To:        Jacob
Gedleyihlekisa Zuma / President of the Republic of South Africa
From:   Ngcolosi Awareness Center  07.07.2009 (M
AD HOUSE  Republic of Goodhope),
Peninsula, Umgeni River (inanda dam) KwaNgcolosi, KZN, South Africa

Anastasia readers /
Humans of South Africa and beyond


Dear Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma

We are writing on all our behalves, our children and the people who care greatly as to what is happening to our nation and families as a whole in our beautiful country South Africa

We as a nation have shown remarkable tolerance and forgiveness in the past short period of time.

As we watch the idealist nation of USA and other nations fall to pieces in the world economy and wonder when and how this calamity will end, can we not enter into a new mind though of changing our idealism’s and hopes so it would better serve all mankind?

We would like to put forward a proposal IMG_3443592222701  where we could elevate our social problems and create a new future where disease, crime, hunger, rape, intolerance and all that is bad be eliminated from our country and the world as one.

This generation has the opportunity of not only building a splendid country, but of actually thriving in it; we would like to appeal to your better nature and provided there is enough good will among the legislative powers that be.

As you yourself Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, you were brought up in the community where there was enough land to plant which enable you to succeed without any high education by just being in touch with nature and your environment.

This way of life will create a healthy and spiritual environment for our children and will also address all other current short comings.

This lifestyle will help to erradicate crime and suffering which arrived with colonialism and their greed based technocratic world in which we now live and where everybody is enslaved in personhood and forced to compete with each other for survival.

Grant to every willing family, one hectare of land for the purpose of establishing thereon its own family domain.

IMG_7039773522086This simple action will suffice to call forth an impulse to creative endeavor on the part of the majority of humans at various levels in society.

The land should be granted free of charge, for lifetime use, with the right of inheritance.

The produce grown on these family domains should not be subject to any form of taxation.

The land shall not be sellable.

These communities would be self sufficient and eco friendly. They would not be required to pay for services not rendered.

Every man should have a piece of land which he can call his own, and transform it into a foodforest /paradise.

If this could be realized then small communities could be formed with no strain on the government.

The very fabric of our society is breaking down, without a plan to change our picture of our future and the people’s needs, we are headed for disaster.

By implementing this idea, you would gradually alleviate the need of unemployment payouts and subsidies.

There are numerous families who have a vision of coexisting, sharing, and mutual respect and a crime free country.

IMG_7406152595540We all have this God given right to a piece of our homeland where we can visualize our children growing up in a peaceful, loving nation and with your help and vision we could make this happen.

We also have an answer for leaving this world a better place for our children and the people of the future.

There is a product that South Africa can make that can produce nearly free energy.

This would be a major step in the right direction with the help and insight of a small team of good humans.

South Africa would be a world leader by leaving a better place for civilization, and the rest of our flat earth would follow suit, to help regain our sensors and a good quality of life for all.

Mr. Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, we all have a particular purpose in our life and I fully know that with your help we can help Gods vision to come into being.

I do hope that we will get a response from your office and that we could put something into place to start this project for the future generations to come.

Thanking you for your time and consideration of this letter.



Your’s truly


Your Brothers and Sisters

from the Republic of Goodhopeand beyond