World Health Day

Wotld Health Day umlingo juice umlingo wamangcolosi

WORLD HEALTH DAY, a day where people celebrate the great escape from the international business with disease community back into GODS reality.

No one needs to be sick and suffering. No one is HIV positive! TB, Cancer and all the rest is easily avoidable and healed.

No one needs weaponized mycoplasma and mercury laced vaccinations, no one needs chronic medication.

All we need is real GOD given natural un processed foods, real clean water (not fluoridated tap water), sunshine and a stress free life. Usury and Admiral law of the Sea are no longer welcome in Africa. Lets celebrate the beginning of the end of modern day slavery.

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use your umlingo to escape Rome

In Rome this day is promoted as World AIDS Day, invented to cover up the symptoms of consumerism/Slavery and vaccinations ( weaponized mycoplasma ).

Chemical intoxication and or malnutrition is then analyzed by medical doctors as one of 7500 alleged diseases from Sugar to Cancer, from stress to stroke. We are born into corporate slavery, living a lie called Globalization .

They are building a global prison on a flat earth to achieve total control of all fallen angels.

But hey, we are no longer falling, we have landed and although late, decided to rise again, we are rising. No more blood foods for us

We the people demand immediate proportional finance from the Republic of South Africa / Rome to establish the Wholesome Department.

So dear friends, until the wholesome department is activated you will find relief for most diseases with the volunteers listed below:

How and why Umlingo WamaNgcolosi works and how it was born out of “Power to the people” and why it helps reverse all diseases