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Babies and childern first, they are the future:

Infants are fragile and susceptible to disease, partly because their bodies are not fully developed. They must be treated with special care and given adequate nourishment. Infant formulas are able to mimic a few of the nutritional components of breast milk, but formula cannot hope to duplicate the vast and constantly changing array of essential nutrients in human milk. Nevertheless, breastfeeding is often devalued, both in the United States and abroad, and in many parts of the world it must compete with relentless advertising by infant-formula companies.

Studies have demonstrated a number of important health benefits to breastfeeding. Among them:

Breast-fed children are more resistant to disease and infection early in life than formula-fed children

Breast-fed children are less likely to contract a number of diseases later in life, including juvenile diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and cancer before the age of 15

Mothers who breastfeed are less likely to develop osteoporosis later in life, are able to lose weight gained during pregnancy more easily and have a lower risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer

Making breast milk: How your body produces nature’s perfect baby food

an umlingo wamangcolosi juice kill the hiv virus

If you have been the victim of vaccinations, you wil have challenges arising from mycoplasma

and need more Niacin to live a healthy life especially in stress full times

Vegetables High In Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Organic Mushrooms

3.877 mg / 100g

Because of their meaty texture, mushrooms are brilliant for use in place of mince in bolognaise and lasagne recipes. Simply grate them and then fry them with onions and other ingredients, just like you would with mince. They also taste delicious when cooked with garlic and parsley and served on organic rye toast for breakfast.

Organic Corn

3.627 mg / 100g

Corn is a very versatile foodstuff. As a grain, it can be ground up to make flour that is used to thicken sauces or to make a tasty cornbread that works very well with chilli. As a vegetable, it is delicious eaten on the cob as a side to barbequed meat, or removed from the cob and added to cottage pie or risotto.

Organic Broccoli Rabe (Rapini)

1.221 mg / 100g

Rapini can often taste bitter, which puts many people off trying it. But it is so packed full of goodness that it is worth learning how to cook rapini well. The best way to prepare it is to blanch it in very salty water, then, whilst still wet, dip it in oil and garlic before grilling it or using in other recipes like stir fry.

 Organic Artichokes

1.046 mg / 100g

When prepared and cooked properly, artichokes are an absolute delicacy! Artichoke hearts are often canned in flavoured oils that make them perfect for chopping and adding to salads or using as a topping on homemade pizza. The main bulb itself can be steamed, then lightly barbequed and served with other vegetables as a side to meat.

 Organic Potatoes

1.033 mg / 100g

There’s nothing quite like a baked potato smothered in tuna, beans, chilli or cheese for providing the ultimate comfort food that can be as high or low in fat as you choose to make it. Potatoes are also delicious mashed, but keep their skins on to help retain the nutrients that would otherwise be lost if they are removed.


1 mg / 100g

For a tasty way to thicken soups add chopped okra, an ingredient commonly used in gumbo for just such a reason. Okra can also be enjoyed pickled as a snack, fried as a topping for salad and used to make a delicious okra curry that is hearty and warming, just like a traditional winter stew.


1 mg / 100g

Kale can be sprayed with oil and sprinkled with salt, then baked in the oven as a healthy alternative to crisps. It can also be added to savoury smoothies and pasta sauces to help boost the overall vitamin and mineral content. Indeed, it contains such good quantities of so many nutrients that it is often referred to as natures multivitamin.

Fruits High In Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

organic Prunes

1.882 mg / 100g

Prunes are nothing more than dried plums, but the drying process does something to increase the overall level of nutrients that are available in them. For example, fresh plums contain just 3% of the daily requirement of vitamin B3 per cup, prunes contain 16% per cup. They can be blended into smoothies, but are equally tasty as a simple, on-the-go snack.

 Organic Avocados

1.738 mg / 100g

Avocados are very popular amongst vegans and dairy-free individuals because they provide a wonderfully creamy texture to dishes. They can be blended with fruit, or honey and cocoa, to create a nutritious and healthy dessert, or added to sandwiches in place of mayonnaise. Avocados are also rich in many nutrients including 13% of the daily requirement of vitamin B3 per cup.

 Organic Passion Fruit

1.5 mg / 100g

You can enjoy the exotic, fragrant flavour of passion fruit easily by simply adding it to smoothies, sprinkling the seeds over yogurt and including it in fruit salad. Passion fruit also really helps to bring together the flavours of other exotic fruits like mango and pineapple in a delicious, refreshing summer punch.

 Organic Dates

1.274 mg / 100g

Dates offer a tasty, healthier alternative to sweets and cakes for those people who have something of a sweet tooth and because they are so sweet you actually eat less of them, which is good news for teeth. They are excellent for using as a natural sweetener in homemade smoothies and cakes, and are also delicious when added to brown rice dishes.

 Organic Guavas

1.084 mg / 100g

This pink, fragrant fruit really helps a fruit salad to come alive and also adds an exotic flavour to smoothies and juices. Guava, like most fruits, is high in fibre and contains very good levels of vitamins and minerals, making it an excellent food to include in a healthy diet.

Nuts & Seeds High In Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

organic Chia Seeds

8.83 mg / 100g

Throw them in smoothies, sprinkle them over cereal and yogurt, or add them to homemade bread recipes, but always try to include chia seeds into your daily diet. They are an excellent source of important vitamins and minerals that are essential to good health, and they also provide a very good source of dietary fiber.

 Sunflower Seeds

8.335 mg / 100g

Sunflower seeds are delicious when lightly drizzled with oil and salt, then roasted and enjoyed as a healthier alternative to crisps for snacking. They can also be added to homemade bread and trail mix recipes, and even work well in homemade granola. Anything they are added to will receive a nutritional boost thanks to the high levels of vitamins and minerals that they contain.

 Organic Pumpkin Seeds

4.987 mg / 100g

Adding pumpkin seeds to homemade bread, flapjacks, granola and trail mix will help to significantly boost the overall levels of important vitamins and minerals like zinc, magnesium and vitamin B3. Pumpkin seeds are also delicious roasted with a little oil and salt and eaten as a healthier alternative to crisps.

 Organic Sesame Seeds

4.515 mg / 100g

Sesame seeds are a delicious way to help boost the overall levels of nutrients in the diet. They are an abundant source of fiber, omega fatty acids and protein.  Sesame seeds can be blended into a butter that can be used in hummus or as a spread in sandwiches, and they can be added to homemade bread and flapjack recipes.

 organic Pine Nuts

4.387 mg / 100g

Pine nuts are often used as the base ingredient when making pesto. They can however also be used for making nut loaf, nut burgers and stuffing. Pine nuts are also tasty in trail mix. They are an excellent source of protein and many other essential nutrients, but like many nuts are high in fat and should be consumed in moderation.

 Organic Almonds

3.618 mg / 100g

These creamy nuts add a wonderful marzipan flavour to trail mixes and homemade flapjacks; they also work equally well when flaked and sprinkled over cereal or fruit and yogurt. Almonds are also an abundant source of many important vitamins and minerals, including 16% of the daily requirement of vitamin B3 per cup.

Organic Flax Seeds

3.08 mg / 100g

Flax seeds can easily be incorporated into the diet by chucking them in smoothies, sprinkling them over cereal or yogurt for breakfast and adding them to trail mixes or homemade bread. They are bursting with essential vitamins and minerals that are needed for maintaining good health, including 2% of the daily requirement of vitamin B3 per tablespoon.

 Organic Macadamia Nuts

2.473 mg / 100g

Macadamia nuts are often used to make sweet treats that aren’t very healthy, but they can also work very well in trail mixes and chopped for use in homemade granola, providing a creamy, sweet flavour. Macadamia nuts can also be added to nut loaf, nut burgers and vegetarian stuffing mix.

 Organic Hazelnuts

1.8 mg / 100g

These sweet, creamy nuts can be blended and used as a spread on toast or pitta bread, the resulting butter can also be blended with cocoa and agave syrup to provide a healthy alternative to commercially produced chocolate spread. Hazelnuts are also great as a snack and can be chopped and added to homemade granola.

 Organic Pistachio Nuts

1.3 mg / 100g

Pistachio nuts are an excellent source of important omega fatty acids that have been shown to support heart and brain health. They also contain around 8% of the daily requirement of vitamin B3 per cup. Enjoy pistachio nuts as snacks, blend them into a nut butter for use on bread or toast and chuck them in trail mix.

 Organic Pecans

1.167 mg / 100g

Like most nuts, pecans contain very good amounts of dietary fiber and minerals that are important for good health; they also contain around 6% of the daily requirement of vitamin B3 per one cup serving. Pecans can be included in nut loaf and stuffing mixtures, and taste great chopped into porridge with honey.

 Organic Walnuts

1.125 mg / 100g

By including walnuts in your diet, you can hope to significantly increase the overall levels of nutrients in your body including vitamin B3, with one cup of walnuts containing around 7% of the recommended daily allowance. Walnuts provide a delicious smoky flavour to nut burgers and nut loaf, and are really tasty in trail mix.

Organic Cashew Nuts

1.062 mg / 100g

Cashew nuts can be blended into a nut butter that can then be flavoured with a number of herbs or spices to provide a delicious alternative to hummus. The creamy nuts also work very well in curries and stir fries, providing a mild, nutty texture whilst taking on the other flavours in the dish.

How and why Umlingo WamaNgcolosi works and how it was born out of “Power to the people” and why it helps reverse all diseases

How and why Umlingo WamaNgcolosi works and how it was born out of “Power to the people” and why it helps reverse all diseases

Humans that have used a lot of sugar or pharmaceutical (Sorcery-Poisoner products) medications should use pro biotics  to revive their digestive system 2 hours before using umlingo juice


Home made Umlingo WamaNgcolosi juice for 1 day:
Some people will need to reduce the amounts to a minimum to avoid extreme Herxheimer side effects

1. Soak 3 average sized non GE/GMO lemons for about 10 minutes in water with 10 tablespoons of vinegar or 100gr of see salt added. Then scrub each lemon thoroughly to rid it of whatever the growers have sprayed on it.
2. Cut the lemons with skin and pips in pieces and put them in a strong mixer blender
3. Add 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive oil and 3 cups of water ( or
4. Add 3 tablespoons of non GE/GMO local garlic (imported garlic is irradiated and might be GE, usually very weak and not effective)
5. Add 3 tablespoons of non GE/GMO local Ginger (Double this amount for people with Lung problems/ Asthma)
6. Add 1 teaspoons of cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil (triple this amount for Epilepsy & nervous diseases)
7. Add 1 teaspoons of cold pressed Flax Seed Oil
8. Add 3 tablespoons of Aloe Vera extract (with no preservatives or take 1 heaped tablespoon of the gel from a growing aloe vera plant)
9. Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder ( but fresh root is better)
10. Add the daily portion of a natural Multivitamin/ Multi Mineral supplement of your choice (ours is specifically mixed for us extracted from organic produce with some african potatoe extract added)
11. Add ¼ teaspoon of Stevia powder.
12. if you want to dilute it more add ozone enriched RO filtered water (We recommend OASIS water or Perfectwater)
13. Blend untill very smooth, but do not overheat your machine.
14. Drink 1/3 of the mixture (or 1/6 or 1/12 depending on your size and condition) in the morning, 1/3(or 1/6 or 1/12 depending on your size and condition) after lunch and 1/3(or 1/6 or 1/12 depending on your size and condition) in the evening. Repeat this for 6 to 24 weeks non stop, depending on when you feel that you have fully recovered. Then you maintain your health by eating organic and wholesome foods, 50% organic raw foods whilst enjoying regular out door activity/gardening….. Humans that used sugar/carbohydrates and/or antibiotics should use organic Sauerkraut or Kefir pro biotics to enable nutritional absorption of all God given veg, nuts, tubers and fruits. Avoid animal foods and starch/sugar foods. Investigate the subject of cannabis as we humans have an endocannabinoid system within our earthly being allowing us to be creational beings. 1love

Testimonies very welcome to encourage other humans to exit from the business with disease community. Thank you

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