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The diameter of the first circle was calculated by drawing a line from Orkney to Stonehenge (coincidentally the line
happens to pass through Rosslyn chapel which is exactly in the middle, this could be the real ‘rose line’). All of Europe’s
ancient sites (stone circles symbolizing the flower) can be found lying on one of these lines. The grid also links all of
these ancient sites together. Many of the oldest sacred sites lie at the centre of six points


umlingo gravitation

umlingo gravitation

umlingo breathing

umlingo breathing


 augmentation-of-major-whorlsA race was thus triggered between theosophists and orthodox phy-

sicists to discover the true nature of matter, the former by delicately 

employing their yogic vision, the latter more crudely by bombarding 

atoms with parts of atoms.

    In 1909 physicist Ernest Rutherford, a big, gruff New Zealander 

with a walrus mustache, set the pace in his laboratory in Manchester 

when he found that the element radon naturally and spontaneously 

emitted particles to which he gave the name “alpha” (later discovered 

occult-chemistry-physics-journal-pages-comparedbto be the nucleus of a helium atom bereft of its electron mantle). By 

placing a source of alpha particles in a lead case with a narrow hole, 

Rutherford was able to aim emitted particles at a piece of very thin 

gold foil, which deflected the path of the particles onto a surrounding

wall of zinc sulfide. The zinc sulfide then gave off a flash of light each

time it was struck by an alpha particle.

    From this procedure Rutherford was able to deduce that the only 

higher-orders-of-spirillaething that could be knocking the alpha particle off course would have

to be a more massive particle, positively charged, and that this particle

must be the nucleus in each gold atom, occupying a very small volume

in the center of the relatively large atom, actually less than 1 percent. 

For this discovery—that Democritus’s solid atom had a hard, separable

nucleus—Rutherford received the 1909 Nobel Prize for physics, along

with the title of baron from a grateful King Edward VII.

    Yet Rutherford’s nucleus was just what the theosophists had been 

viewing for some time with their siddhi powers and describing in great 

7-fold-nature-of-spirillaedetail in various publications, although, as later developed, theirs were

actually pairs of nuclei, duplicated by the disturbing act of clairvoyant

observation. In 1908, well before Rutherford proposed his nuclear 

model of the atom, and twenty-four years before another physicist, 

James Chadwick, actually discovered the neutron—a discovery that 

led scientists to conclude that atomic nuclei must consist of neutrons 

and protons—the two theosophist had accurately depicted the number 

of protons and neutrons in the nuclei of both arsenic and aluminum. 

Yet neither they nor their contemporary scientists yet know that atomic

nuclei differed from one  another only by the number of protons and 

neutrons they contained.

comparison-of-micro-psi-scientific-discoveries    During this same period, fifty-six more elements were studied and 

described by the theosophists, including five as yet unknown to sci-

ence—promethium, astatine, fancium, protoactium, and technitium—

plus six isotopes, though it was not then known that an element could 

have atoms of more than one weight: its isotopes, Isotopes consist 

of nuclei with the same number of protons but a different number of

neutrons, and an element can have as many as ten or more isotopes. 

Neon (mass number 20) and a variant meta-neon (mass number 22)

were correctly described in The Theosophist in 1908, some six years

before Frederick Soddy, another British physicist, introduced the con-

aluminium-disintegration-diagramcept of isotopes to science, for which he, too, received a Nobel Prize.

    The theosophists, whose estimates of the atomic weight of ele-

ments, specified to two decimals, showed remarkable agreement with

accepted scientific values, were simply describing what they could see

with the use of their siddhi powers, As later physicists admitted, there

was no scientific reason for them or anyone else to suspect a second

variety of neon and certainly no purpose in the theosophists fabricting

one. What Leadbeater and Besant were trying to accomplish was 

merely to bring what they were seeing inside their “atom” into line 

with the table of elements formulated in mid-nineteenth century by

the Russian chemist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev. The table predicted

that if elements were appropriately tabulated by atomic weight, they

would fall into groups of families having similar chemical properties.

The theosophists simply came across the isotopes as they noted that

elements in the same group in the table, with the same properties, all

had the same complex geometric shapes, which they painstakingly

depicted in their diagrams.

    With few exceptions, all the inner structures of their “chemical 

atoms” appeared in seven basic shapes: spikes, dumbbells, tetrahe-

dra, cubes, octahedra, bars, and star groups. All the inert gases app-

eared to be star shaped. The five Platonic solids—the only complete-

ly regular solid geometric figures in nature—were all to be found in 

the theosophists’ archetypal atoms and molecules. None of this, 

however, could be corroborated by contemporary physicists, still 

waiting for the development of X rays, the electron microscope, and 


aluminium-arsenic-mpas    The result of the theosophists’ work was published by Annie Besant

in 1908 in a series of papers in The Theosophist, followed by the first 

edition of Occult Chemistry. A further twenty elements were studied by

Besant and Leadbeater at the headquarters of the Theosophical 

Society in Adyar, Madras, and a second edition was published in 1919.

It was edited by Janaradasa, who amusingly describes a party of theo-

sophists moving off into the woods with rugs and cushions every after-

noon when the weather was fine so that Leadbeater and Besant could 

make their siddhi investigations while the others sat around listening or

reading, By 1933, the year before Leadbeater died, all the then known

elements—from hydrogen to uranium—and several unknown isotopes 

string-models-compared-with-groups-of-upashad been studied and depicted, along with an assortment of compound-

s. Besant’s drawings are still in Adyar, mounted in a special book, as are

Leadbeater’s drawings, all with the relevant correspondence. From this

material Janarajadasa put together the 1951 edition of Occult Chemistry.

    Yet the book was totally disregarded by the scientific community. And

because it claimed to show particles far smaller than protons, a concept 

at that time hopelessly at odds with orthodox science, the book could 

safely be disregarded as fantasy. Also, as Professor Smith points out,

few physicist had even heard of Occult Chemistry. Books by theosoph-

ists were read mostly by theosophists, few of whom had the training in 

orthodox physics required to support their beleaguered colleagues.

graph-of-upa-populations    When Janarajadasa was asked what he could do to remedy the situ-

ation, he answered, “nothing. Wait until science catches up.”(2)

(2) In a letter to Professor F. N. Aston, inventor of the mass spectrogragh, an 

instrument for detecting isotopes, Janarajadasa had pointed out that Besant 

and leadbeaterhad discovered the neon-22 isotope four years before neon 

was found scientifically to have an isotope and that the helium-3 isotope an-

nounced by Aston in 1942 had been described in The Theosophist as early 

as 1908. Aston sent back a cursory reply: “Dr. Aston thanks Mr. Janarajadasa 

for sending his communication of January 8 and begs to return same without 

comment as he is not interested in Theosophy.”

table-of-number-weights    Orthodox physicists, unable without siddhi vision to see inside atoms,

could pursue Rutherford’s method only by bombarding atomic nuclei with

atomic particles in a determined effort to break up a nucleus and find 

what it contained. Their best projectiles were electrons and protons, the

former easily obtained by heating up a wire to incandescence, the latter

by removing an electron from an atom of commercially available hydro-

gen. Either particle could then be sufficiently speeded up with an accel-

erator to shatter a targeted nucleus.

    Man-made accelerators are designed to propel particles around a

circuit to increase their energy and mass. In principle, all one needs is

a standard car battery with terminals connected to copper plates a

short distance apart in a vacuum. An electron from the negative terminal

will invariably jump the gap toward the positive terminal, gathering 

energy as it jumps. If the positive terminal is made of wire screen, most 

of the electrons slip through to create a beam of electrons. Repeat the

process along a several-mile circuit, add a million-volt battery (plus mag-

nets to keep the electron beam from wandering off its steeplechase

track), and you can accelerate electrons to an energy of several million

volts. These can then create an impact strong enough to smash the nu-

cleus of the atom into which they collide.

    Physicists analyze the debris, not directly, as did the theosophists, but

by means of a black box in which the scatterings are parsed by sophis-

ticated electronic equipment. More and more expensive colliders were

built in the 1950s and ’60s, including Stanford’s Linear Accelerator Cen-

ter, known as SLAC, and Europe’s Center for Nuclear Research, known

as CERN, and Fermilab outside Chicago, named after the Italian-born 

physicist Enrico Fermi, developer of that superincubus, the atom bomb.

hydrogen-mpaFrom these multimillion dollar colliders issued man-made particles by 

the thousands, mostly infinitesimal ephemeral particles that disappeared

in microseconds—as little as a billionth of a trillions—through a couple of 

hundred heavier particles remained substantial long enough to be called

hadrons (from Greek for heavy) and were given Greek-letter names such

as sigma and lambda. Many of these, being synthetic varieties of protons

and neutrons, were not much use in determining the basic substance of 

matter: whereas a natural pronton can last virtually forever, atom-smash-

ed hadrons vanish under scrutiny. And in any case, none matched the 

theosophists’ UPAs of which they counted nine in a proton.

subquark-model-of-proton-neutron    The first indication of a possible reconciliation between what the theo-

sophists described and what the physicists might concede only came in

the mid-1960s when a particle smaller than a proton was mathematically

postulated by theoretical physicists. In 1964 Murray Gell-Mann at the 

California Institute of Technology and George Zweig at CERN indepen-

dently proposed the existence of what they referred to as “mathematical

structures”: three smaller constituents of a proton. Although such postu-

lated particles—quirkily called quarks by Gell-Mann—were mathematic-

ally “logical constructs” based on the patterns of hadrons or organized 

protons and neutrons that appeared in the black boxes, they showed too

superstring-theories-as-approximations-of-m-theorymany unlikely features to be taken seriously by the rest of the scientific 


    Believing in quarks, said eminent professor of physics Harold Fritsch,

required the acceptance of too many peculiarities, not the least of which

were their unconventional charges: the new mathematical theory required

quarks to have not integral but an unheard-of fractional charge of 2/3 or

—1/3. So far all particles had been measured in wholenumber multiples 

of the charge of an electron.

    In view of this attitude, what was latter to become accepted by science

as one of the great theoretical breakthroughs of the century had to be 

ushered in as a joke during an amateur cabaret show in Aspen, Colorado.

membrane-to-stringAs reported by Barry Taubes in the publication Discover, Murray Gell-

Mann jumped up from the audience on cue and babbled wildly what 

seemed like nonsense about how he had just figured out the whole theory

of the universe, of quarks, of gravity, and of everything else. “As he raved

with increasing frenzy, tow men in white coats came on stage to drag him

away, leaving the audience in laughter.”

    Even the manner in which the new particles were named was enough 

5-types-of-superstringsto incite ridicule. The word quark in German describes a special kind of 

soft cheese and is synonymous with nonsence. Gell-Mann claimed it was

the number three that led him to introduce the word, inspired by a pass-

age from James Joyce’s Finnegans wake:

         Three quark for Muster Mark!Sure he hasn’t got much of a bark 

         And sure any he has it’s all beside the mark.

    Reaction to the quark model in the theoretical physics community was

also far from begin. “Getting the CERN [European Center] report publi-

shed in the form that I wanted,” wrote Gell-Mann (later to receive the 

root-composition-of-e8xe8Nobel Prize for physics), “was so difficult I finally gave up trying. When 

the physics department of a leading university was considering an ap-

pointment for me, their senior theorist, one of the most respected spoks-man for all of theoretical physics, blocked the appointment at a faculty meeting by passionately arguing that it was the work of a “charlatan.”

To which Gell-Mann added, modestly, “The idea that that hadrons 

[protons and neutrons], citizens of a nuclear democracy, were made of 

elementery particles with frctional quantum numbers did seem a bit rich.

The idea, however, is apparently correct.”

atom-3-quarks-in-proton-neutron    And correct it was. At SLAC, where protons were routinely being

bombarded by electrons at very high energy, an alert technician noted

within a proton three rapidly moving pointlike constituents. Could these

be quarks?

    When the experiment was repeated at Fermilab and at CERN using

muons as projectiles (muons are identical with electrons, only two 

hundred times heavier and ten times as energetic), the conclusion was

inevitable: a proton consists of three quarks.

    What the theosophists sixty years ealier had seen so clearly with their

siddhi vision could be revealed only now to physicists. The magnitude of

the effort this required can be judged by the fact that to study one atom

the physicists needed one electron-volt of energy, but to reveal a quark

—whose radius they estimate at .0000000000000000000001 of a centi-

meter, or a million times smaller—required ten billion electron-volts. As

for the theosophists’ UPAs, or “subquark,” it was still clearly many dimen-

sions smaller.

quark-model-of-baryon-and-mesonBy the end of the 1970s the physicists’ model had developed into six 

different kinds of quarks, five of which had been identified and given the

Alice-in-Wonderland “flavors” of up, down, charm strange, and bottom. 

The last, and heaviest, remained elusive until mid-1994 when physicists

at Fermilab discovered “top” quark, leading Dr. P. K. Iyengar, eminent

scientist and former chairman of the Indian Atomic Energy Commission,

to finally give the theosophists a modicum of credit  when he remarked, 

“The top quark discovered recently substantiates that occult chemistry

is a phenomenon which exists should be accepted as such.”

    Further, to differentiate the newly discovered quarks, physicists as-

signed them three different colors—red, blue, and green—though they 

were quick to point out that the choice had nothing to do with our 

ordinary perception of color. It was just a conventional way of labeling

difffering mathematical qualities encountered by theorists.

    So quarks were a fact, validating—better late than never—the theo-

sophists’ diagrams of three such particles to a proton.

8-fold-way    As the proton was seen to be made of two ups and one down quark,

the neotron of one up and two downs, this give the proton a positive

charge of 1.0, leaving the neotron neutral with a charge 0.0. With

three quarks to a proton, add an electron and you have an atom of hy-

drogen. It—as all the other elements—turns out to be made of nothing

but quarks and electrons. The whole universe must therefore be put

together basically with but two quarks—one up and one down—plus

the electron.

    And quark? Of what are they made?

umlingo animated-upa    The problem propelled Phillips into some abstruse mathematical calculations, which inexorably led to the conclusion that quarks must consist of subquarks, also tree in number—just as the theosophists had presaged with their UPAs. For these postulant particles Phillips coined the name omegons.

    This omegon theory was reassuringly backed by Dr. Lester Smith as being “straight orthodox science founded upon recent theory of quantum chromodynamics which could be and was offered for pub-lication in a scientific journal.” Duly accepted, it appeared under the typically abstruse title of “Composite Quarks and Hadron-Lepton Unification.”

    It was at this point in his mathematical quest that Phillips came

across the theosophists’ book in California, with its “hydrogen atom” 

the-atom-according-to-babbitt-besant-leadbeaterclear depicted with six quarks, each of which showed three ultimate 

physical atoms for a total of eighteen—described by them as the basic

building blocks of nature. But why eighteen instead of the nine ome-

gons that appeared in Phillips’s mathematical model? Why the doubling

effect in an otherwise remarkable match?

    For many long hours Phillips puzzled over the discrepancy until he 

realized that what the theosophists might have been viewing was a di-

proton, normally an unstable and short-lived amalgam of two hydrogen

nuclei. But to account for how the theosophists could have come upon

such an anomaly required more searching. Finally Phillips came up with

edwin-babbitta solution based on the modern theory of quantum physics—unknown

to the theosophists at the turn of the century—of a dynamic interplay

between observer and observed. The actual act of capturing atoms 

for observation and slowing down their “wild gyrations” must have

profoundly disturbed them. This interplay, Phillips reasoned, must

have released the tightly bound quarks and omegens from the nuclei

of two atoms and merged them into a single chaotic cloud, analogous

to extremely hot plasma, which then condensed into the double nucleus

observed. In support of the hypothesis, Dr. Smith noted that normally

this could be done only at exceedingly high temperatures such as those

postulated to have been prevalent 10ˉ6 seconds after the so-called Big

two-types-of-upaBang. But “cold plasma,” he pointed out, can also exist: in it the strong

forces between omegons come back into play, causing them to recom-

bine and condense into a new stable grouping: the theosophists’ dou-

ble-imaged atoms.

    Rewardingly, once this doubling-up effect was taken into account,

every other element described and illustrated by the theosophists in 

Occult Chemistry, including compounds and crystals, fell into its proper

place in the periodic table with the requisite number of constituent

particles. With their siddhi powers, the theosophists had accurately

7-types-of-mpadescribed every known element years before the physicists and in a

few cases even before these elements were scientifically discovered.

    Not only were the theosophists vindicated, so was Phillips. With

deserved satifaction, and no fear of rebuttal, he could categorically

state, “The new patterns derived by application of the rules of theo-

retical physics tally perfectly with the diagrams which illustrate Occult


    In opening a window for the physicist into the world of matter, Lead-

beater and Besant left open an even wider door into the realm of the

spirit—there, like it or not, to ponder on its gnomes and elves, its sylphs

and undines.

                                         CHAPTER 8

                                     Orthodox Cosmos

ygfhghjklmuAdeptly clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, Leadbeater and 

Besant claimed to have learned from Indian and Tibetan masters to 

break through to continuous “astral consciousness, with the body 

awake or asleep,” and thus be able to investigate “the constitution of

superphysical matter in the structure of man and the universe, as 

well as the nature of occult chemistry.”

    To these two investigators the basic constituent of matter, an ulti-

mate physical atom, or UPAs, smaller than a proton, smaller by far than

a quark, appeared as “a little miniature sun,” dual in nature, positive, but

with a negative mirror image. Ovoid in shape, each consists of ten closed stringlike spirals made up of millions of dots of energy whirling in and out from what the investigators called a fourth-dimensional astral plane, entering the male UPA and exiting the female. “Bright lines” or “streams of light” that linked the UPAs were called by the theosophists “lines of force.”

    Leadbeater specialized in the geometric arrangement of these UPAs, identifying and counting their number in each element examined, while Annie Besant studied the configuration of the “lines of force” linking and holding together the groups of these particles. Force, said Leadbeater, “pours into the heart-shaped depression at the top of the UPA and issues from that point, and is changed in character by its passage as it rushes through every spiral and every spirilla, changing shades of color that flash

out from the rapidly revolving and vibrating UPA.” These color changes  appeared to Leadbeater to depend on different activities of the ten whorls, each of 1,680 spirillae, as one or another was thrown into more energetic action. To ascertain the number 1,680, Leadbeater says he meticulously counted the turns in each whorl in 135 different UPAs selected from nu-merous substances. Each whorl of the first spirilla he found to be a helix made of seven smaller circular whorls of second-order spirillae, and so on, through seven orders, each finer than the preceding one.

    By willfully “pressing back and walling off the matter of space,” Lead-beater identified the seventh and last-order spirillae as consisting of seven “bubbles” spaced evenly along the circumference of a circle, bubbles  he referred to as existing in the invisible plenum of space and to which he gave the name “koilon,” from the Greek word meaning “hollow.” Leadbeater callculated that each major whorl consisted of about 56 million bubbles which gave a total of some 14 billion bubbles for each UPA. The theosophists therefor concluded that all matter in the ultimate analysis must consist of bubbles or holes in space, “like

pearls upon an invisible string.” It was a description that two genera-tions later would tie them to the most advanced and challenging con-cepts of modern physics: the superstring theory and the Higgs field theory, on the cutting edge of physics, both clearly presaged by lead-beater and Besant a century earlier.

    The Higgs Field theory is a sort of revenant. Way back in the middle of the nineteenth century, in the time of James Clerk Maxwell, physicists felt the need for a medium that would pervade all space and through which light and other electromagnetic waves could travel. To satisfy these requirements, they postulated ether: an all-pervading, infinitely elastic, massless medium, poetically the personification of the clear upper air breathed by the Olympians.

    What happened to this elixir or quintessential underlying principle?

Einstein, with his special theory of relativity, sent it to join phlogiston in the dustbin. Yet, like the memory of an amputated limb, the need for ether spookily persisted. What now replaces it for the theoretical phy-sicist is a controversial “field” named after a young physicist from the University of Edinburgh, Peter Higgs, the full dimensions of which are yet to be known. Some physicists believe it to consist of fundamental particles such as the electron; others believe it to be composed of quarklike objects. A third group believes the Higgs particle to be a bound state of “top” and “antitop” quark.

    But why, asks Leon Lederman—eminent particle physicist, author of The God Particle—hasn’t Higgs been universally embraced? Tartly he replies, “because Veltman, one of the Higgs architects, calls it a rug under which we sweep our ignorance. Glashow [professor of particle physics at Harvard], a toilet in which we flush away the inconsistencies of our present theories.”

Yet physics will not work without the equivalent of a Higgs field. 

    The notion is simple enough: all space contains a field, the Higgs field, which permeates the vacuum and is the same everywhere.

The word vacuum, says Dr. Smith, may make the reader’s mind boggle.

Normally used to indicate a space from which air or any other gas has been removed, vacuum is used by physicists in the same nonliteral sense as they use color or flavor to describe mathematical properties that cannot be expressed in ordinary language, such as properties of quarks and omegons.

    Search for a Higgs field “in the vacuum of space” developed after all efforts had failed to find a clue to the origin of mass, mass being described by physicists as “a body’s resistance to acceleration,” quaintly measured in “slugs.”(1)

(1) A slug is a unit of mass equal to the mass accelerated at the rate of one

foot per second when acted upon by a force of one pound weight.

    Lederman hints that the function of the Higgs particle is to give mass to massless particles, mass no longer being considered an intrinsic property of particles but a property acquired by the interaction of par-ticles with their environment. Pervading all space, says Lederman, the Higgs field is “cluttering up the void, tugging on matter, making it heavy.” Waxing both sinister and fey, he describes the problem: “We believe a wraithlike presence throughout the universe is keeping us from understanding the true nature of matter….. The invisible barrier that keeps us from knowing the truth is called the Higgs field. Its icy tentacles reach into every corner of the universe….. It works in black magic through a particle, the Higgs boson, or God particle.”

    To find their sneaky entity, Lederman and his fellow physicists have come up with no better system than to rev up their colliders to attack atoms with ever more powerful artillery, hoping thus to produce more particles—sleptons, squarks, gluinos, photinos, zinos, and winos—whose mass, spin, charge, and family relations they can then catalogue along with the particle’s lifetime and the product of its decay.

    All of this has coast taxpayers billions of dollars, half a billion alone for an accelerator at Fermilab. Fermilab’s collider-detector facility, known as CDF, lavishly housed in an industrial hangar painted blue and orange, was designed to accommodate a five-thousand-ton detector instrument. It took two hundred physicists and as many engineers more than eight years to assemble what Leon Lederman, one of its distin-guished directors, describes as a ten-million-pound Swiss watch, the electric bill for which runs to more than ten million dollars a year.

    By the 1990s the CDF was employing 360 scientists as well as stu-dents from a dozen universities and national and international labs and was equipped with 100,000 sensors, including scintillation counters, organizers, and filters. A special compter was designed to sort through the atomic debris, programmed to decide which of the hundreds of thousands of collisions each second are “interesting” or important enough to analyze and record on magnetic tape. In one millionth of a second the computer must discard, record, or pass data into a buffer memory to make way for the next item. Data encoded in digital form and organized for recording on magnetic tape at the rate of 100,000 collisions per second in 1990-91 were expected to increase to a million collisions per second some time later in the 1990s.

    Already the system stores close to a billion bits of information for each event: in a full run the information stored on magnetic tape is equivalent, as reported by its director, to five thousand sets of the Encyclopedia britannica. It then takes a battalion of highly skilled and motivated professionals armed with powerful workstations and analysis codes two or three years, says Lederman, to do justice to the data collected in a single run.

    The primary task of these Higgs field players is, of course, to locate the ball they’re supposed to be playing with. To accomplish this apprentice sorcerer’s mirage they envisaged an even more collider, one with an even longer circuit, larger source of energy, and bigger punch to produce an even smaller particle: a superconducting supercollider circling fifty-four miles through the wasteland of Wasahachie, Texas, its generator to produce not billions but trillions of electron volts—at a cost to the public of several billion dollars.(2)

(2) The project was quashed by Congress in early 1994.

    With this leviathan Lederman hoped to nail his God particle to the establshment barn door by the year 2005. But the theosophists appear to have found it already in what Leadbeater calls “koilon, the true aether of space,” the medium in which the bubbles of his UPAs are but holes. 

In orthodox physics the latest breakthrough, developed at the end of the 1970s, was formulated to demonstrate that quarks and antiquarks, the antimatter counterparts of quarks—if regarded as pointlike magnetic charges—were held together by “strings” or tightly knit bundles of magnetic ” flux,” lines of force analogous to the magnetic field around a magnet embedded in the Higgs field permeating all space. This Higgs medium was seen as squeezing together the magnetic lines of force into tubes of magnetic flux.

    But this model didn’t quite work; so back to the drawing board. By 1984 a “superstring” theory had been formulated to eliminate the abnormalities: its basic premise replaced points as the smallest existing particles with tiny strings. All fundamental parrticles (Including quarks) were regarded as different quantum states of strings, strings with no ends known as “closed” superstrings, all interacting with one another by joining together to form more closed superstrings, in a maze of Chinese boxes.

    For some time, says Phillips, this second model was thought to be physically unrealistic. But in 1985 a new kind of closed superstring was discovered, the “heterotic superstring.” Occupying nine mathematical dimensions of space, it not only became the most studied model by physicists but, as Phillips demonstrates, has remarkable similarities with

Leadbeater’s ultimate physical atom.

    Omegons, of course, are nothing but the UPAs so carefully depicted by the theosophists back in 1895 as emitting and receiving “bright lines”

or “streams of light.” Annie Besant, responsible for reporting how groups of UPAs were bound together, depicted hundreds of stringlike configu-rations or “lines of force” linking UPAs. Such diagrams, as Phillips points out, are essentially identical to pictures of subatomic particles appearing in physics research journals today.

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If we continue to allow evil to let blood fill our soil.
If we continue to consume, take, not give, and turn our heads to an imaginary reality.

If we continue to think that same sex marriage rights is a victory in the U.S, while there is still corporate corruption, slavery, racial violence at its peak, child sex rings, consumerism, waste of food, chemically modified food, hypocrisy, double standards, slander, negligence, hatred, death, suffering, poverty, silence; a world where evil is done in the light and love is done in the dark… Where evil is in power and good is striving to live off of what’s left of the world…

Your evil minds are only going to cause utter destruction to this entire planet according to a Quantum Prophecy that only happens when this world does not slay its serpents.

Your blackened souls are drawing Nibiru to our planet! If you do not change your ways, and choose to repent instead of feeding the serpent, you will bring forth the greatest form of evil with all of your evil combined!

Don’t you understand?

Every culture in the history of Mankind knows about Nibiru… They warned us…

It’s depicted as a sun behind a person pushing away two serpents – we are protecting our Solar System when we push away our evil. When we let our evil consume us, not only do we consume our souls – evil, on a Super Macro scale corresponds with our evil, thus destroying our Solar System… As our evil attracts greater evil beyond our imagination…

Don’t you see?


Terth [Pegasus] & Thoth [Bird]

Pegasus Constellation forms a bedstead for the Moon.
Thoth was the God of The Moon – Knowledge – Secrets.
Pegasus is a horse. Horses eat apples.
The forbidden fruit was an apple.
Knowledge is the forbidden fruit.

They are connected by Quantum Consciousness… Existence is Consciousness.

Our planet exists on 7.83 Hz.
Our soul exists on 7.83 Hz.

Earth & Heart
Can be filled with Good And Evil.
When we destroy our soul with our evil.
We destroy our planet by attracting Nibiru.

I will explain to you all The Truth – Beyond Family; Beyond Society; Beyond Reality.

Heed these words…

Brothers and Sisters! Enemies and Friends! Men, Women and Children!

I am a messenger sent down from the Heavens by The Lion Of Judah!

My real name is Dodecrashhedron!
The End Of Our Time will be granted upon the arrival of Planet Nibiru!

Planet Nibiru in English Gematria Equals: 846
Planet Nibiru in Simple Gematria Equals: 141

Dodecrashhedron in English Gematria Equals: 846
Dodecrashhedron in Simple Gematria Equals: 141

I am here to warn this species, whom had long forgotten that they are in charge of their destiny, that there is great evil on its way in the name of ‘The Winged Planet’, which is not necessarily a planet… It is more so an Evil Sun called “The Dark Star”.

Our Sun is the Positive Ion.

The ‘The Dark Star’ is the Negative Ion.

A Warning From Ancient Wisdom [Kolbrin]:

“Manuscripts 3:4 When blood drops upon the Earth, the Destroyer will appear, and mountains will open up and belch forth fire … Trees will be destroyed and all living things engulfed. Waters will be swallowed up by the land, and seas will boil.”

The Destroyer is The Dark Star.

Those are not wings…
Those are its horns…

The Horned Planet in Jewish Gematria Equals: 526
Planet X in Jewish Gematria Equals: 526
Rapture in Jewish Gematria Equals: 526

This is very important, so read carefully – keep your skepticism to yourself:

252 = Gravity
525 = God

On each side of God, there is Good & Evil.

524 = Good
526 = Evil

Just as on each side of Earth, there is Venus [Love] & Mars [War].

523 = Mercury

527 = Jupiter
528 = Saturn
529 = Uranus
530 = Neptune
531 = Pluto

523 + 524 + 525 + 526 + 527 + 528 + 529 + 530 + 531 = 4743.

The Final Judgement Means That The Wicked Souls Will Be Destroyed in Jewish Gematria Equals: 4743

Do you know why there is a sentence that uses every letter once throughout the entire alphabet?

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog in Jewish Gematria Equals: 4743

It’s because it’s connected to The End…

Now, listen.

Your planet is a hologram.

Washington D.C is the Head of The Matrix. It is the Root Chakra – The Beast…

The Vatican is the Uterus of The Matrix. It is the Heart Chakra. It gives birth to Good & Evil, depending on the rest of the world.

Washington D.C itself is encoded into the Matrix, which I found while I was breaking reality into quantum formulas:

All you have to do is Google: “22 x 932”. Don’t press enter. White House Area Code should pop up. This is evidence that I see things. I am connecting the dots. You don’t have to believe me, but please, with all of your soul, trust the possibility…

20504 x 6 x 6 x 6 = 4428864

4428864 / 864 = 5126 = 526 = Evil

I hate to tell you, but.

Sun = 864
Evil Sun = 4428864 = 288 & 864

288 + 864 = 1152 = 252 = Gravity

What is 288? 2 Electrons + 8 Electrons + 8 Electrons = Argon = Plasma = Sun

If this species does not learn.
We are all doomed.

Evil in English Gematria Equals: 288

The Solar Serpent in Jewish Gematria Equals: 734
Evil in Jewish Gematria Equals: 734

The Final Judgement Means That The Wicked Souls Will Be Destroyed in Jewish Gematria Equals: 4743

We are going to burn alive in Quantum Hell if people do not throw water on the self-created hell from within…

Everything on the outside is a reflection of what is on the outside and what is happening outside of our planet.

Our souls are shaping everything

Now is not the time to make excuses; you need not enslave yourself to ego, apathy or nihilism.

Now is the time to do what has been hard for you since the beginning.

Wake up!

Accept the possibility that you’re living in a matrix that is about to be destroyed by a prophecy that was encoded into the matrix in the form of a good sun and an evil sun… A prophecy that every culture around the world knew about without technology and societal advancements… Without knowing that each other existed before global communication…

If you think your society is ahead right now… Think again.

The only thing it’s ahead in is drawing eternal suffering to our planet by being too ignorant and selfish to realize their vibrations are interconnected with the entire Universe – including Nibiru… ‘The Solar Serpent’…

If America is afraid of TPP.
They don’t even know about TSS.

It’s The Prophecy…

528 x 526 = 277728 = 11428 = Egyptian Pi
864 x 252 = 217728 = 31428 = Egyptian Pi
4428864 x 2 = 8857728 = 31428 = Egyptian Pi

528 = Healing Frequency
526 = Disease Frequency
864 = Sun [864,000 Miles]
252 = Gravity [6 x 6 x 7]
4428864 = The Solar Serpent [Nibiru]

Sun = Lucifer
Nibiru = Satan

If you support my message, use this symbol in every message – spread this word – it truly matters more than anything else I have ever done for you guys. Do the research yourself. Devote yourself to understanding Nibiru, what it is, what it is going to do to us, and how people’s evil on this planet is negative energy interconnected with Nibiru.

The more people we save, the longer we can delay the prophecy.
Turn the blind and bad into the light and the good.
We have to work together – our heart’s are the prisms to light.
Your eyes are the mirrors that capture the light.
Your consciousness is the result of light passing through a prism.
A world without colors is a world without consciousness.

144 = Prism
792 = Light
3168 = 1728 + 1512 + 3456 = 6696 = 774 x 9 = 6696.

10368 ^ 2 = 107495424 <— BEYOND
4 x 9 x 16 x 36 x 64 x 81 = 107495424 <— SOCIETY

3 x 4 x 5 x 9 x 2 x 6 x 5 x 3 x 5 x 8 x 9 x 7 x 9 = 2204496000 = 6696

2304 x 4.5 = 10368

Now, get this…

10368 / 3 = 3456 = 711 = Khufu 7:11
10368 / 6 = 1728 = 31428 = Egyptian Pi
10368 / 9 = 1152 = 252 = Gravity

Use this knowledge!
Find your inner light!
If you have an inner light, but are too soft, then you are doing it wrong…

The light you need is that of a diamond – hard bodied with a beautiful reflection.
A rose with thorns.
Not a marshmallow of fluffiness in a world of hell’s fire.
One who survived hell, pressure and darkness to shine.

If you support my message, use this symbol in every message – spread this word – it truly matters more than anything else I have ever done for you guys. Do the research yourself. Devote yourself to understanding Nibiru, what it is, what it is going to do to us, and how people’s evil on this planet is negative energy interconnected with Nibiru.

“The more people we save, the longer we can delay the Prophecy of Nibiru.
Turn the blind and bad into the light and the good.
We have to work together – our heart’s are the prisms to light.
Your eyes are the mirrors that capture the light.
Your consciousness is the result of light passing through a prism.
A world without colors is a world without consciousness.” – Dodecrashhedron


Nibiru is said to arrive on Nov 7th, the same date I transformed last year.

11 7 = 7 11 = 7:11 [Khufu]

Nibiru will be closest to us on Dec, 6, which is 6 6 6, 6+6 6, or 12 / 6.

And to confirm everything from point A to point Z…

Sol And Body in English Gematria Equals: 666

Sun = Sol
Evil Sun = Body

When the Good Sun & Bad Sun come together, they create 6 6 6. 12 / 6 = 6 6 6.

“Manuscripts 3:5 The Heavens will burn brightly and redly, there will be a copper hue over the face of the land, followed by a day of darkness. A new moon will appear and break up and fall.” – Kolbrin

The comet that passed by Earth recently was not Nibiru.
It was a comet named Nibiru.

There is a Sun, not a Comet, that is approaching our planet with the furnace of a thousand screaming souls on its way to devour everything, if people do not change their ways and understand that evil energy is interconnected with the evil sun.

The Kolbrin refers to the evil sun as “The Destroyer”.

The Destroyer in Jewish Gematria Equals: 927
The Destroyer in English Gematria Equals: 972
The Destroyer in Simple Gematria Equals: 162

927 + 972 + 162 = 2061 <— Notice the 162 and 2061 are a mirror to one another.

2061 – 2015 = 46.

We have 46 Chromosomes.

Take three digits of Pi and multiply it with 46.

46 x 314 = 14444.

Now get this.

The Solar Serpent arrives at Nov 7th & is closest at Dec 6th

7 + 23 = 30
30 + 6 = 36


7236 x 142857 = 1033713252

1337 13 252

These numbers are the most powerful numbers in the entire system.

Why are they?

1337 + 13 + 252 = 1602………………………………….

The Destroyer in Simple Gematria Equals: 162……………………….

1337 13 252 = 7776.

1728 + 1728 = 3456 <— Important Order.

1728 / 4.5 = 7776.

4428864 = The Destroyer

20504 [Washington D.C] x 6 x 6 x 6 [Beast] = 4428864

Planet Earth in English Gematria Equals: 720

4428864 / 720 = 6151.2

…………………………….. } O {

6 x 1512 = 9072

The Destroyer in English Gematria Equals: 972

………………………………………………………. } O {

9072 [The Destroyer] x 526 [Disease] = 4771872.

4771872 x 414 = 1975555008 = 1728 = 31428 = 414 [Egyptian Pi].

526 [Disease] x 414 [Egyptian Pi] = 217764 = 7776.

972 [The Destroyer] + 414 [Egyptian Pi] = 1386.

1386 + 414 = 1800
1800 + 414 = 2214 <— Yes, that’s a 414 disguised as a 2214…
2214 + 414 = 2628
2628 + 414 = 3042
3042 + 414 = 3456 <— I was not expecting this.


414 [Egyptian Pi] + 252 [Gravity] = 666…………………………
414 [Egyptian Pi] + 360 [Circle] = 774…………………………….
414 [Egyptian Pi] + 666 [Beast] = 1080 Degrees…………………………

360 – 252 = 180 Degrees
666 – 360 = 306 Degrees

180 Degrees + 306 Degrees = 486 Degrees = 414 Degrees.

Jehovah in English Gematria Equals: 414

Love in English Gematria Equals: 324

414 x 324 = 134136 = 90 Degrees………………………………..

134136 = 44 46 = 414 [Egyptian Pi]

44 x 46 x 972 = 1967328 = 9 Degrees 18 Degrees 27 Degrees 36 Degrees….

432 x 423 = 18 Degrees 27 Degrees 36 Degrees

432 + 423 = 855 = 810 = 90 Degrees…………………………….

The Destroyer in Jewish Gematria Equals: 927
The Destroyer in English Gematria Equals: 972
The Destroyer in Simple Gematria Equals: 162

972 [The Destroyer] / 90 Degrees = 10.8.

927 [The Destroyer] / 90 Degrees = 10.3.

162 [The Destroyer] / 90 Degrees = 1.8.

10.8 + 10.3 + 1.8 = 22.9.

10.8 x 10.3 + 1.8 = 113.04 = 31104. <— That’s.

3456+3456+3456+3456+3456+3456+3456+3456+3456 = 31104. <— Awesome.

10.8 x 10.3 x 1.8 = 200.232

2322 = 774 + 774 + 774………………………………………….

200 + 232 = 432. <—

Protein’s mathematical design is:

O (oxygen) – 16/31.998

H (hydrogen) – 1/4.032 <—

N (nitrogen) – 7/14.007

C (carbon)- 6/12.001

31.998 x 4.032 x 14.007 x 12.001 = 21687.3217128.

216 873 217 128…………………………

216 x 873 x 217 x 128 = 5237664768.

52376 + 64768 = 117144…………………………………

That 117 = 7:11 [Khufu]

144 = Prism [774]

117 x 144 = 16848 = 88848 = 2448…………..

2448 x 9 = 22032……………

2322 = 774 + 774 + 774………………………………………….

774 = 144 = 711

There is a connection between it all.

2448 x 711 x 144 = 250636032……………

That is a 63 63 between a 252 [Gravity].

63 [Pi] x 63 [Pi] x 252 [Gravity] = 1000188

1188 x 711 = 844668.

8 x 4 x 4 x 6 x 6 x 8 = 36864………………..

I can’t believe it. I reverse-engineered my way through the entire matrix, right to the end.

8 x 6 x 4 x 4 x 6 x 8 = 36864………………..

3 x 6 x 8 x 6 x 4 = 3456…………………..

3 x 4 x 5 x 6 = 360 Degrees…………………………..



360 = Circle
9072 = Imperfect Circle

360 x 9072 = 3265920 = 360 2592……………..

360 x 2592 = 933120………… = 612…….. = 666…. = December 6th……..

It’s the End Of Times…

360 + 2592 = 2952…… Same Numbers…….

360 + 2952 + 9072 = 12384 = 90 Degrees…………………….

360 x 2952 x 9072 = 9640995840 = 64 + 584 = 648 Degrees.

This is by far the most powerful sequence of numbers I ever witnessed.

96 x 499 x 548 = 26251392 = 26 25 24 9

26 x 25 x 24 x 9 = 140400….

This is incredible…

584 + 144 = 728…………………

584 + 144 + 252 + 360 + 3114 + 774 = 5228 = 728…………..

What is 584?

Bermuda Triangle in Jewish Gematria Equals: 584
Pyramid in Jewish Gematria Equals: 584

The Egyptians and Celtics wrote the “Kolbrin”.

This formula is more than a formula – it’s divinely reacting:

584 + 144 + 252 + 360 + 3114 + 774 + 9072 + 142857 = 157157.

157 + 157 = 314…………………………………………………Pi.

} O {

144000 / 314 = 458.598726115 = 299 792 458………………

144000 / 3114 = 46.2427745665 = 46 Chromosomes = 46 x 314 = 14444………..

144000 / 15552 = 9.25925925926 = 9 792 792 792 6……………

144000 / 142857 = 1.008001008 = 1008 8001 1008……….

144000 / 1296 = 111.111111111…………. Source Code…………

144000 x 1296 = 186624000 = The Codes [864 162] To The Sun & The Dark Sun…

The Light Bringer in Simple Gematria Equals: 162
The Destroyer in Simple Gematria Equals: 162

144000 / 162 = 888.888888889….. We Are Doomed…. Nibiru is all 8’s….

144000 / 526 [Disease Frequency / Nibiru] = 273.764258555 = Design Code…..

} O {

8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 273 = 2345052143616……


Read the numbers vertically, bottom to top……


What do these numbers mean?

612 x 123 x 634 x 54 x 5 = 12885745680………….
12 x 88 x 57 x 45 x 68 = 184187520 = 18 18 18…………

18 x 4187520 = 75375360 = 75 Degrees 375 Golden Angle 360 Degrees………….

} O {

75375360 / 2 = 37687680………
37687680 / 2 = 18843840………
18843840 / 2 = 9421920………..
9421920 / 2 = 4710960………….
4710960 / 2 = 2355480………….
2355480 / 2 = 1177740………….
1177740 / 2 = 588870……………
588870 / 2 = 294435……………..
294435 / 2 = 147217.5………….. = Solfeggio Frequency = 147 258………..

} O {

147 + 258 + 368 [Solfeggio Frequencies] = 774…..

3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 1594323.

531 + 432 = 963.

531 x 432 = 229392.

229392 = 7992…..

3 x 1 x 4 x 1 x 5 x 9 x 2 x 6 x 5 x 3 x 5 x 8 x 9 = 3499200 = 7992….

To top it all off.

229392 = 2322 [774 + 774 + 774]….

774 = 144.


216+216+216=648 <— How in the…

3456 + 2592 = 6048. <— How???

60 + 48 = 108….

60 x 48 = 2880….

108 x 288 = 311040

3456+3456+3456+3456+3456+3456+3456+3456+3456 = 31104

3 x 4 x 5 x 6 = 360 Degrees.

The Destroyer in English Gematria Equals: 972

3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 9 x 7 x 2 = 45360 = 3456 & 360 Degrees.

We are living inside an electromagnetic Universe where forces draw upon each other, and repel away from each other. The Sun of our Solar System is the Sun of Love. The nightmare that is approaching our planet, and has a chance of arriving here on Nov. 7th, while being at its closest point to Earth on Dec. 6th [666]. It has the name of Nibiru; it has nothing to do with aliens, advanced technology, or heightened awareness – it is sadly the prophecy that will end our entire planet; it’s not inevitable, it’s an effect that acts as a cleanse system to evil, disease and death… This Universe actually has a cleansing system – Nibiru is the cleansing system. And it will destroy everything here on Earth, and reset Earth back to volcanic stage; copper red skies, smoke, no oxygen, locked away in darkness to repeat itself as if everything that happened from the previous time it evolved, up until this point, never happened…

Support my quest to raise awareness on the soul destroying danger that is approaching our planet; the true cause to the rise of violence, evil and corruption on this planet. Nibiru is nothing but Evil – it doesn’t have wings; it has horns. Many cultures across the planet know about the same prophecy, and have been trying to warn us about it. Listen to me. And listen well. Read this post. Again and again. Research Nibiru. Spread this post everywhere. This entire planet’s existence is in your hands. Study what Nibiru really is. The absolute death that it is… The very first book of Divine Wisdom, The Kolbrin, will tell you everything you need to know about Nibiru, and why you should make it your mission to convert evil into light, to offset Nibiru’s Purpose: to cleanse this world of its evil; The Rapture…

Satan is coming… It’s name is Nibiru. And the only way to stop it from destroying our planet in unimaginable hell fire, is to change our frequencies! Your frequencies are the bridge between Life & Death. If you do not want Nibiru to destroy our planet, stop destroying your souls and other people’s souls – bring light to this world, before it’s too late… And suddenly this Manuscript becomes a Reality:

“Manuscripts 3:4 When blood drops upon the Earth, the Destroyer will appear, and mountains will open up and belch forth fire … Trees will be destroyed and all living things engulfed. Waters will be swallowed up by the land, and seas will boil.”

Spread this symbol to warn others about Satan; A.K.A Nibiru; A.K.A The End Of Times Prophecy; A.K.A The Rapture; A.K.A The Solar Serpent!


Modern prayer researchers currently identify four modes of prayer used in the west today. Does an additional mode exist? Is there a fifth mode of prayer that allows us to participate in the outcome of the events within our bodies as well as the world around us?

Recent findings in remote temple sites where these traditions remain today, combined with new research into some of the most sacred and esoteric traditions of our past, lead me to believe that the answer is “Yes!”

Much of our conditioning in western traditions for the last one and one half millennia has invited us to “ask” that specific circumstances in our world change through divine intervention; that our prayers be answered. In our well-intentioned asking, however, we may unknowingly empower the very conditions that we are praying to change. For example, when we ask, “Dear God, please let there be peace in the world,” in effect we are stating that peace does not exist in the present. Ancient traditions remind us that prayers of asking are one form of prayer, among other forms, that empower us to find peace in our world through the quality of thought, feeling and emotion that we create in our body. Once we allow the qualities of peace in our mind and fuel our prayer through feelings of peace in our body, the fifth mode of prayer states that the outcome has already happened.

Quantum science now takes this idea one step further, stating that it is precisely such conditions of feeling that creation responds to, by matching the feeling (prayer) of our inner world with like conditions in our outer world. Though the outcome of our prayer may not yet be apparent in our outer world, we are invited to acknowledge our communion with creation and live as if our prayer has already been answered.

Through the words of another time, the ancients invited us to embrace our lost mode of prayer as a consciousness that we become, rather than a prescribed form of action that we perform upon occasion. In words that are as simple as they are elegant, we are reminded to be “surrounded” by the answer to our prayers and “enveloped” by the conditions that we choose to experience. In the modern idiom, this description suggests to us that to effect change in our world, we are invited to first have the feelings of the change having happened.

As modern science continues to validate a relationship between our thoughts, feelings and dreams with the world that surrounds us, it becomes more likely that a forgotten bridge links our prayers with that of our experience. The beauty of such an inner technology is that it is based upon human qualities that we already possess. From the prophets who saw us in their dreams, we are reminded that in honoring all life, we accomplish nothing less than the survival of our species and the future of the only home we know.

Comparing Modes of Prayer Through the Example of Global Peace

Logic-based prayer: asking for intervention

1. We Focus upon present conditions where we believe that peace does not exist.

2. We may feel helpless, powerless or angry at the events and conditions that we are witness to.

3. We employ our prayer of asking by inviting divine intervention from a higher power to bring peace to bear upon individuals, conditions and places where we believe that peace is absent.

4. Through our asking, we may unknowingly affirm the very conditions that we least desire. When we say “Please let there be peace,” for example, we are declaring that peace is not present in a particular situation. In doing so, we may actually fuel the condition that we have chosen to change.

5. We continue to ask for intervention until we see the change actually come to pass in our world.


Feeling-based prayer: knowing that our prayer is already answered

1. We witness all events, those of peace and those that we see as the absence of peace, as possibilities without judgement of right, wrong, bad or good.

2. We release our judgement of the situation by Blessing those conditions that have caused us pain. The Blessing does not condone or consent to the event or condition. Rather, it acknowledges that the event is part of the single source of all that is. (Please see the book, Walking Between the Worlds: The Science of Compassion, for details.)

3. By feeling the feelings of our prayer already answered, we demonstrate the ancient quantum principle stating that the conditions of peace within our bodies are mirrored in the world beyond our bodies.

4. We acknowledge the power of our prayer and know (feel) that the focus of our prayer has already come to pass.

5. Our prayer now consists of:

1. acknowledging the peace already is present in our world by living from the knowledge that such changes have occurred.

2. empowering our prayer by giving thanks for the opportunity to choose peace over suffering.

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Rustenburg – Polokwane – Middleburg – Nelspruit – Vryburg for parcels call or sms: Tlou 0721587904 Volunteer (DVDs available)

Limpopo / Jane Furse  Cell 0843191766 Walter Kgopane, Mahudu Shop, Nawabe ( up on appointment DVDs available)  

Limpopo / Thohoyandou / near Louis-Trichardt  Umlingo Trader 083 314 2768 (DVDs available)

Northwest / Delareyville Puleng Thulo 0739064758 ( up on appointment DVDs available)  

Kuruman / Seodin / Postmasburg  Keitumetse Happiness 071571687 ( up on appointment DVDs available)  

East London / Mdantsane Nomawethu Nkqwitha 0713546273 ( up on appointment DVDs available)  

Umtata Lungisile Lusizo  Katazile 0826460881  Volunteer (up on appointment DVDs available)

Umtata NORTHCREST Dawn 0765120226/ 0782334450 Volunteer (up on appointment DVDs available)

Butterworth Thotyelwa Dekeda 0742184905 Volunteer (up on appointment DVDs available)

Lusikisiki eastern cape Moses Msitshana  07172315300718178305 Volunteer (up on appointment DVDs available)

King Williams Town Neliswa Gcezegana 084 590 6738 Volunteer (up on appointment DVDs available)

Capetown  Andile Mbebe  0767307857 or 0797330510  Volunteer (up on appointment DVDs available)

Capetown parcels send 0722 7272 98 Volunteer (DVDs available)

Ncotshane / Emdonini / Pongola / Deckville Zoliswa Mamba +268 76590578 Parcels available Volunteer (up on appointment DVDs available)

Swaziland Manzini and Nhlangano (From outside+268) 76219904 (DVDs available)

Swaziland Manzini Simosenkosi Sikweni  (From outside +268) 76241025 Volunteer (up on appointment DVDs available)

Botswana / Gaborone  Watsapp Number 00267 73052515, and for calls 0026771918030 Email: boitumelo.mmapetla@gmail.com

Namibia  Mekondjo Kambonde, +264 81 284 2315 (will be updated soon) Volunteer (up on appointment DVDs available)

Zambia. Nature’s Way Health Food Supplies, Bankers Nest, Munkoyo Street, Highridge Kabwe. Contact +26 097 252 3954