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Mr Umlingo Kim Mvuselelo of the Cools familyKim Mvuselelo of the Cools Family Born in 1961 in Belgium, fortunate to be educated in a hands on non competitive way in Rudolf Steiner Schools across Europe. On my journey i met some Afrikan Rastafarian’s, who inspired and gave back life to me with their deeper applied knowledge of love & life. So as expected, I was blessed to be landing in Southern Afrika by 1995 as a emergency director for Lastek SA which had been under mined by the Wolves of the System, leaving me with no choice but to review my life, adapt & take action. Soon after i started meeting interesting Afrikan humans like Credo VuzamaZulu Mutwa (author of Indaba my Childern ) who is one of several who encouraged me to do what i do and you should do too. Lets ripple effect the truth of the light of life. For those that want to know my opinion about straight forward facts of life, Here is a recording of knowledge i shared on METRO FM live Radio in 2014

MAD HOUSE (as named by umgeni employees) is my Afrikan home and paradise, by 01.12.2016 the information clinic building will be finished, ready to facilitate the creational ripple effect. 1love

MAD HOUSE (as named by umgeni employees) is my Afrikan home and paradise on the shore of the Umgeni river, currently still a dam. After 10 years of non stop truth activism and many lives saved, it has become clear how simple real health for all actually is once we the ANC/people start participating in the business of The Republic of South Africa as humans for humans. We plan to open on World Health Day, 01.12.2018. to finally ripple effect human empowerment, Each bottle of Umlingo juice used by awakening giants contributes average R15 towards the building and maintenance of the Ngcolosi Awareness Center that belongs to those that are committed to creational transformation. Until then i meet people upon appointment at the conscious Cafe at the Castle in Hillcrest diagonal oposit Oxford shop on Old Main Rd 24B. See you in divine time  1love

umlingo juice RGH production

Umlingo wamaNgcolosi juice production Durban South Africa Umlingo wamaNgcolosi juice is the sponsor of all my actions The recipe for the home made version can be found on the bottom of this www.infoclinic.co.za webpage

Dear Earth Family, we as humanity have a serious challenge, and no choice but to unite and reinvent our self’s within a decentralized self sustainable system that is based on all GOD given things.

We all Citizens and self governing people, demand the UN to make available with immediate effect a multi trillion budget to investigate the Sorcery and all affiliated industries (Pharmaceutical business with disease community) for very profitable counter life actions against all /humans/Goyem /non Zionists.

They have achieved this destructive control, (zionist Elite and associates) using the modus operandi as defined in THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION and infiltrated ALL leading positions in ALL Corporations/Governments during the past 500 or so years.

They have been and are deliberately contaminating the sky (the whole flat earth & Oceans) with what is known as Chemtrails, intravenous make believe pharmaceutical sorcery products like vaccinations in combination with GE/GMO medications, veg, fruits, nuts, animals, processed foods/drinks and water supplies.

Their official last mile stone The Georgia guide Stones where put up in 1979, setting the ultimate population reduction target to maximum 500.000.000 goyem/people allegedly to preserve our Earth plane from total destruction.

The reversal and re establishing of a fair social community will create all the jobs/wealth we are looking for, thereby financing the birthing and take over of The Republic of Alkebulan, which was founded by our true freedom fighters of the past.

We know for a fact that Cancer and HIV do not exist, whilst we know that DNA/Ancestor altering Mycoplasm found in vaccinations and other carriers cause AIDS/Cancer and most other fatal conditions, that are then treated with extremely profitable reverse engineered sorcery/pharmaceuticals which stop the weaponized mycoplasm from further causing damage in the host/human, for as long liver, kidney and other organs can take the stress/strain caused by the side effects of the Government promoted medications/Sorcery/Pharmaceutical products for profit. 1love

Human Government

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