HIV test fraud

HIV Tests are Not HIV Tests
Here is the proof

by Cal Crilly


Well I’m sure this is the first time a serious dismantling of the HIV antibody test has ever reached a mainstream publication and I bet the AIDS researchers involved are beginning to sweat and get a tad worried about losing their jobs.

HIV Test Are Not HIV Tests. By Professor Henry Bauer. (Printed in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons 2010).

For 26 years they been fluffing on about sex viruses destroying our T-cells and giving us the mantra that their toxic pile of rubbish is going to save us. At the moment South Africa is actually on the edge of disaster because the AIDS scientists are campaigning to get EVERYONE in South Africa tested for HIV and President Zuma has gone along with the medical colonialists by offering himself up for testing. He knew he’d be alright because he had to take the HIV test before after that “washing himself in the shower after sex to make sure he didn’t get HIV” scandal, you all remember don’t you? But if you look closely it never sounded very convincing.

Quotes from AIDS researchers….

Robert Gallo the ‘inventor’ of the HIV=AIDS theorem said “CD4 as a sole surrogate marker is dying” in 1993, they still use this T-cell test.

Paul Volberding M.D. “Therapy with AZT is recommended for both symptomatic and asymptomatic HIV-infected individuals whose CD4 counts are below 500 at a dose of 500mg a day” 1990.

In 1993 he said “we wish we could easily dismiss the results of the Concorde Trial based on flawed study design but we can’t” this is because healthy HIV infected men without symptoms all got sick and died on AZT and the Concorde researchers said “we do not encourage early use of Zidovudine AZT in asymptomatic HIV infected individuals”.

AZT is a drug still given to hundreds of thousands of women and children and gays.

It became a generic drug when the patent ran out so women and children are still given pure AZT while gays get it mixed in with other AIDS drugs so they can be patented again for greater profits.

It was given to Freddie Mercury, Rudolph Nureyev and Kenny Everett who all died.

Long time advocate of AZT Marcus Conant M.D. “it is now clear that AZT and other antiretroviral drugs do not work as far as extending survival time in AIDS” 1993. He said “unfortunately, the Concorde study shows no survival benefit with the use of AZT at the end of 3 years”.

AIDS researchers Macleod and Hammer in the paper Zidoduvine [AZT]:5 Years Later said “AZT has been shown to inhibit proliferation of immune cells and diminish their responsiveness and that AZT’s effect resembled those of Corticosteroids and other immunosuppressive agents”.

John S. James, publisher of AIDS Treatment New said this about the then new drug Protease which causes wasting and bizarre fat deposition “This drug ought to be tried. If we had anything good, it would be one thing. But we don’t- and this may be better” in 1993.

Dr. June Osborne, Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan and Chairperson on the National Committee on AIDS said, “As an old virologist, I always thought that the straightforward use of antiviral drugs as if they were penicillin would never work. There is no magic bullet that can be shot off to make it all be over. If the conference helped us get over that illusion, we are all better off” at The Berlin AIDS Conference in 1993.

In their own words, of course nothing has changed except they now test more people for HIV using their non-specific blood bank screening test for ‘antibodies to all of our retroviruses’ (that was never intended to be used on humans) and sell more AIDS drugs. Taken from The Anarchist AIDS Medical Formulary By Charles R. Caulfield and Billi Goldberg and published in 1993.

Or this about Nevirapine which is given to stop so called Mother to Child Transmission of so called HIV. This was 2001. “Because of the severity of these reactions and the long elimination half-life of nevirapine, we suggest discontinuation of the drug as soon as any eruption occurs.” Nevirapine and the risk of Stevens+Johnson syndrome or toxic epidermal necrolysis

Well I believe something that does make sense and that is our DNA contains 8% of retroviruses and these have function. I believe that dietary lack of Selenium, Folic acid, B12, B6 and Choline create deficiencies of a molecule called S-adenosylmethionine and when these nutrients get depleted the retroviruses come out of our DNA. This is because S-adenosylmethionine is needed to Methylate our DNA and keep the retroviruses stable and in check.

But in pregnancy molecules like Vitamin A send signals to the genomic DNA and these retroviruses come out and do things and this is why pregnant women are in one of the highest risk categories for testing HIV positive. This is because the HIV antibody test was a commercial blood-screening product to test for the presence of ANY retroviral antibodies. And this is why every single HIV test kit has a disclaimer saying “This test is not intended for use in a HIV diagnosis, refer to other tests” Which say “This test is not intended for use in a HIV diagnosis, refer to other tests” The test manufacturers knew it never meant that much so they covered themselves.

The NIH in America though which gets around 30 Billion Dollars in funding each year are liable and any doctor who was none the wiser and said “You have HIV/AIDS” is liable too, the legal case to base this on is under consumer protection. It’s actually a wing in for any lawyers with enough courage and clout to take on the National Institute of Health. Good luck to the lawyers because this is something that will have to be done in the very near future. What evidence is there for this so you can understand?

“CONCLUSIONS: Daily selenium supplementation can suppress the progression of HIV-1 viral burden and provide indirect improvement of CD4 count. The results support the use of selenium as a simple, inexpensive, and safe adjunct therapy in HIV spectrum disease.”
Suppression of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 viral load with selenium supplementation: a randomized controlled trial.

“The present findings suggest that Selenium status of patients with active pulmonary TB is low when compared with healthy control. Low concentration of serum Selenium as well as wasting was noticed significantly in PTB patients with HIV infection than non HIV subjects. Hence, these cases require nutritional supplements containing selenium.
Serum selenium levels in pulmonary tuberculosis levels with and without HIV/AIDS

“CONCLUSIONS: Lower dietary carotenoids, vitamin A and selenium are associated with wasting. These data support the hypothesis that wasting in TB is associated with lower plasma micronutrient concentrations.” MICRONUTRIENT MALNUTRITION AND WASTING IN ADULTS WITH PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS IN MALAWI. “Geographical areas where soils have high levels of selenium have been linked to low incidence of disease.”


Selenium and Soil

In China, selenium deficient regions are known as the “disease belt”. Here, the daily average intake of selenium is less than 10 micrograms. This contrasts with parts of the USA and Canada where daily selenium intake is 170 micrograms. A three year study of an entire town in Jiangsu Province where 20, 847 residents were given table salt fortified with selenium showed that hepatitis infection decreased to 4.52 per 1, 000 compared to 10.48 per 1, 000 in communities using regular table salt.

Soil degradation is now being linked to the geographical distribution of HIV/AIDS in Africa. The epicentre of the HIV/AIDS pandemic is in Southern Africa, where the countries’ soils are depleted of selenium. For example, previous reports put Namibia’s HIV prevalence rate at 21.3%, after South Africa (21.5%), Lesotho (28.9%), Zimbabwe (33.7%), Botswana (37.3%) and Swaziland (38.8%).

But Senegal in West Africa has the lowest numbers of HIV prevalence at 1.77% in the general population, and 0.5% in antenatal clinic attendees. What might explain this geographical distribution of HIV? To the soil we shall return-only this time, for answers!

Geologically, Senegal is situated in the desiccated or dried up Cretaceous and early Eocene sea, and the land is formed from sedimentary rocks from dissolved minerals in the evaporating seawater. Consequently, calcium phosphates are one of the country’s mined mineral products used for fertilizers, and are derived from the selenium rich phosphorite.

Geographical disease pattern analogies suggest that HIV/AIDS is rife in regions with selenium depleted soils. Adults and children with advanced AIDS syndrome display both highly depleted selenium plasma stores and reduced CD4 Cell counts. The fall in selenium levels triggers the reduction in CD4 cells, which in turn causes further decline in serum selenium. This phenomenon is now being called “the selenium CD4 T-cell tailspin”. HIV/Aids: to the soil we shall return

And I also believe that Africans who are starving and eating iodized salt get Selenium deficiencies enough to give them hyperthyroid wasting disease because Selenium and Copper foods are needed to stop hyperthyroid and Iodine makes it worse. So it’s easily fixed isn’t it? Harold Foster was already doing this with successful Glutathione trials in Africa, Tine Van Der Maas has been doing it with Garlic. Harold Foster. I just discovered Harry died on August 15th last year.

That’s sad, I emailed him a lot.

I also believe they’ve got Ebola all wrong and that Ebola is actually the Measles virus but it mutates into something far worse in the Congo because all those people are not only starving but the soil there is terribly depleted of Selenium as South Africa is. By eating enough Selenium our DNA and RNA is then protected from the damage that Ebola/Measles causes. The Selenium also stops the Ebola virus from mutating further. The main damage from Ebola is from the destruction of collagen. Our immune system pumps out Nitric Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide to dissolve the Ebola virus. Anyone with Ebola then literally melts and bleeds to death as their immune system attacks every infected cell with a cytokine storm. The correct way to treat Ebola is with lots of Selenium, Lysine and Vitamin C. In Africa Congolese could treat themselves with Brazil Nuts, Mung Beans and Fish plus Lemons, Limes or Oranges. Western Scientists of course don a white suit and leave Congolese with Ebola in a corner with a bowl of water and wait for them to die. Or experiment on them with some totally ineffective new antiviral drug. Then they burn the villages to the ground with the dead bodies to stop the spread.

It’s sad but true.

“A number of distinct viruses are known as hemorrhagic fever viruses based on a shared ability to induce hemorrhage by poorly understood mechanisms, typically involving the formation of blood clots (“disseminated intravascular coagulation”). It is well documented that selenium plays a significant role in the regulation of blood clotting via its effects on the thromboxane/prostacyclin ratio, and effects on the complement system. Selenium has an anticlotting effect, whereas selenium deficiency has a proclotting or thrombotic effect. It is also well documented that extreme dietary selenium deficiency, which is almost never seen in humans, has been associated with hemorrhagic effects in animals. Thus, the possibility that viral selenoprotein synthesis might contribute to hemorrhagic symptoms merits further consideration.”

“Ebola Zaire, the most notorious hemorrhagic fever virus, has a PCR with 17 UGA codons, and several potential SECIS elements can be identified in the viral genome. One potential viral selenoprotein may contain up to 16 selenium atoms per molecule. Biosynthesis of this protein could impose an unprecedented selenium demand on the host, potentially, leading to severe lipid peroxidation and cell membrane destruction, and contributing to hemorrhagic symptoms.” Computational genomic analysis of hemorrhagic fever viruses. Viral selenoproteins as a potential factor in pathogenesis.

I put a patent into the Brisbane patent office to do the required experiments to prove this and then allowed the patent to run out so anyone could use it because I want to see these experiments done one day. I have no interest in making money from testing people. HERV and Methylation Activity Ratio Test

I wrote about it back in 2006 as well so most clear thinking folk could understand. Why Retroviruses Appear in AIDS, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases.

I also believe Benzene exposure is the main cause of AIDS because Benzene is well known to destroy T-cells so if gays were exposed to high levels in the 80′s and still are getting exposed to it then this is the initiating cause of immune failure.

Benzene and AIDS

“Were new lubricants introduced to the gay community in 1978? Previously, gay men had used KY jelly, Crisco, or baby oil for anal sex but in 1978 there were new lubricants introduced and heavily marketed to the gay community, viz., Lube and Performance, as advertisements in back issues of gay periodicals show. As a matter of fact, 1978 marked the dawn of “special” lubricants, both “hot” and regular, formulated for and used by gay men. They were all oil-based and contained very high amounts of acetone and benzoic acid in them (44). The oils were, like the bad olive oil in Madrid, “denatured.” Curiously, as these lubricants became available to gay men in other countries, via mail order, AIDS began to appear in those places.” BENZENE, LUBRICANTS AND AIDS

Well in the mid 1980′s the decision was made to they removed lead from our petrol and we allowed the petrol companies to put between 3-5% of Benzene into our fuel. David Warren the inventor of the black box told parliament to put a simple filter over the exhaust pipe to remove the lead, no one listened.

So look at Durban where the rates of Leukemia are 20 times the average and HIV/AIDS rates are the highest in the world. No one measured these Benzene levels there, the residents of South Durban had to make their own measuring systems and do it themselves. But they spent millions to test the residents for HIV.

“Benzene Levels of benzene in the Sasolburg and Durban sample were recorded at 29 parts per billion (ppb). This is the highest benzene concentration ever detected in a bucket air sample around a petroleum refinery. This was eight times higher than the USA ambient air standard according to Dr Wilma Subra, technical analyst for the samples taken in South Africa. Benzene is a known human carcinogen. Long-term exposure to benzene in the air can cause leukaemia and anaemia. Breathing benzene can cause drowsiness, dizziness, and unconsciousness. It can also cause excessive bleeding and can affect the immune system.” What is the bucket? Groundwork

This is what Dr Warren the Australian inventor of the black box and Aviation fuels expert said. Dr Warren’s report was read to an empty house in the Victorian parliament in 1983. The decision to replace lead in petrol was already party policy. In a speech to members of the automobile club of Victoria in February 1993, Dr Warren said, “In fact this stuff [aromatic additives] appears to be so dangerous, potentially lethal, that I urge you not to use it in any car not fitted with a catalytic converter. Don’t use it in your mower, chainsaw, whipper snipper or outboard, and don’t wash parts in it, and if any gets on your skin wash it off immediately. Avoid the fumes when refuelling and don’t allow anyone near the exhaust, particularly when the exhaust is cold. Remember that catalytic converters don’t work until they reach some 400 degrees.”
Unleaded petrol: have we been told the full story?

I also need to mention all the millions of black women who are rubbing Benzene based skin whiteners into their skin and getting shocking cancers, it’s not even a secret.

Benzene also creates antibodies to our collagen and this is so important because our collagen or skin, arteries and cell walls are our primary defence against all pathogens from Ebola to the Flu to Smallpox, Herpes, Chickenpox, Cytomegalovirus, Epstein Barr, Tuberculosis and every single bacteria you can possibly name, even the parasite that causes African Sleeping Sickness depletes Lysine and therefore creates Collagen deficiency. I have a lovely 70year old Christian HIV+ friend who summed it up for me like this. I believe he’s only HIV+ because he’s missing a Methylation gene. To simplify this piece of science before you read it the main points are….

Benzene and Collagen

Benzene exposure creates antibodies to your Collagen, this means skin and arteries. Benzene causes HIV/AIDS, Cancer and Leukemia as well as a result. Collagen destroying enzymes are released by the immune system as a result of Benzene antibodies. Collagen destroying enzymes are also released by the Genomic influence of Histone Deacetylase.

Our collagen is then destroyed and this is what creates the symptoms in AIDS and Cancer. The correct cure is dietary Lysine a simple amino acid that is needed to make our skin and arteries plus Vitamin C. Lysine is a Protease inhibitor and unlike the AIDS drug protease inhibitors is completely harmless and necessary for our survival. If you are in Africa and can’t afford Lysine tablets you can eat Mung Beans or Fish.

Benzene exposure also creates global Hypomethylation of our genome. Global Hypomethylation of our DNA causes retroviral expression of the 8% of our retroviruses that reside in our DNA. As I said before adequate Selenium in the diet is needed to keep our retroviruses inert and safely inactive in our DNA. The easiest way to up your Selenium intake is by eating Brazil nuts, Garlic or Broccoli.

So Selenium stops HIV, it also stops the retroviruses associated with AIDS, Cancer and Autoimmune diseases like Arthritis, Psoriasis and the rest. But the retroviruses are not the main cause of this spectrum of disease. The collagen destroying enzymes are the cause of disease symptoms. When our skin and arteries are destroyed this then allows Herpes viruses and any other pathogens such as Tuberculosis unfettered access to our DNA and we get sick.

Cancer also spreads out of control because tumors release collagen-destroying enzymes. To inactivate the collagen destroying enzymes of a tumor you add more Lysine to the diet before the tumor has a chance to destroy your skin and arteries. You also need adequate Vitamin C to make your skin and arteries. I’m copying the email I sent to Fred and Andrew Maniotis, a cancer genomics researcher at the university of Illinois in Chicago.

“Hi Andrew, Meet Fred, he’s a 70 year old HIV positive with a missing Methylation Gene. He wrote the most of the piece below so I wouldn’t have understood this idea without his ideas. I’ve rewritten it Fred as some things needed adding. Thanks to you both.

Letter from Fred – Methylation

Low dose benzene causes global hypomethylation of DNA and epigenetic hypermethylation of some genes. The presence of matrix metalloproteineases, MMP’s, in benzene toxic patients shows that the extracellular matrix (ECM) has been affected, namely collagen. Recent research shows that Histone Deacetylase, an enzyme which affects the ECM, is associated with methylation and that Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors (HDAC) can be used to reverse de-acetylation, methylation and the formation of MMP’s.

Therefore, it follows that the damage done by benzene to the ECM could be partly reversed by HDAC’s. Since benzene causes collagen damage, it follows that this damage could be due to Histone Deacetylase enzyme which is associated with methylation. But Benzene also initiates global hypomethylation and as well as hypermethylation epigenetic changes. So Benzene makes retroviruses come out but triggers Histone Deacetylase. (As in it is one big cause of cancer that we are doing almost nothing about.)

Hypomethylation can result in DNA or RNA changes. Latent Herpes viruses are activated by immune activation which Benzene as a toxin would also do. Benzene toxin would also release parasite egg sacs from collagen in immunocompromised people by ECM oxidation/damage which releases MMP’s.

If these eggs have a lipid coating it will be removed by the Benzene allowing the egg sacs to break resulting in chronic parasitic infection. The combination of immune activation and hypomethylation could result in Histones. Protease Inhibitors used in HIV-1 protocols are Histone Deacetylase inhibitors and MMP inhibitors. They are called Protease Inhibitors so over time they would stop the release of parasite egg sacs from the ECM stopping the chronic immune affect of Benzene toxicity. Fred

I rewrote Fred a tiny bit and added the rest…

“Airborne benzene was associated with a significant reduction in LINE-1 (-2.33% for a 10-fold increase in airborne benzene levels; P = 0.009) and AluI (-1.00%; P = 0.027) methylation.” Or hypomethylation of LINE-1 retroviral elements. Changes in DNA Methylation Patterns in Subjects Exposed to Low-Dose Benzene

So the catch 22 is that Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors(HDAC) can be used to reverse de-acetylation, methylation and the formation of MMP’s. So it makes HIV come out of the genome but the damage is being actually caused by the MMP’s which are degrading the collagen matrix.

Histone deacetylase (HDAC), a host mediator of gene repression, inhibits HIV gene expression and virus production and may contribute to quiescence of HIV within resting CD4 T cells. Coaxing HIV-1 from resting CD4 T cells: histone deacetylase inhibition allows latent viral expression.

“For this purpose, we stably transfected the neuroblastoma cell line U87 with a cytomegalovirus promoter-driven reporter gene construct whose expression was analyzed following treatment with the DNA methylation inhibitor 5′-aza-2′-deoxycytidine or histone deacetylation inhibitor trichostatin A. Both substances reactivated the silenced cytomegalovirus promoter, but with different reaction kinetics. Furthermore, whereas the kinetics of reactivation by trichostatin” Inhibitors of DNA methylation and histone deacetylation activate cytomegalovirus promoter-controlled reporter gene expression in human glioblastoma cell line U87

“Detailed investigation of the histones demonstrates that their attack by reactive benzene species is ubiquitous, resulting in multiple modified sites within a single histone. Of the amino acids potentially susceptible to reaction, cysteine is not an exclusive target, whereas lysine could be. The evidence suggests that multiple lysine residues within each histone are attacked, the location of each modification being based on rates of diffusion rather than kinetic factors. This highly reactive nature of the benzene metabolites suggests a free radical mechanism.” Attomole Detection of in Vivo Protein Targets of Benzene in Mice Evidence For A Highly Reactive Metabolite

So the correct cure for HIV/AIDS is dietary Lysine to act as an Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor or Protease Inhibitor And Selenium to act as a compound to methylate HIV and keep it inactive. And Benzene is a major cause of AIDS.

This happened on Thursday 15th April, I sent 3 pages of data to Fred saying I’m flat out at work can you make any sense of this? The first study I had found in a Google was one from 1916 on rabbits exposed to Benzene who ended up with Lysin antibodies as they called Collagen back then so we have known about this for almost a century. Dr Wiley the man who founded the FDA in America and did studies on Sodium Benzoate because the food industry wanted to use it as preservative. He wanted to stop the use of Sodium Benzoate after doing studies that found it damaged the immune system but the other members of the FDA board at the time sided with the food companies and sacked Dr Wiley. If you are in Australia and want to avoid drinking or eating it then look at the contents label and it is called 211.


I need to tell my story of Benzene poisoning.

In 1996 I was harassed by the dole office into an electronics job in a garage where I was being paid $250 a week. It was completely toxic and I wore a gas mask to protect my self from solvents used there as well as the dust from grinding PCB boards. The temperatures in summer in this garage went as high as 39 degrees in summer. In March 1997 my little boy came over with a bout of chickenpox. I wasn’t worried as I had chickenpox before so I said “fine I’ll look after him.” He got a few spots for 3 days and no fever at all so he was fine. I on the other hand I got chickenpox so bad I was crippled for a week and a half with the most painful and intense itching that you get from that horrible virus.

But of course I had no sick days saved up and on $250 a week I simply had to go back to work as soon as it was clear I wasn’t infectious. Then a year and a half later I jumped from that job into what I thought would be a fabulous job making hearing aids for a company called Crystalaid who were getting contracts to make the Cochlear hearing implants in Australia. Cochlear is one of those investor dreams as in if you invest in them you’ll get money back because they are expanding the use of their hearing aids all over the world.

Great product, it still impresses me, we never saw any of that investor money. I was a fantastic solderer and was given a job continually for 3 years making lapel microphones because no one else could do it as well and for some insane reason they gave us a glue to coat the solder joints with that contained 10% Phenol which is an acidic Benzene, so I used this glue more than anyone else.

The first time I ever opened a tin of this glue my eyes were burnt immediately so I checked the label, I already knew Benzene was a possible cause of AIDS so began researching the contents. I did this glue application in an air suction room with a gas mask so actually never got serious lung problems and I’m well practiced at holding my breath when needed. We also used whole tubes in one go of Araldite glue that has Tertiary Amines in them to prepare for plastic molding. There was an incident where a dodgy speed manufacturing guy from the outside had asked one of the girls to steal Araldite tubes for him so he could make backyard speed so that’s what this stuff did to you, it gave you lockjaw and kept you awake at night. He was quickly and firmly told to get on his bike and we never heard from him again.

We worked in a factory with almost a hundred people soldering and using this glue on solder joints, there were many Asian ladies who worked like maniacs to get the slim bonuses they offered us. I remember a new Islander girl working beside me ending up with this glue all over her jeans and I was appalled. The Asian girls some of whom were pregnant would do repairs on these joints and a wispy white smoke that smelt like the worst cat pee ever would drift across the room. We were packed in like mice.

That white smoke was caused by heating up the phenol glue covering the solder joints, it is called Bisphenol-A and is getting coverage as a main cause of cancer from plastic bottling, in rats exposed to that stuff they simply never sleep and die from insomnia. I kept telling the bosses how dangerous all this was and kept getting bullied for it. A new young American manager took up the job and I told him, he was sincere and I think raised the subject with other managers. He was sacked and a week later Workplace, Health and Safety turned up and gave us a warning that they would come and test levels of toxins in a month or so.

I got blamed for contacting Workplace, Health and Safety because I was the only one vocal enough to complain repeatedly but I think the American dobbed them in. They couldn’t sack me because I trained my section of 20 cable makers and added a few million dollars to their production and actually saved the company from going under. I also at one point was doing microscope soldering of cables so fast I was making them 250,000 dollars in sales every year. So I was too useful a slave to them.

When Workplace, Health and Safety turned up they gave us these antiquated air collection devices that we wore during one day to test for levels of toxins. The results if I remember right were around 6ppm of Benzene and they said that was OK? Come on. These were university graduates doing this job and they simply didn’t have a clue what they were doing. So not a thing was done about it and we kept working.

In 2001 in the week 911 happened we had new Nitrate glues that you simply could not smell added to our cocktail. There was a chickenpox outbreak in the factory, instead of going home the Asian ladies who contracted the chickenpox came in days later still infected because they were casuals and needed the money. It was all about money so the managers turned a blind eye and allowed this because the girls involved were such fast workers. There were Westerly winds blowing so everything was dry. The new glue I believe stopped my sleep. I was literally tripping, my vision became brighter and light began to hurt me.

Two weeks later my first rashes appeared, obviously an allergy so I asked to get away from the Bisphenol-A section and kept working in the section where you couldn’t smell the new glue, I didn’t know what was happening, I was worried I had chickenpox again but a checkup with the doctor was a negative. Within a week I had a hole in my neck the size of a 10cent piece. They moved me away from the glues and into another building where I just did soldering.

I got worse though for the next 3 months, the doctors drew a blank until I actually visited a gay doctor who treats AIDS patients and he immediately recognized Pustular Psoriasis. So my immune system was out of control. I never took a HIV test because I was educated enough to know it was all rubbish, I had been going to University part-time for 2 years at this stage doing microbiology. In that process I had started looking at retroviral studies, I had already found the first studies that found retroviruses appear in the placenta when a woman gets pregnant. I was already asking the question why do the same retroviruses HERV-W and HERV-K appear in tumors as well as the placenta? I later found out years later that when solder gets heated the solder flux also emits Phenol fumes. I had no way out did I?

At the time I was supporting my ex through university, we were on the edge financially, I was in that awful position of having no other qualifications so if I did go on workers compensation I would be marked as a SICK person and be unable to get work and if I went on sickness benefits everything at home would fall apart due to lack of money. I kept working, I tried cortisone but that didn’t work, in fact the one I tried had a Benzene preservative in it that made things worse.

So my symptoms from working a few years with this Phenol (acidic Benzene) were initially skin rashes that looked like chickenpox, then I started getting rapid weight loss so had to eat all the time, I had fevers, chills, complete loss of temperature control, nausea, shakes, insomnia, thousands of white blood cells erupted as pus along my lymph channels and my lymph glands swelled as did my legs, my skin fell off slowly and 3 months in I was oozing so much plasma I was sticking to the sheets at night. That was just a from a Benzene allergy.

By the time I got booked into the public hospital they took one look at me and said I needed to stay in for 3 days and be monitored because I may have gone into a coma. I took a cortisone cream called Elocon home with their antibiotics and got it under control in 3 days, Elocon saved my life. It’s made my Schering-Plough and obviously does not have a Benzene preservative in it, it’s a great product just to emphasize I have nothing against drugs that actually work.

It’s so good I only see a doctor every two years to get a 45g tube as I still get rashes, I still work in Electronics, if I go into the production area where there is soldering I can get an attack, especially if I ever run out of an anti-inflammatory called Bromelain. That’s what I used to get off the cortisone.

I also work in dispatch and if a courier has a particularly badly tuned engine emitting Benzene then I go to the toilet after signing the connote and by the time I get back the air has cleared. (:


Phenol and Cancer

So I now finally have worked out what I always suspected all the time. Exposure to Phenol for 3 years had saturated my skin. The rash started around my neck and spread all over my body so Benzene antibodies had formed and my immune system was dismantling poisoned skin. The only areas left untouched were where I wore the gasmask, the middle of my back where the chair was and my groin area where my undies protected me from exposure.

I am 45 now so doing rather well considering. Just to emphasize how serious this is I’ll relate two cancer deaths from that factory. One Yugoslav guy went back to Yugoslavia and in a month he had stomach cancer. I don’t know what happened to him. But one of the English tea ladies (our nickname for them) called Glenys retired with her husband, he got liver cancer months after and was dead in six months. This is serious.

I have a saying “I have my bosses over a barrel and I’m going to push them in” which is what I’m finally doing now. The hearing aid company Crystalaid lost the Cochlear accessories contract some years ago when Cochlear realized they had no quality control. I incidentally was there when they stopped inspecting the products and I told them this would bite them later on, it did. But Crystalaid made millions of dollars out of our hard work and never lifted a finger to protect us properly. Glenys if she’s still alive and her family deserve some compensation for the death of her husband.

My friend Debbie Gnocchio who trained me when I first got there had terrible hormonal problems that made her extremely ill after working there for 10 years. She was the fastest and best worker they had in that section which is why she trained me. She was sacked the week before Christmas in 2000 when she went to the bosses to report sexual harassment of one of the girls, they said she was lying and trying to cause trouble. I think they just didn’t want to give her the 10 year bonus. I became the trainer of 20 people because with Debbie gone no one knew what was going on except me. To give you an idea of how scared they were of me they sacked Chris Bell from my band Escape from Toytown the week before his 3 month probation period on my day off. Chris was university qualified in electronics. Then again he did say “you’re just covering your arse to make yourself look good” to one of the bosses. Hehe.

The bosses never talked to me if they ever could after Workplace, Health and Safety came, in meetings I would get so angry my neck had a tick. I love my new bosses, they’re lovely people.

I to this day am now allergic to alcohol breakdown products so I get rashes a day after getting drunk, I need the Elocon ready if I go partying but I prefer to stay sober a lot. This is why you’ll see me at gigs sober as a bean and taking photos for my own entertainment. While the majority of Australians are getting plastered and getting it on with eachother on weekends I’m more likely to be bored by 1 o’clock and politely saying I need to get home and sleep, it kind of sucks and means I can’t socialize like everyone else anymore but it saves me a lot of money which I don’t have anyway.

This is a bunch of photos from a gig for Perhaps Maybe’s CD launch around 12 hours ago, they called themselves Ponycore because they use the old Iron Maiden drumming beats a lot…. You know “Run to the hills, run for your life” Go on have a look and chuckle.

You need a laugh if you managed to read this horrible story so far. Perhaps Maybe


HERVs – Human Endogenous Retroviruses and Naturally-Occurring Lymphatic Retroviruses

I also now believe HIV is an Endogenous Lymphatic Retrovirus, it’s in all of our Lymphatic tissue but Robert Gallo made a test that picks up antibodies to Lymphatic retroviruses more in black people because the antibody test cross reacts with an African Gene. Here is why I think this is true. This part is for the nerds out there.

I thought of this on the bus on the way to visit Andrew Leavold from Trash Video and get some movies to watch. (:

If HERV-W and HERV-K turn up in tumours and the placenta then they are reproductive retroviruses, if HERV-R turns up in skin it’s a skin retrovirus, Hep C only turns up in people who drink too much and take drugs so the liver DNA tissue is hypomethylating and the Hep C therefore comes out of our DNA and is a liver retrovirus. This means HIV is a Lymphatic retrovirus, it’s not transmitted.

“The methylation pattern of the human HLA-DR gene was analyzed in normal breast tissues, breast primary tumors and lymphonodal metastases isolated from patients carrying breast carcinomas. In breast adenomas and also in normal tissues (including breast, muscle, brain, sperm and T- and B-lymphocytes), the HLA-DR gene is hypermethylated at the CCGG and GCGC sites. In all tissues studied, the only constantly unmethylated region is located in the 5 portion of the gene, near the promoter sequence. Further, the results indicate that the HLA-DR gene is hypomethylated in carcinomas and in the relative metastatic lymph nodes. It is suggested that hypomethylation of the human HLA-DR gene could be proposed as a molecular marker of malignant breast tumors.”
Hypomethylation of the human HLA-DR? gene in breast carcinomas and autologous metastases

“Cryostat sections of human normal term placentae were studied for evidence of immunopathology by using antibodies to lymphocytes, macrophages, platelets, and coagulation factors. Areas of so-called chronic villitis of unestablished etiology were identified in all placentae. The same tissues were examined for HIV protein antigens gp120, p17, p24, and gp41. No evidence for gp41 was found. Antigens gp120 and p17 were identified in normal chorionic villi in vimentin-positive fibroblast-like cells and in endothelium, respectively. Antigen p24 was localized to HLA-DR positive cells that morphologically resembled macrophages in areas of villitis. The distribution of gp120 and p17 was similar to that observed for tissue factor. These findings prompted speculation that retroviral proto-oncogenes that are known to encode for certain placental receptors could be involved in the presentation of tissue factor, and that gp120 may be a hitherto unrecognized immunobiological mechanism for the blockade of CD4 on maternal lymphocytes if and when such cells gain entrance to chorionic villi.” HIV proteins in normal human placentae.

This is why the HIV test cross reacts with HLA-DR genes, Robert Gallo made a test that picks up Lymphatic retroviral antibodies.

Quoting that normal placenta study: “Antigen p24 was localized to HLA-DR positive cells that morphologically resembled macrophages in areas of villitis.” And in hyperthyroid the HLA-DR gene is the one which causes the mess.

The body makes antibodies to HLA-DR genes and it’s people with Arthritis, Psoriasis and Hyperthyroid etc that get ill because their immune system attacks them. And these are many of the symptoms of AIDS.

“Graves’ disease (GD) is an autoimmune thyroid disease. Multiple genetic factors are believed to be involved in its pathogenesis, but the factorsare largely unknown, except for sex (female disease preponderance) and the role of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) genes on chromosome 6.” CTLA-4 gene polymorphism associated with Graves’ disease in a Caucasian population

“HTLV-I is a causal agent of adult T-cell leukemia and HTLV-I associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis, and is believed to be related to the pathogenesis of diseases such as chronic arthropathy, uveitis, chronic bronchoalveolitis, and Sjögren’s syndrome. On the other hand, retrovirus infection is considered to cause autoimmune diseases. Thus, the pathogenesis of Graves’ disease in the present patients might be associated with HTLV-I infection.” Graves’ disease in HTLV-I carriers

Which is why people with hyperthyroid test for HIV antigens.

On Southern blotting of DNA extracted from thyroid glands of five patients with Graves’ disease, two probes (720 bp and 942 bp) for gag human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) gave a positive hybridisation signal in all samples tested. DNAs from peripheral blood mononuclear cells hybridised with the 720 bp gag HIV-1 probe in three of the five patients, none of whom had antibodies to HIV-1. RETROVIRUS-LIKE SEQUENCES IN GRAVES” DISEASE: IMPLICATIONS FOR HUMAN AUTOIMMUNITY

“HLA-DRB1*0901 and HLA-DQB1*0303 are very rare among Caucasians but characteristically high among Japanese.” HLA-DR and HLA-DQ gene typing of infertile women possessing sperm-immobilizing antibody

Which is why Gallo said Japanese had HTLV-1

Seroepidemiological studies reveal that HTLV-I infection occurs in clusters in certain geographic locations around the world. It is endemic in Southern Japan (15-30%), Caribbean (3-6%), Papua New Guinea and some parts of Africa. HTLV-I appears to be transmitted sexually and through blood.” Human T-cell Lymphotropic Viruses (HTLV)

“DRB-DQA-DQB gene polymorphism was investigated by Taq I restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis in more than 700 West Africans and found to be almost twice as extensive in West Africans as in North European Caucasians.” HLA-DR and -DQ gene polymorphism in West Africans is twice as extensive as in north European Caucasians: evolutionary implications.

Which is why Africans test at least twice as much if given the HIV test than white people.

They even say what I’m saying but because they think HIV is a transmitted sex virus they are simply not thinking clearly. HIV is in all of our Lymphatic tissue because it’s an endogenous retrovirus. It was always there, possible for millions of years in most mammals

“Lymphoid tissue is a major reservoir of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in vivo.” Studies on lymphoid tissue from HIV-infected individuals: implications for the design of therapeutic strategies

Rate of production of HIV in lymphatic tissue measured during the acute and very early stages of infection is not related to duration of infection.

As in it doesn’t matter when you been infected by the so called sex virus called HIV/AIDS when they test Lymphatic tissue after they’ve ‘decided’ someone is infected it’s always the same level.

You always have the same level of HIV in your lymph glands, I of course think it will vary according to methylation and how bad your diet is affecting retroviral expression.

But these were sick people to begin with so they’re lymph glands were hypomethylating. I’m talking past tense because most of the people in these studies most likely died long ago from AIDS drugs. I’ve read possibly 20 to 30 thousand studies or perused them for the answers so I’ve seen so much carnage.

I do cancer research as much if not more than AIDS which I’m a bit over. I’m actually researching Schistosomiasis and Human African trypanosomiasis, sleeping sickness at the moment. I already think Lysine should be the mode of delivery for the drug Praziquantel This is because those grubby parasites eat our fat. Effects of Schistosoma mansoni worms and eggs on circulating cholesterol and liver lipids in mice.

And since Lysine binds to cholsterol then Lysine pills with Praziquantel in them will go straight to their food source. Neat hey and since the worms also wreck our Collagen then a bit more Lysine wouldn’t go astray.

Do test this thought that Africans Lymphatic tissue will always be HIV+ will be quite easy, actually white folk could do it as well. Any Black Africans who want to volunteer can donate a sample of their Lymphatic tissue to a laboratory they know will have the right ethics not to accuse them of being HIV+.

The laboratory then simply has to dissolve the Lymphatic tissue in Benzene and then test the resulting muck for the presence of the HIV PCR sequence. I expect the results will be awkward for AIDS scientists and there will be some explaining to do.

My name is Cal Crilly so you know who is writing this.

I play in a band called Star Sludge and I have nothing to hide or sell.

Last year I made $19 in online CD sales that cost me $22 to renew plus the initial fee of $80 to put up on iTunes but all of these songs are already online for free.

I have applied for a patent at the Brisbane patent office to prove a lack of S-adenosylmethione is the main cause of testing HIV positive and getting symptoms of AIDS without Benzene exposure. But that patent has run out because I have $200 left on the credit card and $20 in my wallet (which is about to become $5 after I pay this net café LOL) and it was a protest patent anyway that no one is going to touch with a bar of soap.

All of my health advice is given free to help people because that exposure to Phenol and Nitrate at work almost killed me and now I am well, I just want to help. In my inboxes I have a lot of HIV+ friends on a daily basis that my heart goes out to. I am a quite poor for an Australian but have an IQ of 152 and I won’t let these muddle headed scientists bully my friends anymore. I’m drawing the line here and I’d like to see if anyone is silly enough to cross it.

Anyway I’m alright. Big smiles. Have a lovely day everyone.


Thank you

prominent Medical Doctor (Phd) injects himself with HIV positive blood and remains HIV negative

Does AIDS Cause HIV?

by Liam Scheff for

How we’ve gotten AIDS wrong for 25 years, and how to fix it…

Those ‘in the know,’ who read and scour and search the medical literature on AIDS and HIV testing, are well aware that neither of these belief systems works according to their promised plan. Here’s how it was supposed to go:

A single unique particle, (originally called LAV, then HTLV-III, then rechristened HIV) gets into the body via semen or blood exchange; it gravitates somehow to the white blood cells called T-Cells; it opens the cell door, somehow, and copies itself into the genome, using an enzyme called Reverse Transcriptase. These cells are then impaired, and die, supposedly. This weakens the body over time and other illnesses occur.

That’s the official narrative. But only more or less, because there are so many alterations and versions of the official story at this point that it’s hard to keep up. “Maybe cells aren’t killed directly, maybe latent infection is really active, maybe constant exposure causes immunity…” The official story has caused nothing but headaches and trauma for the mainstream, as it’s never held together, and no part of it is ably demonstrated or proven. In fact, most aspects of the story are countered by observation.

That is, there is no unique, purified, isolated, gold standard particle called “LAV,” or “HTLV-III,” or “HIV.” There are many divergent proteins that are grabbed out of blood samples through antibody testing, and a far greater number of genetic threads, copied out of cell cultures by a touchy, highly sensitive technology called PCR. All of these are supposed to be “HIV.”

This wild diversity of fragments gave CDC cop and New York Times pharma-shill Lawrence Altman the impetus to coin his second-most famous line: “HIV, the wily retrovirus.” (His first is “The virus that causes AIDS.“)

And right there you have the second major problem. AIDS is about, well, if I said 10,000 diseases, I’d be in the ballpark. It is a disease category as long as Pinocchio’s nose, and as deep as a the Grand Canyon. It grows at will, and can never be filled up – it grows and goes. Any disease can be called “AIDS” if it occurs in people who the medical cops think are “at risk for AIDS.”

HIV Profiling

That’s how it works – literally. You have a fungal toenail? Get treatment. You’re in a “risk group?” (Gay, black, drug-addict, or poor). Then, “It could be AIDS! Better get tested.” Otherwise, you’re just another shlub who drinks too much and has bad hygiene, so take an anti-fungal drug, and soak it in Epsom salts or some other concoction. But if you’re a gay male, you’re “at risk for AIDS,” so you get an HIV test. And then you’re in the stream – HIV death sentence, AIDS drugs, support groups, red ribbons, pharma bills, major side-effects and early (but sanctified) death.

You have a recurring sore throat, and you’re a black woman in the inner city ghetto? “Could be AIDS! Better get tested.” If you’re a straight white college girl or boy, you’ll be told to eat less sugar, that you could have weakened immunity, or Chronic Fatigue, or Epstein-Barr or Guillain–Barré Syndrome, or some other concoction of non-specific symptoms given a three-name moniker.

The mainstream has just about crucified itself revealing that it has no good solution to the ‘how does HIV cause AIDS’ question, when you put them on a pin, or under the spotlight. When they’re feeling particularly honest and generous, they’ll tell you that “There’s a great deal to be known that we do not already know,” and “the specific mechanisms remain elusive,” and, “It will require increased funding and may take years to solve this perplexing riddle,” and so on.

Meanwhile, when making public policy, they’re absolutely sure of it, and don’t wait to tell everyone in the world that HIV is a single particle which is the cause of a single disease, and so everyone (in a risk group) must be tested (meaning, in all practical senses, “The ghetto can line up here for testing, but walk away, wealthy people, walk away!”)

Tap-dancing HIV Tests

But HIV tests themselves give the store away – all you have to do is get your hands on a manufacturer’s explanation of the technology and limitations of the test. Read this literature and you will quickly discover that none of these things test “for” any particular particle. They’re all “aids” in testing for HIV, and they all require “further supplementary testing” to verify their result. All of them, from the bottom-most to the topper-most. None of them stands on their result; they all pass the buck.

None has a ‘gold reference standard.’ They’re all open to interpretation, and here’s the rub. When the test result is in opposition to the perceived clinical picture and risk evaluation, then the result can be presumed “false” by the clinician. Again – if you test ‘reactive’ (because the tests aren’t “positive” and “negative,” they’re more or less reactive on a sliding scale) – if your test is reactive, but you’re not in the risk group, then the test is generally presumed to be a “false positive.” You’re positive, “but not really” (says the clinician, based on your looks and clinical health), so you’re negative.

On the other hand, if your test is not reactive, or minimally reactive, but you are in a risk group, and you do fit a clinical picture of any of that Grand Canyon of symptoms, then you, my friend, are not really “negative.” You are a “false negative,” and they reel you in for more testing with increasingly sensitive (reactive, non-specific) tests, until they get one to spike, and then they’ve got you.

That’s what “HIV” is, in reality, in actual living patients. “It” is any variety of test results, with immensely reactive, non-specific tests, targeted for use at certain populations.

By the way, if you’re a researcher and you want references for all of this, try these articles listed below [1, 2], and this reference sheet [3]. Or do a Google search for “false positive, false negative HIV test,” or “HIV test, risk group evaluation,” etc. The literature you’re looking for will be found in the major medical journals, and downloadable from the test manufacturer’s websites, and that of the barely functioning FDA (The crime syndicate that my friend Robert Scott Bell calls the “Fear and Death Administration” – but he’s colorful like that). You can also look at these immense lists at the ARAS website which are updated regularly, and tell the story, over and over again [4].

The T-Cells Are Doing Just Fine, Thanks

A few years ago, some AIDS researchers shot themselves in the foot – or maybe the head – by publishing a study that demonstrated that by using these genetic tests (called PCR) and assuming that they were finding HIV. They then disproved that HIV affects T-Cells at all – that is, that their “HIV” caused their definition of “AIDS.” The Rodriguez, et al paper demonstrated that the presence of “HIV” seemed to affect T-Cells somewhere in the ballpark of 4 to 9 percent in total. That’s just above statistically insignificant. That is, “HIV” mostly leaves T-Cells alone, as per their scientific proof.

So, how does “HIV” cause “AIDS?” The mainstream did a few back-flips and somersaults to un-demonstrate their published failure, but to anyone watching, it was a fait accompli. But there’s the problem: No one cares. The sad truth is, the only people who pay attention to the AIDS industry, and their technical research, are AIDS dissidents, (so named for being rebels against an errant church). The AIDS mainstream likes to heighten the drama by calling themselves “AIDSTruthers,” and their critics “denialists,” openly equating them with people who deny the Nazi social, medical and military Holocaust against the Jews and other peoples of Europe. (The mainstream misses the point that the Holocaust was performed, in large part, by doctors and scientists). It is a term that has caught on in certain media outlets (those my friend Clark Baker calls the ‘pharmasluts’), but I’m not sure how far it can go, being so vindictive and transparently hateful.

But it doesn’t have to go far, because the majority of the world doesn’t give much of a damn about HIV or AIDS. It’s all too distant, too “African,” too complicated. They’re all watching the markets crash, and wondering about tomorrow and today. And there are the other political passions – global warming, fundamentalist Islam, tea party activists, etc. Others to crucify and hate and fear, which require less-technical reading, and are far easier to have violent opinions about.

Leave the Tests at Home

If all of this is a little wonky, it also ignores the most important actor in this drama: The AIDS patient. Someone can be given an AIDS diagnosis for having diarrhea, if they’re African or Chinese or Brazilian, and poor, starved and chemically- or bacterially-poisoned enough by their local environment. The HIV test comes later. It comes AFTER the AIDS diagnosis. After the presumption of AIDS.
Which means that Rodriguez, et al, were right: We should go treat AIDS patients for all the things they have wrong with them –  give them food, anti-oxidants, clean water, and a little help building some basic infrastructure – and we can leave the HIV tests at home to rot.

Or, maybe HIV tests can be given a new use. They come up positive for so many things, perhaps they can be used to tell people that they are, in fact, alive. Or that they have the flu, or are pregnant. Or that they are a dog, a mouse, a cow, or a goat. Because HIV tests come up reactive for all those things too… (see the links below).

Maybe the good (and not-so-good) scientists searching for viruses all those years ago got it just a little bit wrong. Or quite backwards. AIDS was real enough – a lot of people with “immune deficiency” of various types is something a doctor wants to concern him or herself with. But to a genuine healer, treating the “immune deficiency” ought to be more important than selling a brand-name label for poverty to the world’s poorest people.

Why not leave the HIV tests at home, and go out and treat AIDS? It’s been done, and it works. It works when people try it, when they’re not railroaded by the criminal syndicates known as the American Medical Association, the World Health Organization, and UNAIDS. Maybe AIDS is much more treatable, in fact, than “HIV.” Wouldn’t that be a discovery? A blessing to millions, in fact. Who wouldn’t want that? (Only the pharma industry).

And that means that the international pharmaceutical syndicates have to be reined in. They need a bit in the mouth. Pharmaceutical products are necessary to human health in small doses. But the pharma-medical industry has gotten fat and comfortable, and they’re now in the business of re-labeling poverty as sexually-transmitted, life-long viral illness; this is a ‘eugenic-model’ diagnosis.

It’s Up to You

In an optimistic mood I think, “we can do better.” But I know we can also do worse. Let me ask you personally then, to start talking about the need for transparency in the medical industry, for freedom to challenge medical and pharmaceutical dogma, and for this small favor:

Be kind to AIDS patients. Don’t tell them that “they’re permanently infected” and doomed to an early death. They’ve been given a false label, “HIV positive.” They may be sick, and they may just have a chance to get better, if we help them, if we let them.

Further Reading

1. The Hidden Face of HIV Part One: Knowing is Beautiful | PDF

2. The Hidden Face of HIV Part Two: Sex Crimes | PDF

3. References to 1. and 2. PDF download.

4. Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society – HIV Tests in the Medical Literature

5. Reduce the on HIV Tests in Review

Thank you Liam:

Factors Known to Cause False-Positive HIV Antibody Test Results



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Tests for HIV are highly inaccurate

By Roberto Giraldo, June 2000

For the last 6 years I have been working at a laboratory of clinical immunology and molecular diagnosis in one of the most prestigious university hospitals in New York City. Here I have had the opportunity to personally run and get to know in detail the current tests used for the diagnosis of HIV status, namely, the ELISA, Western blot and Viral Load tests.

1. The ELISA, Western blot, and Viral Load tests, used for the diagnosis of “HIV infection” are not at all accurate

There are many arguments against the accuracy of the tests used diagnose infection by what is known as HIV. For those who want to research the issue more deeply I strongly recommend beginning with the study of a 1993 article in Bio/Technology by Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and her group of researchers from Perth, Western Australia (12).

Below are some of the facts supporting the proposition that a person who reacts positively on these tests is not necessarily infected with HIV:

1.1. The definition of AIDS, as developed by the United States Federal Government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, requires a positive result on the antibody test for HIV (1). This definition is accepted worldwide. The importance of HIV in this definition is so strong that, currently, many AIDS researchers, health care professionals, and lay people, following the lead of the United States’ Institutes of Medicine, the National Academy of Sciences, and most AIDS researchers, now refer to “AIDS” as “HIV Disease” (2-7).

However, AIDS in Africa can be diagnosed without HIV tests or any other laboratory tests. This was decided by American public health officials at a conference in Bangui, in the Central African Republic, in October 1985 (WHO’s Weekly Epidemiological Record 1986; 61:69-76 and Science magazine 21 November 1986). This permits health professionals to diagnosis AIDS in Africa based solely upon the symptoms and signs that a patient manifests.

1.2. The tests that are used most frequently to diagnose HIV status are the ELISA “screening test,” the Western blot “confirmatory test,” and the PCR “Viral Load test” (8-11). In the United States the ELISA and Western blot tests, when done together, have become known as “the AIDS test.” These tests supposedly detect antibodies against HIV. The “Viral Load” or PCR test is a genetic test that makes copies of small fragments of nucleic acids that, it is claimed, belong exclusively to HIV. These are the same tests that are used to confirm HIV in mothers, infants, children, and in the population at large. The problem with all of these tests is that a positive HIV reaction does not guarantee that the person is really infected with HIV (12-21).

1.3. Currently, a positive result on “the AIDS test” — ELISA and Western blot antibody tests — is synonymous with HIV infection and the attendant risk of developing AIDS (8-11).

However, these antibody tests are neither standardized nor reproducible. With respect to HIV they are meaningless because they are interpreted differently for different individuals, and are interpreted variously in different laboratories and in different countries (12). Test interpretations vary across the United States, Russia, Canada, Australia, Africa, Europe, and South America (22-27), meaning, for instance, that a person who is positive in Africa can be negative when tested in Australia, or a person who is negative in Canada can become positive when tested in Africa (28). Additionally, a given sample of blood, when tested in 19 different laboratories, will produce 19 different results on the Western blot test (29).

1.4. The Western blot antigens, proteins, or bands — p120, p41, p32, p24/25, p17/18 — which are considered to be specific to HIV, may not be encoded by the HIV genome but may in fact represent human cellular proteins (12-14,20,30).

1.5. The only valid method for establishing the sensitivity and the specificity of a diagnostic test in clinical medicine is to compare the test in question with its “gold standard.” The only possible gold standard for the HIV tests is the human immunodeficiency virus itself. Since HIV has never been isolated as an independent, free, and purified viral entity (31), it is not possible to properly define the sensitivity or the specificity of any of the tests for HIV (12). Currently, the sensitivity and the specificity of the tests for HIV are defined not by comparison to purified HIV itself, but through a comparison of the tests in question with the clinical manifestations of AIDS, or with T4 cell counts (12). The Abbott corporation, a test kit manufacturer, states: “At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of HIV-1 antibody in human blood. Therefore sensitivity was computed based on the clinical diagnosis of AIDS and specificity based on random donors” (32). Since there is no gold standard for defining the specificity of the tests used for the diagnosis of HIV infection, all HIV-positive results must be considered false-positives.

1.6. There are numerous scientific publications documenting the more than 70 different conditions that can cause the antibody tests to react positively in the absence of any actual HIV infection (12-14,17,19,30). In other words, there are more than 70 scientifically acknowledged reasons for false positives when testing for HIV. This fact has been abundantly documented in the scientific literature.

1.7. It is, of course, shocking to find that a diagnosis of HIV infection can be based upon tests that are not specific for HIV. However, the scientific evidence tells us that a person can react positively on the tests for HIV even though he or she is not infected with HIV (12-14,17,21,30,33).

1.8. The pharmaceutical companies that make and commercialize the kits for these tests acknowledge the inaccuracy of them, and the inserts that come with the kits typically state the following: “Elisa testing alone cannot be used to diagnose AIDS, even if the recommended investigation of reactive specimens suggests a high probability that the antibody to HIV-1 is present” (32). The insert for one of the kits for administering the Western blot warns: “Do not use this kit as the sole basis of diagnosis of HIV-1 infection” (34). The insert that comes with a popular kit to run viral load warns: “The amplicor HIV-1 Monitor test is not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV infection” (35). The difficulty is that most AIDS researchers, journalists, lay people, and health care workers themselves are unaware of these facts concerning the tests because they do not have access to the test kit inserts. Additionally, there appears to be little or no concern on the part of knowledgeable institute faculty to communicate these facts to physicians, let alone to the general public.

1.9. Since viral load results are given in copies per ml of plasma (35), AIDS researchers, health care professionals, and lay people believe that theses numbers represent copies or counts of the virus itself (12,36-41). However, the viral load test only makes copies of fragments of nucleic acids. It does not count HIV itself. A positive viral load test cannot be regarded as signifying the presence of the entire HIV genome, and therefore the test cannot be used to detect the virus.

1.10. Results of the viral load test cannot be reproduced. This can be seen in the wide range of variability that is accepted in the quality controls set by the companies that make and commercialize the test kits. For example, Roche accepts a low control range having between 1,200 and 11,000 copies per ml [Lot # 0047], and a high control having a range between 99,000 and 750,000 copies per ml [Lot # A00246] [Roche, Amplicor HIV-1 Monitor test Lot # B00985, expiration August 2000]. Most importantly, the difficulties inherent in the lack of a gold standard for HIV infection also apply to the evaluation of the accuracy of the PCR or Viral load test (12,41,42). As a consequence, the specificity of the viral load test for HIV has never been defined properly. Therefore, all viral load positive results for HIV are false-positives.

1.11. The fact that those who propose HIV as the cause of AIDS were forced to appeal to what amounts to a genetic trick — the PCR test — is a strong argument against HIV as the cause of AIDS. To have to amplify infinitesimal amounts of genetic material in the blood of AIDS patients in order to identify HIV, instead of culturing the entire virus, isolating it, and purifying it, violates one of the central tenets of infectious disease: at the climax or maximum state of severity of any infectious disease is when the patient has the greatest number of microbes in his/her tissues. It is in those moments that it is easiest to isolate and purify the microbes that are actually causing a disease.

1.12. People have the right to make informed choices (43-45). However, the right to informed choice implies a right to solid information. There is no justification for the fact that most people have not been informed about the serious inaccuracy of the tests for HIV infection. Withholding or obscuring these facts is a serious breach of public trust, violating as it does a person’s right to informed consent when making decisions about health care. The legal implications of this situation have been noted (46).

2. Being “HIV-positive” does not mean that a person is infected with “HIV”

2.1. There exists a growing number of scientific publications detailing the fact that the tests for HIV infection are not specific for HIV (12-14,47). There are numerous reasons other than a past or present HIV infection to explain why an individual might react positively on these tests. In other words, even in the absence of HIV, these tests can react positively (12-14,17-19,30).

2.2. Some of the conditions that cause false positives on the so-called “AIDS test” are: past or present infection with a variety of bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi, including tuberculosis, malaria, leishmaniasis, influenza, the common cold, leprosy, or a history of sexually transmitted diseases; the presence of polyspecific antibodies, hypergammaglobulinemias, the presence of auto-antibodies against a variety of cells and tissues, vaccinations, and the administration of gamma globulins or immunoglobulins; the presence of auto-immune diseases like erythematous systemic lupus, sclerodermia, dermatomyositis and rheumatoid arthritis; the existence of pregnancy and multiparity; a history of rectal insemination; addiction to recreational drugs; several kidney diseases, renal failure and hemodialysis; a history of organ transplantation; the presence of a variety of tumors and cancer chemotherapy; many liver diseases, including alcoholic liver disease; hemophilia, blood transfusions and the administration of coagulation factor; and even the simple condition of aging, to mention but a few (12-14,17,18,30).

2.3. It is interesting to note that all of these conditions that cause the “HIV tests” to react positively in the absence of HIV are conditions which are present with varied distribution and concentration in all of the conventionally recognized AIDS risk groups in the developed countries, as well as in the vast majority of inhabitants of the underdeveloped world. This means that in all probability many drug users (including mothers), certain gay males, and some hemophiliacs in the developed countries, as well as the vast majority of inhabitants in most countries of Africa, Asia, South America and the Caribbean, who have positive reactions to the tests for HIV, may very well do so due to conditions other than being infected with HIV (12-14,30,48).

2.4. Further, it is well known that people with or at risk for AIDS have high levels of antibodies — immunoglobulins — as a consequence of having been exposed to significant quantities of a variety of foreign substances, such as recreational drugs, semen, factor VIII, blood and blood components, sexually transmitted infections, and other infections (12-14,49). All these substances are oxidizing agents that cause oxidative stress (47,50,51).

2.5. Recently I had the opportunity to carry out an experiment in which I was able to demonstrate that all blood reacts positively on the ELISA test when the test is run with “neat”, or undiluted, serum. This could indicate that everybody has antibodies against what is supposed to be HIV. The individuals that react positively only with straight or neat serum would have a smaller amount of antibodies than the ones that continue reacting positively even when the serum is diluted 400 times (88). This possibility has been confirmed by Yugoslavian and Italian researchers (90).

2.6. There is also a great deal of scientific data indicating the widespread presence of non-specific interactions between what are considered to be retroviral antigens and unrelated antibodies (12,52-54). It is therefore possible to conclude that the tests for HIV react positively in the presence of those antibodies; in other words, that a positive result on an antibody test for HIV may be the result of previous antigenic over-stimulation, rather than a result of an HIV or any other retroviral infection (12-14).

2.7. Finally, it has been proposed that antibodies against HIV are surrogate markers for recreational drug use in the United States and in Europe (55,56).

2.8. On the other hand, even if “the AIDS test” were able to detect antibodies to HIV, it would be illogical to say that the presence of those antibodies indicate an active infection. The presence of antibodies to any virus simply means humoral immune response to that virus and not necessarily that the virus is still active and pathogenic (48,58). One can have antibodies against many germs without those germs being active, pathogenically active or even present at all (58,59). In most instances, antibodies against viruses indicate immunity. This is the very basis of vaccination against viral diseases (48,58,60). Even if the tests were specific for antibodies against HIV, the question would then be the following: Why is it that only in the case of AIDS does the presence of antibodies indicates the presence of disease, rather than protection against it?

2.9. There is no justification for the fact that both patients and the general public have had all of the preceding facts withheld from them. Without knowledge of the merits and demerits of the tests for HIV, people cannot make informed decisions.

3. The so-called “AIDS virus”, HIV, may not even exist

Biophysicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and her group of researchers at Royal Perth Hospital in Perth, Western Australia, were the very first scientists to document the fact that HIV has never been isolated (12). For several years Papadopulos-Eleopulos and coworkers have been publishing papers in which they have described in detail the scientific facts supporting the assertion that the so-called AIDS virus, HIV, may not even exist (12-14,20,30,31,47,50,61-64).

3.1. The correct procedures (31), employed for over half a century, to achieve isolation of a retrovirus are: a) Find in infected cell cultures particles, with a diameter of 100-120 nM, that contain the so-called condensed inner bodies or cores and that have surfaces studded with projections — spikes or knobs; b) In sucrose density gradients the particles band at a density of 1.16 gm/ml; c) At the density of 1.16 gm/ml there is nothing else but particles with the morphological characteristics of retroviral particles; d) The particles contain only RNA and not DNA, and the RNA consistently has the same length (number of bases) and composition no matter how many times the experiment is repeated; e) When the particles are introduced into secondary cultures they are taken up by the cells, the entire RNA is reverse transcribed into cDNA, the entire cDNA is inserted into the cellular DNA, and the DNA is transcribed back into RNA which is then translated into proteins; f) As a result of e the cells in the secondary cultures release particles into the culture medium; g) The particles released into the secondary culture medium have exactly the same characteristics as the original particles, that is, they must have identical morphology, band at 1.16 gm/ml and contain the same RNA and proteins (31).

None of these procedures have been achieved in the case of HIV (12,14,31,47).

3.2. None of the researchers who claim to have isolated HIV have shown the presence of particles with the morphological characteristics of retroviruses banding at 1.16 gm/ml (31).

Even the word “isolation,” as used by the most noted researchers (65-67), is incorrect and misleading, since neither Montagnier, Gallo nor Levy isolated HIV particles, particles of any other human retrovirus, or any virus-like particles at all (12-14,30,31,47,61,68-74).

3.3. Since no “retroviral particles” (retroviruses) have ever been isolated from any culture (12-14,31,47,61-63,69-75), the existence of HIV has been established indirectly: by the presence, in the blood cultures from AIDS and “HIV-positive” individuals, of proteins/glycoproteins such as gp 160/150, gp120, gp41/45/40, p34/32, p24, and p18/17, each claimed to belong to HIV; by the presence of enzymes such as reverse transcriptase, supposedly unique to HIV; and by the presence of RNA or DNA fragments that supposedly belong to HIV (12-14,31,47,61-63,69-75).

However, none of these substances have been proven to belong to HIV (12-14,31,47,61-63,69-75). How can it be proven that the substances found in these cultures belong to a viral particle that has never been found at 1.16 gm/ml? To prove that those substances are part of a retrovirus named HIV, it is absolutely necessary that the retroviral particles have been previously separated — isolated — from everything else. This has never been done with HIV (31).

3.4. It is interesting to note that the substances listed in 3.3 are claimed to appear exclusively when one co-cultures supposedly infected blood with abnormal cells from leukemia patients, or with cells from umbilical cord lymphocytes (31). The difficulty is that identical substances can be obtained from these same cultures in the absence of the supposedly HIV-infected blood (31).

3.5. The cultures in which the above substances have been found are cultures that have been heavily stimulated with chemicals such as phytohemagglutinin, IL-2, antiserum to human interferon, and other agents (31). These culture stimulants are oxidizing agents (31,47). The difficulty is that identical types of material can be observed in the stimulated cultures of lymphocytes from healthy persons (31,76).

It is interesting to note than in the presence of antioxidants, no HIV phenomena is observed in culture, nor can HIV substances be found (12,64,76).

3.6. The substances listed in 3.3 are not specific to HIV (31). For instance, it is currently known that reverse transcriptase can be found associated with entities other than retroviruses, including eukaryote cells, some animal and plant DNA viruses, and even some introns (77).

Gallo and co-workers have claimed that the cell-free supernatants from “infected” cultures contain HIV-DNA (78,79). They forget that, by definition, retroviruses are infectious particles that contain only RNA. When retroviruses enter a cell the RNA is reverse transcribed into DNA, which is then integrated into cellular DNA as a provirus, which means that “HIV DNA” will be present only within the cell and nowhere else (31).

There is also ample evidence that any RNA or DNA present in the supernatant of the cultures is there as an effect of stimulation by polycations and oxidizing agents, rather than as an effect of the presence of a retrovirus (31).

“HIV cloning” is likewise misleading. Without isolating a retroviral particle containing RNA inside its core, the cloning of that “specific HIV-RNA” is not possible (31).

3.7. To date no one has presented evidence that the so-called HIV proteins or antigens (gp160/150, gp120, gp41/45/40, p34/32, p24, p18/17) are constituents of a retrovirus particle or even a retrovirus-like particle, let alone a unique retrovirus, HIV (31).

3.8. The proteins or antigens derived from stimulated cultures form the basis for the ELISA and Western blot HIV antibody tests (31,73). Fragments of RNA from stimulated cultures form the basis of the HIV viral load test (31,73). This is the primary reason why the current tests used for the diagnosis of HIV are, in fact, not specific for HIV (12-14,31,61,62).

3.9. In the January 1997 issue of the journal Virology, two independent groups of researchers published experiments claiming HIV isolation. Here, for the very first time in the history of HIV, researchers followed the internationally accepted procedures for the isolation of retroviral particles. Not surprisingly, in the sedimented bands at 1.16 gm/ml of sucrose, where retroviruses are known to be located, nothing was found but cellular debris. At 1.16 gm/ml there was nothing that even resembled a retroviral particle (80-81). They were unable to isolate HIV simply because HIV was not there to be isolated.

It has been proposed that all of the substances that are said to indicate the existence of HIV are nothing more than non-viral material, the production of which is induced by the chemical agents to which the AIDS patients and cultures are exposed (31). When found in patients, these substances could be seen as the regular products of the stress response (82), secondary to exposure to chemical, physical, biological, mental, and nutritional stressor agents (48,51,57,83-87).

3.10. It is therefore possible to conclude that the entire model of AIDS as an infectious and transmissible viral disease has as its basis a non-existent organism. The foundation stone for the HIV/AIDS model, then, is a ghost.

4. The real meaning of being HIV-positive

4.1. The above considerations allow one to propose that reactivity on the ELISA, Western blot, and PCR tests is caused by multiple, repeated, and chronic exposure to chemical, physical, biological, mental, and nutritional stressor agents. The degree of reactivity would be proportional to the level of exposures to immunological stressor or oxidizing agents (12-14,20,30,31,63,88,89).

Positive results on ELISA and Western blot tests, can also be understood as the consequence of the presence of high levels of polyspecific antibodies, due to a state of chronic polyantigenic stimulation (52-54). The reactivity on the three main tests for HIV — ELISA, Western blot, and PCR or viral load — would be simply the result of the stress response (82,88,89,91-94).

4.2. Being “HIV-positive” — reacting positively on the tests for HIV — would then mean simply that the person has been exposed to many antigenic and toxic challenges, i.e., to many oxidizing agents (47,50,89). His or her immune system has been over-responding to these immunogenic and immunotoxic challenges (51,57,89). The immune system of these “HIV-positive” individuals would be debilitated — oxidized — after it had been over-stimulated and intoxicated. Therefore, in such individuals, the risk for AIDS would be higher than in those who are “HIV-negative” (12,13,49,51).

4.3. Without doubt, there exists an almost perfect correlation between the reactivity on the so-called “tests for HIV” and AIDS.

Exposure to immunological stressors causes the tests to react positively. In like manner, exposure to immunological stressors or oxidizing agents is the cause of the mild to moderate levels of immune suppression present in all non-symptomatic individuals who react positively on the “tests for HIV.” If exposure to immunological stressors is not relieved, and if the individual is not disintoxicated, it is highly probable that the non-symptomatic “HIV-positive” individual will experience greater immune suppression and will develop the clinical manifestations of AIDS.

What is known as HIV has no causative role in AIDS. On the contrary, the HIV phenomenon is itself one of the effects of the stress response to multiple, repeated, and chronic exposures to chemical, physical, biological, mental, and nutritional stressor agents.

5. Possible trial to find out the real meaning of the tests for HIV

Take blood from four groups of people and run the tests highly diluted, undiluted and at a wide spectrum of dilutions in between: a) The first group would be a group of healthy people from many age groups; b) the second group would be a group of people from the conventional AIDS risk groups; c) the third group would be a group of people with clinical conditions unrelated to AIDS; and d) the fourth group would be a group of patients with full manifestations of AIDS.

All groups would be subjected to both ELISA and Western blot tests. Additionally, all blood samples could be subjected to the viral load test for HIV.

The results of such an experiment could determine whether these test measurements bear any relationship to an individual’s level of exposure to stressor or oxidizing agents. If so, the tests could be salvaged as a measure of an individual’s level of intoxication.


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