheating on him”, she says; “You deserve it for that juice that you woke him with”. And when I meet grandpa on the other room, he is watching TV for the first time in a while, long while – he had almost lost his sight, but now can recognize me. He is so light in complexion now that grandma calls him ‘Yellow’.
Now in future I might not give the juice to an old couple because I heard love bites from an old woman are likely to remain on you till you die.
That’s uMlingo for you…I bear witness!

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle (Kim Cools 083 746 4536) Friday whilst doing deliveries, we heard one great recovery story from a ex HIV positive patient who started helping others. About 6 weeks ago they visited us at the KwaNgcolosi information Clinic. The patient had stopped going to school and participating in all Sport activities due to continues debilitating disease manifestations all over his body, including an HIV positive verdict from the fraudulent Medical industry. Today he has been back at school for 3 weeks feeling and performing better then ever before. He is confident that he will never be sick again!

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(kim Cools 083 746 4536) 5 months ago, a 2 year old baby had problems with digestive tract, could not go to the toilet without medications and as a result was allways sickly. The baby was put on Umlingo WamaNgcolosi and within 3 days it excreted the problem (accumulated Cow Milk solids from Nestle baby formula) that looked like a twisted plastic bag, about 1 meter long. Last week (5 months later) the parents told Fundani that the baby is very well now and allways wants Umlingo juice when ever its available. (unfortunatly fb has deleted my “2nd” account, again without reason, therefor my friends you can reach me on kimcools@mail.com or informationclinic@gmail.com

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) Just had visitors who last came in 2008 when one of them had a swollen head, closed eyes and shingles. At the time they had bought 6 bottles of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi and never came back or gave us feed back. Today i found out that he was healed after using the juice for only 3 weeks. They came to buy 12 bottles of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi to detox & rejuvenate one last time whilst leaving (TV/Satan’s) foods and drinks of temptations behind. They decided to give up animal products as from today! Amandla

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) just visited a 60+ male patient that could not work (Hands where very stiff and painfull) any more due to pain and stifness / Athritis. He confessed today (after 4 weeks of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice) that he is totally well, can use both hands without any restrictions or pains and his knees that had been giving him trouble for many years are now without problem.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

Umama obehlushwa amaglands iminyaka uthinje ngokuthatha umlingo wamangcolosi inyanga eyodwa kuwenze aphela nya.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) 76 old diabetic lady was powerless last year october and she started with Umlingo WamaNgcolosi lifestyle & juice to detox and revive her body. By December she was very well and without medication.(Then had a nice and sweet xmas…) Late March, she called to say that she was dizzy every time she stood up, and her life was in danger, she felt. After talking for a while it be…came clear that she was using sugar and eating meat again. She bought the EM life bacteria to help rebuilt her capability of digesting of real nutritional foods again and 25 liter OASIS water (Farmers produce, Sparks Road 161 & 249, Overport, Durban) and yesterday she got back to me to say that she is feeling good again.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) Jand I have been using it for ust got this sms: Hi Kim, i also have the testamony, I have been bleeding for two months. I bought Umlingo and I have just used it for 4 days and the bleeding stops. Thank U so much guys for your help, I didn’t even know about umlingo I just saw it on Facebook from Busi.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673. Customer was totally cured frm T.B. after using 5 bottles of U.W. juice.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Kim Cools) Today we delivered to a Pinetown very happy Lady who had used Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice for two weeks. Her problem was daily asthma attacks. Today she reported that now she can even sleep on the carpet and has no asthma attacks at all!

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) A young man left work because of feeling weak and developing rash on his legs and arms. The Doctor could not help him anymore and he became depressed. Some one (Angel) recommended Umlingo wamaNgcolosi and within one week he fully recovered and started looking for a new job

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) A young woman had left work because of swollen feet and continuous tiredness. Just after 3 days of using Umlingo WamaNgcolosi, she returned to work filled with energy and normal feet.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) yesterday we visited a Grandmother her son and grand daughter in KwaMashu. They had used Umlingo WamaNgcolosi and recovered fully from (Grandmother) athritis, high blood presure and high cholesterol whilst her son recovered fully from Asthma and high blood pressure. They had only completed a few bottles of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi and stopped using it. several months later the grand mother started using BP medication again as she had no Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice and did not know where to get it. Thats when she called us and ordered 10 bottles and 25 liters of OASIS water. They all promised to better their diet (no more TV snacks, Milk, Sugar, tap water and Animal products.)

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) (This was posted on FB group: Umlingo WamaNgcolosi. Linda Sibiya
I introduced my frends brada in Newcastle to Umlingo afta he was bed riden and he cudn’t eat n hs skin has gone dark from Arv’s, ges wat, his up and running and the dark skin caused is now pilling off I’m treated like a hero now. His out of Arv’s. Big ups to Umlingo.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) (5 months was wrong) 8 months ago we did a presentation in KwaMashu. A wheel chair bound person on ARV’s started using Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice and gave up animal eating. His nails where rotten (at the time he was wearing gloves because of shame) and his end time was near. Today he came to visit the KwaNgcolosi Information clinic, walking with a stick and all his nails in perfect order!

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) sms received: Brother, thank you for giving me my life back. TK

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Nduduzo Gumede Oscar 0781414673 a 55 yr old woman was diagnosed Hiv+ 3 months. I was called to her house the day b4 she was to start Arvs, I told her to take the juice instead. She is nw regained her health and refered two Diabetic ppl and they r also doing very well.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

Izolo ngike ngavakashela embumbulu ngihambise umlingo wamangcolosi kubangani makaMashezi phela umama wami lowo. Omunye Umama wakamakhelwane obengasakwazi ukuzithezela nokuziphekela ehlushwa izinyawo. Uthi unqele waphuza umlingo usuku olulodwa nje wakwazi ukutheza inyanda yonke yezinkuni.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle shared a link.

(Kim Cools 083 746 4536) Young local lady refused to take ARV’s whilst 5 months pregnant back in 2009 as she was well informed about the truth ( http://www.virusmyth.com/aids/books.htm ) she pretended to take the ARV’s but instead stored th…em for evidence 🙂 She had a healthy baby, and gave her breast milk untill now! The baby girl is now 2 years old, big, fat, smiling and energetic. No signs of any disease instead all signs of total health & happiness!

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(kim cools 083 746 4536) volunteer report: elderly lady had head ache migraine for 3 years and tried all treatment without results. after 4 days on umlingo wamangcolosi detox and rejuvenation treatment she was relieved from her pain and troubles and reported back to the work place.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

My own mother was sick for ten years not being able to walk or see anymore, today she can walk do her house work and read her book. On her last visit to the doctor they were suprised as there have not seen such a health adult, they said. Viva Umlingo WamaNgcolosi

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(Lucky Mathunjwa-Dlamini 082 7600 548 ) Its been 3 years since i started researching health, with emphasis on hiv/aids (whatever that really is. At the time i was hiv positive, sickly, my hair looking like a cat’s fur, my lips beet red,etc. i started off looking at Afrikac Tradit…ional Medicines, looked at one in Kriel Mpumalanga, two in Swaziland, one in Soweto. I went on to look at liquid oxygen, on to nutritional therapy (choosing Umlingo WamaNgcolosi as my therapy of choice). With all these therapies i never took any one of them to term, took for a while and tried it on some sick people. With all those people i never followed any one of them to term once again because of financial and logistics challenges (i been funding my research myself, relying entirely on a monthly salary of less than ZAR10 000.00), but i DID observe remarkable improvements in their health. nd mine. With my ongoing research and the observation, limited testing, i am now FULLY convinced of the LIE of allopathic medical science, which has now become just pharmakeia. Especially the biggest lie of them all – the hiv=aids-death dogma.
I’ve done many hiv tests on my journey, but stopped doing them sometime last year (i think its been 9 months or so since i did my last one, if i remember correctly). It was hiv+, at a time when i wanted to finally prove the hiv status reversal by using Umlingo WamaNgcolosi and organic nutrition. That didnt really work out in the sense that i didnt manage to stay on an organic diet, Oasis water, Umlingo juice, because of financial challenges. The reason i wanted to prove re: the hiv testing was that although i dont believe in the existence of hiv, the hiv tests are a fraud, should be banned and outlawed, etc, a LOT of people here in Afrika still do believe in it. Wanted to dispell that via same tests. When i couldnt stay on the strict healing regimen i just tossed it, continued to do the best i can to keep myself healthy and focus on research and empowering people.
Yesterday i went to my local clinic for something, then on a whim did an hiv test. It came out negative. To me IS testimony of the LIE of hiv/aids. I been healthy for a long time, i dont take any allopathic meds, many people who have known me for a long time are always remarking re: how great i look – i FEEL great. Here it is, hiv negative after years of repeated positive results.
I WILL take this very same test again in 3 months time, that time around i’ll take it at a govt clinic, and 2 private labs, and update about it. NOT because i believe in that crap testing, but for the doubting Tomas’ here in Afrika to whom the hiv=aids=death dogma is so entrenched they refuse to believe that people HAVE reversed hiv status, HEALED of aids, cancer, diabetes etc COMPLETELY from non-allopathic natural therapies.
HIV IS A LIE PEOPLE! CHRONIC DISEASE IS, CURABLE! For optimum health, TRUE WELLNESS, i keep saying that we gotta move AWAY from the allopathic model of healthcare, and AWAY from the commercial agricultural model, to natural therapies and organic agriculture. We do that we will NOT have the problem of disease.
NB: I’ve blocked out my physical address on the pic of my clinic hiv test results, for security reasons.See More

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Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

Just got sms from Fundani: A patient who had TB and was about to take ARV’s, has completely recovered and says that she does not want to stay without Umlingo juice.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

yesterday evening i met Goerge from Bloemfontein who had taken 70 bottles Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice a few months ago and i delivered the next 2 boxes to Durban bus station were we met and talked for two hours. He just kept saying this juice really works, its a magic juice! (Goerge is selling to nurses and other professionals for R200/liter) He says he has seen all types of people and diseases and everything went away after 2-4 bottles of U.W.juice. He also is convinced that we all need to stop drinking TV drinks and exchange it for pure water. Hopefully at our next meeting i will receive a few short written testimonies.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

I just came back from a delivery to Errol from KwaMashu G section and asked him what his most remarkable recovery story is. He said, a few weeks ago they had a patient who was just sleeping in bed very sick and today he is back at work, full of energy!

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

hi kim, the week before last my neighbour collapsed on the street and died. she was on arv’s. the doc says she had stress! to me this is proof that arv’s kill. (inbox from ex arv user who recovered with umlingo wamangcolosi lifestyle)

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

A 78 year old man who has prostate cancer was using doctors medication and getting worse, he is nw recovering very well after using 6 bottles. His family is over the moon.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

An HIV + woman who also had a skin problem used just 1 bottle of the juice and nw her skin looks like a baby’s, unbelievable bt true

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

Good news: Another young lady from Durban had refused to take advise from Doctors (she should start taking ARV’s) six months ago and instead opted for Umlingo wamaNgcolosi Lifestyle. Saturday she gave birth to a healthy 3.5 kg baby! Mother and daughter are in excellent condition! Another life saved 🙂

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

School Head master from Hillcrest was suffering from insomnia and weakness. After two days of using Umlingo WamaNgcolosi he was sleeping like a baby. Now two weeks later he is spreading the word among those teachers that did not attend our presentation in that school. His skin also is glowing and smooth again!

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

yesterday one of the Umlingo WamaNgcolosi retailers reported another case “FRom HIV positive to HIV negative” after using Umlingo juice for two months. 🙂

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

Technician/land surveyor and Wife, were taking Arv’s for 1 year when unbearable pains/side effects started turning their lives into hell. A top sports man friend referred them to Information Clinic were they received all needed info that changed their life. Today 9 months later they are a healthy and happy couple thanks to their new Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

Lindelwa Ntaba wrote:
my fiance had a stroke he couldnt walk on his own,as i told u guyz before a friend of mine told me about UMLINGO WAMANGCOLOSI,i started giving him UMLINGO mnth end of feb until 2day,he couldnt walk on his own whenever i need 2 take him somewhere i had 2 hire a meter taxi or hire his brother,he can now walk on his own with the help of a walking stick just to balance his leg,be…fore he was using that 4 corner equipment he got it from hospital in january, yesterday we took a taxi to town,he can nw bath himself,wash dishes,walk around the yard,iron his clothes the list is endless i am so happy,i am trusting God that by end of ths mnth he wil go back 2 work after a long tym,we wil continue with UMLINGO until he is healed completely,i told my mother and my friend abt UMLINGO they started using it,i told them 2 change their diet aswell

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November 16, 2011

My diabetic mother has used Umlingo for 3 weeks now, one thing i saw is she can walk, but her feet still gets swollen and her eyesight is still a problem.

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

68 year old female liver cancer patient, could not walk or stay awake anymore. From her son, she received 12 bottles of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi detox & rejuvenation juice over a period of 2 months and fully recovered. Today 4 months later she is doing everything inside and outside of the homestead like 20 years ago!

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

(in my inbox) hey kim thnx for all yo advices regarding my health i feel great….umlingo juice is doing wonders for me im sure if i cud retest the test cud come out negative….one luv.

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November 10, 2011

A post by Ntoko Jele on the fb group Tackling Aids Head On:
“Hey guys, I always have a praise report for UW juice, my mom’s doctor greatly praised it when she went for her checkup for diabetes and bp, he said she must stay on it as well as eating healthy, her eyesight is getting better everyday as well but her friends refuse to get on board, they not wiling to eat healthy and especially give up meat! One question tho, she occasionally complains of painful bones and joints, what can i get for that? Ps: I told her it was becos she wont give up coffee:)”
Eradicating the scourge of disease in Afrika with NATURAL therapies.

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November 8, 2011

A post by Thabsile Nombuso Hlophe on the fb group TACKLING AIDS HEAD ON:
WOW.WOW.WOW….DATS ALL I CAN SAY!!!! UMLINGO WAMANGCOLOSI JUICE WORKS!! i hv a friend in PIET retief who was declared hiv+ EARLIER DIS YEAR. she was told to start on the treatment as soon as possible…she did. she never looked or felt sick bt she was told her cd4 count is less dan 200. NATURALLY,SHE GOT SCARED.RECENTLY I T…OLD HER ABOUT umlingo wamangcolosi juice en actually took it to her….AFTA 4 days when i saw her…i couldnt believe my eyes!!! HER SKIN WAS CLEAR,SHE HAD NO PIMPLES,IT WAS NOLONGER ROUGH….FOR a minute there i thought she was pregnant……GUYS…GUYS….GUYS….THIS JUICE IS incredible!!!!!!!pity i ddnt take her pics before en afta….(cant wait to see her month end)..*confident smile

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November 1, 2011

A post on the fb group TACKLING AIDS HEAD ON, by a happy user (new) of UMLINGO WAMANGCOLOSI juice (she referes to it as U.M. juice):
“Had skin problem,toke only 4 bottles of U.M. Juice 4 2weeks when i was in Jbg didn’t notice any difference but when i came home everybody was talking about how amasing my skin looks,asked me what im using,told them about U.M juice and change of diet.im now confident with my skin.Thanx 2 U.M.JUICE.”
This juice is one THE solutions for the scourge of disease in Africa, including hiv/aids, whatever that really is

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Lifestyle

September 28, 2011

Kim Cools Yesterday i delivered Umlingo WamaNgcolosi to Farmers Produce, 249 Sparks Road, in Overport. They told me another amazing recovery story of one of their employees that was bed ridden athome (HIV positive/malnourished, chemically intoxicated and stressed) and could no longer eat. The shop owners send some one to administer Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice every morning and evening and yesterday as i askedwhere this young man is, they pointed to a healthy looking man carrying a big load of potatoes. That made my day 🙂

The only disease that exists in the whole world is born out of disinformation, planted by corporations in all nations
Breastfeeding is a must for ALL mothers!

You are a healer and no one near you should need a doctor. If you resonate with the GOD given reality of Nature and you would like to be part of the solution, you should know that any one with a good heart can become an umlingo volunteer provided you have a chest freezer, an internet based cell phone with camera and R3500 starting capital. You will have the potential to become the most success full wholesome healer in your area of residence. Inbox your CV, photo of a valid id and a motivational letter as to why you will be a great umlingo volunteer, to: informationclinic@gmail.com Thank you, GOD loves you

To all volunteers, be aware:

Some important background details by Info Clinic Founding member Mvuselelo

We all Citizens and self governing people, demand the UN to make available with immediate effect a multi trillion budget to investigate the Sorcery and all affiliated industries (Pharmaceutical business with disease community) for very profitable counter life actions against all /humans/Goyem /non Zionists.

They have achieved this destructive control, (zionist Elite and associates) using the modus operandi as defined in THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION and infiltrated ALL leading positions in ALL Corporations/Governments during the past 500 or so years.

They have been and are deliberately contaminating the sky (the whole flat earth & Oceans) with what is known as Chemtrails, intravenous make believe pharmaceutical sorcery products like vaccinations in combination with GE/GMO medications, veg, fruits, nuts, animals, processed foods/drinks and water supplies.

Their official last mile stone The Georgia guide Stones where put up in 1979, setting the ultimate population reduction target to maximum 500.000.000 goyem/people allegedly to preserve our Earth plane from total destruction.

The reversal and re establishing of a fair social community will create all the jobs/wealth we are looking for, thereby financing the birthing and take over of The Republic of Alkebulan, which was founded by our true freedom fighters of the past.

We know for a fact that Cancer and HIV do not exist, whilst we know that DNA/Ancestor altering Mycoplasm found in vaccinations and other carriers cause AIDS/Cancer and most other fatal conditions, that are then treated with extremely profitable reverse engineered sorcery/pharmaceuticals which stop the weaponized mycoplasm from further causing damage in the host/human, for as long liver, kidney and other organs can take the stress/strain caused by the side effects of the Government promoted medications/Sorcery/Pharmaceutical products for profit. 1love

Home made Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice for 1 day:
Some people will need to reduce the amounts to a minimum to avoid extreme Herxheimer side effects

1. Soak 3 average sized non GE/GMO lemons for about 10 minutes in water with 10 tablespoons of vinegar or 100gr of see salt added. Then scrub each lemon thoroughly to rid it of whatever the growers have sprayed on it.
2. Cut the lemons with skin and pips in pieces and put them in a strong mixer blender
3. Add 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive oil and 3 cups of water (www.oasiswater.co.za or www.perfectwater.co.za)
4. Add 3 tablespoons of non GE/GMO local garlic (imported garlic is irradiated and might be GE, usually very weak and not effective)
5. Add 3 tablespoons of non GE/GMO local Ginger (Double this amount for people with Lung problems/ Asthma)
6. Add 1 teaspoons of cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil (triple this amount for Epilepsy & nervous diseases)
7. Add 1 teaspoons of cold pressed Flax Seed Oil
8. Add 3 tablespoons of Aloe Vera extract (with no preservatives or take 1 heaped tablespoon of the gel from a growing aloe vera plant)
9. Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder ( but fresh root is better)
10. Add the daily portion of a natural Multivitamin/ Multi Mineral supplement of your choice (ours is specifically mixed for us extracted from organic produce with some african potatoe extract added)
11. Add ¼ teaspoon of Stevia powder.
12. if you want to dilute it more add ozone enriched RO filtered water (We recommend OASIS water or Perfectwater)
13. Blend untill very smooth, but do not overheat your machine.
14. Drink 1/3 of the mixture (or 1/6 or 1/12 depending on your size and condition) in the morning, 1/3(or 1/6 or 1/12 depending on your size and condition) after lunch and 1/3(or 1/6 or 1/12 depending on your size and condition) in the evening. Repeat this for 6 to 24 weeks non stop, depending on when you feel that you have fully recovered. Then you maintain your health by eating organic and wholesome foods, 50% organic raw foods whilst enjoying regular out door activity/gardening….. Humans that used sugar/carbohydrates and/or antibiotics should use organic Sauerkraut or Kefir pro biotics to enable nutritional absorption of all God given veg, nuts, tubers and fruits. Avoid animal foods and starch/sugar foods. Investigate the subject of cannabis as we humans have an endocannabinoid system within our earthly being allowing us to be creational beings. 1love

Testimonies very welcome to encourage other humans to exit from the business with disease community. Thank you

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