The History, Functions & recipe of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi

The History, Functions & recipe of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi which is very Effective for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Arthritis, AIDS, Asthma, Epilepsy, stomach ulcers, cancers and most other diseases.

In the Year 1998 we found out about the AIDS deceit from www.virusmyth.com. In1999 after attending a lecture of Deepak Chopra, my Wife and I decided to become part of the positive change in this world. (Thank You Deepak Chopra) We wrote letters to the News papers (very ineffective) and distributed and planted several thousand pawpaw trees in several township areas (to create awareness & increase vitamin and mineral levels in African people) to help avoid disease and create fresh food awareness. We joined a local green party, but soon realized that it was corrupted by one of its founders, as they wanted to promote ARV’s and money science instead of Truth, and white people instead of African people.
In 2003 we decided to go and live in a Traditional Area

to practice what we where preaching. After traveling all over SA and visiting many traditional areas, it was Inkhosi B.F. Bhengu together with his Chief Induna “Mapanga / AmaTowel” who realized that we could make a major difference, (we offered a solution for AIDS and local development) and offered us offices in the traditional court house and asked us to choose our land and settle. We chose a peninsula on the inanda Dam

and started building our Rondavels (still not finished) and growing our food forest. In 2004 after seeing Carte Blanche on ETV, we contacted and educated Tine & Nely about the non existing HIV and invited them to come and stay with us in KwaNgcolosi by the Inanda Dam for 4 months, to produce a Film documentary which we named “POWER TO THE PEOPLE”, and that would eventually help ELIMINATE the pharmaceutical deceit that is going on worldwide (Profitable Population Control). I call it “The Catholic Economic Matricks” as it was the Catholic Church that initiated the Universities that went on to teach and preach symptom & germ theory based medicine as we know it today, and later exterminated most European herbalist (Witches) as they where cheaper and of course more successful due to treating the cause of a disease rather then the symptom. Today the same institutions worldwide are promoting faulty science, all in the name of profit and population control. Our then Health Minister Dr. Manto Tshabalala Msimang visited us several times to follow up on our patients and eventually sponsored (via the National Health Dep.) a 9 months trial that was so amazing that the forces that be had to go and hide the outcome (96% recovery rate) and everything that had to do with this trial. During their 4 months visit Tina & Nely had shown us most of the important natural herbs / foods needed to bring back the nearly dead to life, no matter what the disease. To simplify the use of this extremely effective programm, we decided to mix it all together and add cold pressed Hempseed oil, Aloe vera with no preservatives, cold pressed flaxseed oil, Tumeric and Stevia powder. To honour the courage of our Inkhosi Ngcolosi/Bhengu, for allowing us to settle down in his area for the purpose of manifesting TRUTH, we decided to name the juice after him: “Umlingo WamaNgcolosi” (The Magic of Ngcolosi/Bhengu).

Umlingo WamaNgcolosi can be used when suffering from any (chronic) disease as it detoxifies the body and restores the biochemistry.      With this natural juice, the body now has all the building blocks available to repair or/and maintain itself. The PH automatically re balances itself to between 7.4 to 7.5

14. Drink 1/3 in the morning, 1/3 after lunch and 1/3 in the evening. Repeat this for 6 to 24 weeks non stop, depending on when you feel that you have fully recovered. Then you can maintain your health by eating organic and wholesome. You can also use Umlingo WamaNgcolosi for maintenance by having one bottle once to twice a month. People with kidney problems should start with 2 table spoons 3 x a day and gradually build up as the body recovers. Humans that have been eating a lot of TV foods and medications should eat Kefir every day to restore their digestive system

In addition on a daily basis the patient should eat 2 large Beetroots/day, 2 Brazil Nuts, 1 Tablespoon of Pumpkin Seeds, as much non GE/GMO organic Fruit and Veggies as possible, drink 1-2 liters of Filtered water (we recommend OASIS or Perfect water (www.oasiswater.co.za  www.perfectwater.co.za), expose the body to sunshine in the mornings and late afternoons and breath deeply. If the patient feels like drinking Tea, it should only be natural herbal tea like green or Rooibos tea or herbs from the garden without sugar or milk. (You can use Stevia powder to sweeten)

Incase of Asthma, Do the following breathing exercise 5 times per day: Breath out, till all is out (sitting down bending over forward with your head towards your knees), then slowly breath (whilst getting back in to upright sitting position) in on the count of 8, hold your breath for the count of 8, and breath out again, bending over forward with your head towards your knees again, repeat this . Singing songs where you have to use up your air is also a good way to do this exercise, laugh loud and enjoy every breath you take.